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1. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (2527)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Kaze no Tani no Naushika or an animated film directed by Hayashibara Yasuo Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki) released in 2527 or one year before the establishment of a cup in the studio (Studio. Ghibli) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is the story of humanity after the disastrous wreck of the "God Wars" missile man-made war against each other. The collapse of the civilization. It is also toxic to the living environment seriously. The maritime forest of acid or toxic release pollen. The time lapse from the battle over the millennia. Humans have survived every effort to eliminate the toxic jungle, but failed repeatedly to be in focus giant creatures attack and defeated countless. And it will be in focus. The remains of the focus back in the woods at that point, making it toxic to many cities of the world is ever lost.

He's like a princess in a small town. The wind blows at a seaside haven safe from poisonous plants. She tried to find the cause of poisoning and how to resolve the forest through observation and experimentation for a long time to discover a very interesting link. (Details are still coming up to me now) She also has the ability to force the plane (Mehve) and find a way to communicate with humans in order to focus on the peaceful environment that is dangerous. However, many countries do not approach. In response to a severe back focus is not scared be scared Later, the excavated remains of the "god of war" is still alive. I want to use these powers to end Mugabe's war of conquest. The relationship between humans and becoming worse and more in focus now shifts to tackle in temperature between "Man to Man" and "The Old Man and the Sea", which can overwhelm overwhelm visitors.

2. Laputa : Castle in the Sky (2529)

Theoretically, the animated film Laputa - Castle in the Sky, which was released in 2529 as the studio's first animated film in a cup. However, in practice. This is the second most by giving the director's Nausicaa of Okinawa. Hawer×aãhye was drinking in the studio. It is the first place. That is good. Nausicaa is unique because many of the comics from this studio.

The story was met with a small group of air pirates who hijacked passenger aircraft aimed at the luxury of a young girl named SITA crystal necklace. It is believed that the computer is directed to leave the eye. City facilities that will be filled with the hope of a pirate treasure ... almost all my army, I would like a necklace of crystal as well. It is believed that a Vista computer, navigate to the city in the sky will be filled with the hope of military power ... almost everything right.

SITA to escape the pursuit of both parties to meet with Sue Park. Mine is a boy who dreams of flying to the sky, to prove that the story of his father, the sky in a city that has a pin quota. If it does not lie in his eyes are real computer. Filled with riches and wealth and power reflect the fact PrÖg why they disappeared from the eyes of the people on the ground. Only recount the story is a myth.

3. Grave of the Fireflies (2531)

Sip animation studio in No. 3 and 4 were released simultaneously in 2531 and is the Grave of the Fireflies My Neighbor Totoro, userinit.exe will tell the story first.

The end of World War 2 Japanese are very hard slip. Allied bombers were flat. He and she just set here. As one of the children who are affected by the conflict that they are not a cause. A mother of two brothers. Copy both the fire escape to the bunker. House is on fire do the rest. The couple went to live with her temporarily. To wait for a response from your father as a sailor.

Later time. Their mother died. He just get the bones and hide it from her, he knew it. Time to go. Father, yet they do not contact us again. When food was scarce, what factors would you change, I was tired to take care of orphans, these two verbs, verbal gestures. More hostile. Seto decided to take her out to find a new home is a bunker that looked like the entrance to the old mines of the mountain behind the village. The far-sighted people, he tried every way I can do to a child aged 14, his sister had survived to age 4 years.

But I will try. Set the end she died. Symptoms of malnutrition are unavoidable, even with no food ration for them. But the charcoal to burn the bodies of his sister's dismal Seto. Fujitsu to set the bones of her favorite candy in a box of her own. Along the street to the city before it died a destitute orphans of the war, many people pay attention to

4. My Neighbor Totoro (2531)

Fujitsu and set her mother's discomfort. Hospital stay in the hospital all the provinces, where the air is moving out of town to the countryside. The new house near the sacred mountain covered with trees up across her father's and a scholar. In normally have to travel far to work in the end she gave up school here is also recommendable for any grandmother. The mentors help the children adapt to the new life quickly. And have fun with your neighbors. The new environment, although I feel Tahgid. I found some of the mystery. Since the first day they moved into.

It is said that children who are still naive nature. Often see something that adults do not see a guy that has the ability to become invisible. Can not evade the clear sight of the track, she's going to be surprised by the curious. I wander into the area of ​​my guardian may meet with some big hair full and compelling her to the living lie with her as a monster that grew in Hiroshima (Troll in Japanese), the accent is distorted it. Children 4 years and I love to play and nap the first child. Wake up and grow in Hiroshima had gone bad.

Even the father may not be seen with the eye. But he believes that there is an angel who had the care of children. He took the children to be safe up to two small trees on the mountain. Near to pay homage with a heavy rain. Fujitsu set to bring an umbrella waiting for her father until the late bus. We grow in Hiroshima had suddenly deserted toddler was standing beside him. For the first time she met the threshold set in Hiroshima in the children's story. Toto was the guardian deity with a very eye-catching than the one expected to recover until the mother of the children are safely and happily. Toto is from Hiroshima.

5. Kiki's Delivery Service (2532)

Kiki's Delivery Service Film Comics No. 5 of a cup in the studio's release of 2532's level. At the time away from home to witches practicing the various cities on the age of 13 years, no matter how small or large, near or far, the community is not a witch apprentice others before it, but when listening to weather radio that night. glowing blue moon. Gil's parents decided to leave friends and relatives to leave immediately. But look at the weather forecast is not exactly a skill level to go totally off the rails. Came to the city until morning, then synchronized with the image of her dream.

If a small town. The presence of witches practice may be more favorable response than this, but the city's chaos. People are busy doing their business activities. It is not so much concerned about several events that occur above the level I was not sure if I should live in this town anyway? We are thinking of them. The river water level above her bakery nearby. I try to run out of customers to return, she volunteered to fly night and it's so mean an apprentice witch Tokchata least once in this attraction offers close to the level above. Exchange for help in the bakery. The skill level was very pleased.

Gil's not really a skill to predict the unpredictable. No mixing skills as a parent. There is no magic in combat skills, only to have it. Use brooms to fly. It is nothing more than the transfer of such a skill level a chance to know more people. Since my grandmother was kind of attention the children of Ursula. The painter's guide to the skills that she lost her magic to convince Tom Oba. Age boys. I have a dream to fly in the sky with machine tools and skills to face the many skills to make her grow up to be adults.

6. Only Yesterday (2534)

Only Yesterday is a matter of applying a 27-year-old Tokyo office girls who refuse to see that many leave to apply for the life of farmers who have to endure hard labor among the sun, rain, rather than the casual tourist. Like most people, the fatigue life of that time. She organized the first international trip. On the go. It's back at the destination until she reminisced about the images and stories in elementary school Aditsomai 5 into a scene, both good and bad. The pride and shame. And I'm disappointed. The flow into my life.

Memories that we all remember when they were children. Most of the events that knot is a common event. Over time, this would be so completely oblivious to the memories of the skin at the primary 5 story that included pop-up Puppy Love with the boy next room, which is a mixture of emotions. Since I refuse to confront shrinking shame in his heart swelled in the month of sex education. The girl is embarrassed and angry that the boys who play perky (but I do not care about a character who calmly assuming you were taught at home because it is natural).

The story of the house. It's because she has a sister who is transferred to rice and other antiques. Rather than buying a new mix of emotions. The opposition has not been seen to be punished like play with my essay. Weak math. (Fractions. Return divided by the multiplier. The back-off) are staging a good imagination. As a scout came in contact. But the father refused to complete the final grade at the middle school students moved into a shabby boy was sitting next to her pretending that she feels proud Wagkgam big and ugly. Do not talk. I do not make it home.

These things will gradually Formed between the skin at her work, the farmers are busy every day, like the environment to answer, answers, and gradually release the terms of the memories in her mind, especially the answer about the memories last longer than 15 years, which she much. It is understood from Toshio young farmers. The salary man turned to organic farming. It's younger than her age, but the explanation was given. I understand her situation to make sense of this trip, she changed her The only respite from the stress in the capital. Or is it more than that.

7. Porco Rosso (2535)

Porco Rosso-length animated film from Studio No. 7 in a cup. Which was released in 2535, Marco took him one of the best pilots of the Air Force in Italy. During World War I, but in the last mission. A squadron of the enemy fleet, but Marco was a crowd of over Kinotêa Marco. Close to death experience is described. But it seems the door to heaven to welcome him to our friends. The enemy gradually died. Fly to the sky as far away as the aircraft fleet was gradually Lower back down to the bottom. Until he lost some faith.

It is not clear. This event is about the curse that causes him to become the face of a pig, but how much. He resigned from the army. A hunter bounty hijacker district sea Adrian did a flight of red (a triple), and the skill to fly a Craencrgam the hijacker band is Marco Take the North has been named the new. The chain of Italian Marco Ross was. "Mhoosee" It was near the end of World War II. Bounty hunting is a favorite of the army as well. The hijacker, but Marco would not return to the army. He would be alone. I do not want to hurt his commitments.

The machine of Marco Paul Curtis is a mix of American pilots were shot down hijacker hired him to Milan for a massive overhaul. The mechanic later he met Fiona's life. 17, she volunteered as a mechanic to keep the rest of the ports where cattle are waiting to take revenge on the behavior of the hijacker Fiona. The hijacker is highly desirable. The thaw did not break the plane of the host to allow it to Marco, but Marco has revenge on Curtis's face. It does not have enough to stop the walls of Marco Fiona will be dissolved or not. The Curse of the port will be made to do?

8. I Can Hear the Sea (2536)

I Can Hear the Sea (or Ocean Waves) is an animation studio in order that drinking 8 based on the novel of the same name. Made for television and film, especially since the year 2536 if Only Yesterday is a story told to switch back and forth. During his working life in elementary school I Can Hear the Sea is a story of life in high school during the transition to university.

The story begins with the history of the relationship between two high school students a brush covered with Yutaka, the students, only 2 people not one object to suspend tours were attending junior high school (by the school not the school is great. The University of New Kumon's decline was 6. The package includes a trip I made was to provide teachers with parents peace of mind that only Yutaka. Unilateral decision, which resulted into the future in the next 10-20 years), although the two rarely speak. But the friendship between a man (not that deep) was formed out since then.

Time to finally get up to 5 girls, it has moved from Tokyo to medium term, the name of each partner's car she's in love with her car. By Yutaka clear expression. In Tokyo, while protection was more than she Ricard. Display for everyone to see the versatility of both academics and sports, but with the appearance of the boy's hard to have a relationship with her friends. The class, which includes many factors that come into the crowd around her was that Ricardo learned from the problems in the family have a sudden impact on the state of mind. As well as her native language is not here.

Golden Week holiday period. Ricardo thinks she fled to Tokyo, I do confess to a situation like this, she has a clear perception of the father after the divorce with my ex-boyfriend was going to have even more new fans with his friend. her. Once moved to Kochi was only 2 months the symptoms of the skin, you need my Ricard she would later decide Yutaka Ricard confessed she was refused until the cream is boiling like a hot place (? !) and was not doing well when combined with the other complications. The three people I do not speak again until the end of Grade 6.

Two years later, the paint like a plane ride back to the party model, with Yutaka drive to get to me about any of the parties to be good friends again (?), Although Ricard she will not. appeared in the party, but the paint has been more like something from cow's Ma. Women, only one of them know that she Ricard. The train on the platform that day. No illusion that he thought to himself alone.

9. Pom Poko (2537)

Animated film Pom Poko No. 9 from the studio in a cup. Released on year 2537, the story of that era, Tokyo's population growth. I had to dig the mountains, forests cleared to create new residential direct impact on the habitat and food sources of the residents in rural areas as they rise up against you. The troops were fighting against each other. To compete for its resources. The patriarch, who was the irony here. I do not think he would have the resources to remain adequate for the mouth of river water feeding the survivors they thought that instead of beating the boys themselves. I turned to find a way to ward off intruders with real good.

But with the peace that is long forgotten how to use the talent he inherited from the old men who have the skills to new generations. However, there are only a few people are successful because there are no less obsessed with the obsession with the various stimuli. I can not learn anything more, but to dig the mountains, the forest cleared of any third party. I slowly came near me. No time is left, then I have to send young people recently completed the new training. As much a hero to save the rest of them were trying to intercept an intruder in any way. To slow the creation of new homes for them.

With the guerrillas. The construction workers escaped injury in a demoralized, not less, but not that old workers will go out much. The next day, it will have new workers to replace them when more than two years on the heroes arrive. Anyone ready to do battle with one last roll of the great parade of natural splendor. Through the heart of residential area in the back, but I do the opposite. When people see that it's no less fun. Count on it with a clear head. To exploit the situation to benefit themselves again.

In the time it runs out of the Tokyo riot police power to spread over the mountain range on the original inhabitants. Disagreed with the move to use their talents in such activities because of the way, remember to leave him with no ability to survive against this is to break up the group entirely. One of the city to fight until one is dead and useless one. The ability to push himself to the nature of the species living in the city, and another group which is not capable of any special. They survive by eating the debris that was thrown to the other day.

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10. Whisper of the Heart (2538)

Whisper of the Heart No. 10 animated films from the studio released on DVD in 2538 at the scene continues to be spread over the area of ​​new urban areas (continued work in the order of Pom Poko. 9), but the lead actor from New Zealand's fleet which defeated the residential development of the young men above the age of 14 students who live in a condominium in a new city, I just applied (Only Yesterday narrative. about children, then I Can Hear the Sea stories about children at school to tell stories about the Whisper of the Heart is full of children, m).

Su Chi Kung is a young girl said. Which time it recessed in the first book in the library of her intellectual habits are influenced by their families. By her father as a librarian, you're doing a thesis. The entire house was filled with paper and books, all on one corner. While he's busy. The library will move to a bar code system, Shizuoka University to record the record books to come out to play until someone noticed the name. She always put her in the first one to imagine that this young man to sight the first ever children. That has never been a fan.

One day, meeting friends Yuko Shizuoka things to bring me back to Country Road in Japanese even make sense. But it is not yet complete. She needs a little time to interpret the English lyrics are a little better. Before sending the younger generation to practice for the graduation ceremony. The above story is the love of music is Yuko. I wish to talk Shizuoka things that she should do well because she received love letters from boys A, but she is in love with your brother's room B, and the problem occurs when the A's to B and asked for a response from the story until I feel bad and leave it.

Shizuoka things that at first it was thought to act as a matchmaker she was to the story with Mr. B was very upset to B it just chance that Mr. B was deposited here in Tokyo, Shizuoka things I told Mr. B that is. I love her but I confess that he liked Mr. B Shizuoka is a cook. I took her to his theme. To me the money but refused to say. She does not like. We are just good friends. (Aoi. .. I was on my to-pole), which at the time of Shizuoka bookish things, no joke, it's really hard to say, but when she found the cat did the train take the chance. known to the man on the ticket books.

Love is just my own old grandson. Shizuoka things you never knew before that this place on a hilltop spread over even during the first meet, it happens a lot, which makes her feel like Kighnga him that I was impressed stuffed cat in the antique store. She had the opportunity to see the other side of the process, she began to appreciate it more and more I just Love to have a clear goal in life is to travel to Italy to practice her violin while floating aimlessly in the other day. Her resolve to do something to prove themselves with the support of his old shop. He encourages me to act as cook Shizuoka reality.

11. Princess Mononoke (2540)

No. 11: Princess Mononoke animated film from the studio yet released in 2540 from the previous year, leaving her children above her high school show up until this time we were there. less benign face strong moral commitment. The lead character, he does not paint over like he was in New York City, Prince of the tribal group that survived the last 500 years before clearance.

One day, a giant boar invaded a rampage near the village. I put all my chips to the paint finish. He does not curse. The feud of the deity possessed boar in one arm, and it gradually. Greater progression to death in her old village, but it is advisable to paint over my head in seeking answers to the west, and the custom of the tribe. Once out of the village, he will not be back here again I do not go through the community over which war to fight in the land of the pilgrim he met with a great story to tell. his Private forests in the canyon that is far away.

During the Ming Shi do not have the opportunity to rescue people from the city of steel, just fight the gods, the wolf comes in steel, Tata in Tokyo, this line mobile fortress steel under the leadership of the women's bone chips, people here are respectful. I do love her so much information. Both men are samurai, farmers are killing those women who do not seek information from her son in a brothel. Leprosy patients to the attention that I do not have the technology to fire over the possession of a samurai in order to survive the madness that this community has more bargaining power. But it is targeted at anyone else. It is occupied as well.

The light gun support. Need to clear forests, dig for ore and steel, which is the fuel that makes the wolf god. God, wild boar and other creatures. The human race is angry at the wolf that attacked the city and still have time to iron maiden another name. Sun's parents raised her as a child was to be sacrificed to the gods Ecr×eagesen wolf Mo Mo Hiroshima attack, Hiroshima raid Sun-like raising children. I think he is a gang of wolves and humans, the forest seems to hate them. Sun is trying to invade the city for the murder of Mr. Steel's women do it several times over several pages.

I paint my world became a mediator, the parties will resolve the situation worse is that the issue between man and man. Man and nature. Even the casual nature with nature, but he will do it. On each side to hold their advantage as they are not willing to be bent.

12. My Neighbors the Yamadas (2542)

My Neighbors the Yamadas 12 animated sequences from video courses on DVD in 2542, is an animated film in the first sip. The water used in all computers. 100% did not use the technique of painting on a sheet of cells, like the past. It is easy to draw lines, almost as a sketch. Instead of a high-resolution images beautifully. Unlike the previous adaptation of the comic My Neighbors the Yamadas 4 channels in a newspaper published in Japan is from the perspective of family members Yamada. Japanese families are common.

1) Takashi Yamada, his salary man. It is the head of the company.
2) Matsumoto Yoko Yamada human mother housewife. Care for women family members in general.
3) information comes Ega mother Matsumoto Yoko Ono. The elderly mother of the grandchildren. In general.
4) Free Online Class Yamada Yamada, eldest son of the house. He looks like a typical high school student.
5) Casino Games Yoko Yamada Yamada, younger daughter of the house. She seems to grade 3 students in general.
Later, she has been very popular online casino and more. The series is even renamed Nono-chan.

So the things that happened in My Neighbors the Yamadas look very much like the comic took lighthearted episodic comedy. What are the long and short alternately. The tiled together, whether it be your butler (the company tiredness, stress, pressure) to your housewife. (Home and Hlaiáhle. Care in the home movie theater, shopping) to your grandmother. (On the Hlaiáhle. The dotty Mouth, throat, speak rudely Life experiences) of your son (class I), and your daughter (the child's mind).

13. Spirited Away (2544)

The 13th animated film Spirited Away from the studio in a cup. Was released in Japan in 2544 as one of the highest grossing film in Japan. Major awards at home and abroad, including the Academy Award for the year 2545 as a western studio sipping in the broader western movies and animated film rights to the old. Drinking in the studio's marketing.

Spirited Away is the story of her 10-year-old Hiroshima girl who moved to middle school, but (it seems to be a residential project, which uses the same mountain lore Earlier) Hiro's father Jim was driving the wrong way to come in the middle of the forest. The odd shape of the building. The parents of three children walking to the exit tunnel on the other. I found the father of her beautiful parkland Hiroshima think this is a theme park created by the early 90's and was left abandoned by their parents can smell the delicious aroma of food gently from side shops. Both chains begin with a zest.

I do not see Hiroshima and explore the surrounding area. I found a boy like he's a handsome man and he pushed it to Hiroshima. Back before sunset. Suddenly, the atmosphere has changed in any way, filled with shadows. Similar spirit to walk together. I had my parents Hiroshima into a pig as she wildly back to the way it was before that. Meadow walk past a large river or sea, I like to see Jim again Hiroshima. What he finds some of the world's consumption. Before she was broken and told her to get the job done. Otherwise, it will be spread near Yuba baths of gods and me.

Jim Hiroshima to find that I look to the guard room, boiling hot water for baths and gods as I like on her befuddled his car back he was the Prince of staff, one of which is taken to deal with the witch Yuba Hiroshima to Tokyo he has overcome the obstacles. And numerous tests. To find ways to help parents make the village one day. I like to use Chiba Yuba stolen from Seneca spread her twin sister. Until he was wounded he Hiroshima a snack from the river god of the hard life of a thief until he vomited from Seneca spread out, she decided to travel to Tokyo for Seneca. Go to the top of the night like I asked for help.

Seneca Chiba (grandmother in the mood to spread entirely the opposite of Yuba) heard of Hiroshima and I laughed Maya said. What I Heart Hiroshima I almost vomited like that. Yuba is the mantra of Tokyo. The control was a part of the mantra that she's been cast into it. And it will be destroyed by love for the personality of her growing and changing rapidly, this Hiroshima. Chi is the solution of all problems Hiroshima can pass the test. Liberate themselves from the employment contract of a move to Yuba Tokyo has also released hard life. By saying his real name in memory of her childhood as well.

14. The Cat Returns (2545)

The Cat Returns The 14 animated films from the studio in a cup. Released in 2545, this is the origin of the film Whisper of the Heart No. 10, from studios to sip it in the list. The heroine of the novel we are writing the title Baron Stellar Cat Dolls, and a short scene. Imagine a fantasy world where she is a voice calls from people than you think.

In this regard, he's a young girl named Haru is a 17-year-old high school and a nation that is clumsy around here until they get hurt often. In contrast to her mother at work, craft a delicate one. Haru has a cat to escape from an accident on the road. But then she was with her when I heard it stood on two legs. Thanks man, she said. Prior to the people behind it, and that night they did a cat from the other realm. The parade went to the home page, it's her cat that she rescued. As the prince ever. The king of all thank her in person.

I think she's a model. But when morning. Did any of those gifts. I have made her extremely busy messenger of the king to say that. This brings me to the Cat Kingdom Abhisek Prince Haru as they are stunned with the mysterious voice whispered to her office, detectives looking for her cat, big cat, white cat, then the center of the intersection. She will lead to (a fat cat. This is Prince's Island or the Moon, which has appeared in Whisper of the Heart block) at sunset. Baron would have recovered as Cat and the Crow is one of them.

The acknowledgment of what they did Haru did it take her to pop into my kingdom, just as soon not to set foot inside. She is smaller and has become more and more cats. The baron by all the help. And remind her realization that they would otherwise lose their humanity because it is on the dance floor. Haru will feel cool and charm of Baron Hnwdámw trail or in the arms of the Baron. We ran back to the top of the tower. She was absent all I have to go back to the world of fact, before dawn. Otherwise, she may become the pet of all time.

Haru and the Baron. And with the help of Yuki, a young white cat, based in the palace at Haru Yuki the cat cracker remove fish to eat and survive from starvation. Haru was a young boy and a gift to the prince at the beginning of the matter is that the fish crackers from Haru's just the risks Prince's engagement to Yuki. He denied that his father's Clumtugchn. One day, it's an extremely long finish. Haru back to school as normal life again, what changes would be confident in yourself. And tea at her imitation of Baron there.

15. Howl's Moving Castle (2547)

Howl's Moving Castle Film Comic No. 15 from the studio released on DVD in 2547, is the story of a fantasy world. In the steam engine in the war between magic and the story begins with Sophie girl age 18 skilled hatter, who inherited the shop from his father one day. Mysterious, handsome young man I've come to rescue her from the soldiers who speak their advances. He was walking along with her to help them to camouflage themselves. Before fleeing to hunt up to the sky to disperse at the heart of Sophie and I guess he must be a wizard in the world district is famous for it.

That same night. The field was abandoned witch hat shop. Sophie and the curse into a trot. The talks concluded in a manner that She would never allow anyone to usurp the heart of the vast world of Sophie, she certainly has no other choice. In addition to limp to the mountains. The walk through the castle's Hall on the way. Help her scarecrow. They helped her find the castle as a reward Sophie's Hall inside the castle and met over the Devil's Ferry crash in the heart of the castle, but I do not move much. She was the first person to nap on tiredness throughout the day.

Morning, but met with little boys Markle. Books in the castle at the time I do not see that Hall was on her way. The magic that can set the exit doors are located on Hall's back. Sophie said she was a maid to clean the castle, which will provide her the opportunity to explore and to see a different side of the hard and strong opposition from the Music Hall. I love the skin they are dirty, messy beauty. The versatility of reckless confrontation with the weakness and cowardice to hide the situation. Seemed to feel it.

I received a summons from the King Hall, which can not be denied under oath the private school, disguised as Sophie and I can tell you for sure. He was poor. Not available, but the City of Lima and faculty advisor of the king's old Hall. Would not let him slip away because of hatred of war. The Hall's contract with the devil to gain power in the destruction of foreign combat vehicles. The magic of the super weapon in the battle over. He was pulled out of the side effects is important, but how much fight. He seemed a man transformed into a global framework.

Solutions are not all that busy Etemprada it is. The intention of knowing that Sophie Sophie. Whenever I intend to talk about what comes out of it. She returns to her old love for her for a while. Hall makes it hard to break free from the curse of the past for clues embedded in the depths of the heart, even. Scarecrow turnip. As her life story. Was freed from the curse back to the original draft that the prince's side disappeared during a trip to this country, so it ended the war between the country's resistance. Before the two men begin a new life with a fantasy.

16. Tales from Earthsea (2549)

The animated film Tales from Earthsea from Studio 16 released on DVD in 2549 as the first film of his Coro Hayashibara Yasuo Miyazaki Miyazaki's legendary studio, but the old Your father seems to be an obstacle that is higher than your first step is beyond my expectations too much. The Worst of Japan won that year ever.

The story begins in the Middle Ages. Not even a steam engine. Even the little magi could have occurred irregularly throughout the kingdom. Crops do not grow. Livestock dying. Gradually the king fell ill, people try to make every effort to alleviate the sufferings of the people are tired one day, I'm finished with my son aged 17 was stabbed with the Father. Usurp the magic sword. He escaped from the palace was surrounded by desert wolves were rescued from Eked narrowly. He finished the wizard Sparrowhawk to any destination. He Tidsaihgaitam wizard Sparrowhawk to the city forward.

He finished in the city was captured into slavery. Help a girl out after he hands them out to the slave trade wizard Sparrowhawk. And take them to hospital to the home of Tina's young farmers an ordinary girl who Bernard was sitting a young girl named only Arunee, which was the same as in education and helping them enough times Arunee not like him. completion of. I have met for the first time he showed signs of life, they do not see the value of the slave trade to report such incidents to their boss Jacob is Jacob magi as well as a vengeful wizard Sparrowhawk. In the past, to fight and dragged him to the threshold of death.

Jacob ordered his men captured by the North to lure it plays so young wizards into their trap and brainwashing of the Sun's success. The followers of his predecessor. Based on the road to immortality, which would eliminate the fear of the shadow of death. Who finished in the haunt of almost fanatical about it since the beginning, then pour Arunee stir. He completed his domination of the off time before the Hawks were killed in direct Wizards can magic sword out of its sheath and then pour it into a dragon Arunee has been wrong before, I'll end up in that. He finished with a sense of guilt. And plowing to do at home to Newport.

...What the ????...

17. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (2551)

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea animated film from the studio at 17 years of drinking in 2551 after his son is not an overload condition at the Tales from Earthsea Hayashibara Yasuo had to return again with the story of a mermaid. one. Who fled from the house to play and playful lapse the jar so I Miyake stranded 5-year-old boy he was a Marine. You work at homes for the elderly. I've thought that was a goldfish. I'm helping out a jar. With a name "Poniel" that is completely over the United States (in Japanese, read over the Poniel).

Miyake took over the United States was close to a kindergarten that is adjacent to homes for the elderly. It was a little chaotic. Fuji was solid. Men who abandon something, and is Daniel's father was Polish. I followed her back to California, but Poe was born in so it was a bad Karaoke. And now that he helped her out of the jar, she had eaten the blood from your finger so I hit the bottle Bad Miyake. Her ability to get a man to her as a child of the ocean, making them powerful enough to break the quarantine of Fuji was her escape from the solid by Miyake and the sea was so turbulent. Storm and tsunami waves, it copes over.

That night, Poniel was found on the Sonoma Coast was once Miyake. But the port where they live, they sink to the sea, but mid morning. Miyake, so I wanted to go out looking for you. Companies that can help bring the ship over toys that were larger, but the body of a child 5 years of the magical powers are limited. She was sleepy and went back to fish again, so I'll have to take her to the Miyake arrival. Unconsciously, that is being tested by a mother of Poe Jr. If so I had Miyake established the identity of the sponsor. She becomes a human being. Without magical powers anymore so if I do not agree on the identity of the Polish Miyake Moines Newark. She becomes a sponge. As you hear the same story.

Oh, it's already on the chain he would accept the identity of Poe Jr. Miyake was. Think through what her mother started, and you stay in Boston. It seems to be recommendable as a mother, her daughter was close with Miyake.

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