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Raven Symone

Full Name: Raven Symone Christina Pearman
Date of Birth: December 10, 1985
Birth place: Atlanta, Georgia
Height: 5'2"
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brownish black
Siblings: Brother, Blaize
Idols: Oprah and Janet Jackson
Favorite old T.V. show: All In The Family
Favorite color: Purple
Pets: Dog, Zar

Raven Symone is a talented actress. Her acting career all started out on "The Cosby Show". She made an appearance on the show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Then in 2002, she got her own show called "That's So Raven," about a physic, teenaged girl named Raven Baxter. Ravens' amazing acting skills are part of the reason That's So Raven," is a hit Disney Channel original series. In 2003 Raven starred in the Disney Channel original movie, "The Cheetah Girls," which was such a hit, in 2006 Disney Channel came out with "The Cheetah Girls 2," another hit starring Raven. Raven appeared on The Montel Williams show, where she talked about her T.V. career, and life. Raven is also a very gifted singer. Her first album "This is my time," was released September 21, 2004. Before she was an actress Raven was a model. After everything she's done, Raven still has more success to come.

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