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Hello everyone! This is my first time encountering and I'm finding it quite interesting.
Blogs posted here will mostly be centered on anime as it's one of my passions in life. Anyone who shares a similar love can contact me. Anyone who doesn't, however, can ALSO contact me. My main blog is at where I can be found under the name Fel or just use the search engine and type in You can also add me at MSN through Mind the yahoo and hotmail differences!!
I'm waiting to hear from you guys out there!

I've just got off from watching Bleach and it so totally rocks. I'm working my way through episode 82 and I was so hoping for Hitsugaya to make his debut...imagine my disappointment when I only caught a glimpse of him...anyway, Hitsugaya fans will agree that he's awesome, ne~? Shiro-kun!
I want to thank everyone who's emailed me so far, I received around a couple of emails every day asking to be a pen pal. I'm really happy that someone out there wants to be my friend, so, HONTOU ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU MINA-SAN! (Thank you very much everyone!) I will of course try my best to reply. I welcome everyone!
I'm looking for a couple of anime to watch in between Bleach, preferably something shorter than fifty episodes. Any suggestions?
I also write fanfictions at but you will need to email me to get my pen name...heheh...besides, I'm not a very good writer. You'll have to bear with me until I hit international fame. That is if I ever will.
My next few blogs will throw in a few details about me and, if I'm in a good mood and have found something nice, a picture of me. But don't get your hopes up! I'm a photo-shy person.
As for now, I will reveal exclusively that I'm short. At..about 154 cm. Isn't that minute??

As I see that my blog name is addicted to anime, so shall it be.
How interesting.
For every blog I post from now on, I'll include a picture of, say, maybe a person from an anime or just about an anime in particular and write on it. How's that?
The picture for today is from Gensomaden Saiyuki. From left to right is Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai, Genjo Sanzo and Son Goku. Of course, spelling may differ a little but essentially that's who they are.
Gensomaden Saiyuki is an excellent anime which I have watched before and I have thoroughly enjoyed. Hakkai's my favourite character in this one! The four of them are headed to the West and basically they have loads of adventures on the way. Plenty of fights, magic and trickery! Watch it!
I'm sorry not to elaborate more on this anime, but I'll do better next time, ne?
And now, what shall I do for my next entry?

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