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Hello and welcome to Most Haunted. That's what Yvette Fielding always says when it's the begaining of the show. Which is about a group of British people investigates in Great Britain in search of ghosts. And stays in thier location for 24 hours. Sometimes they will have special investigations that they stay there for 3 weeks to a mounth. Also, they have a show called Most Haunted Live that they sometimes do that's when they stay at the location for less then 24 hours.
Most Haunted I think is the best t.v show ever! The crew consists of the following people Yvette, David,Ciaran, Carl,Stewart, Gordon Smith, there are three people only on Most Haunted Live"MHL" Leslie,Paul,and Julian,or Adetha. On Halloween for three days long they have a special Most Haunted Live that is live in America and Great Briatin. But I think they don't do it anymore. Or sometimes just in America. For the old crew members their names are Derek, Rick, and Phil.

Most Haunted is on every Friday on the Travel Channel @10:00p.m. I've been watching Most Haunted for over two years now and I like the show. Each week they do something cool like I remember on one Most Haunted they one of the mediums went blistic and started to throw stuff at the crew. Also another one at Lower Well Head Farm Yvette got posiesed by this spiri named Elizabeth. That left Yvette scared for six minutes. So what are you waiting for start watching Most Haunted this week only on the Travel Channel.

Most Haunted Live is only on certain times each year. On one Most Haunted Live a person named Stuart got scratched by a ghost and he had to go the emergency room because he got scratched so deep and had to get stitches. And for the people who worries about other people he's fine. On a Most Haunted Live which was on June 1 Stuart almost got killed by his best friend Karl just because of a fight. Also when you watch MHL wierd stuff starts to happen. Like you feel warm spots or your dog is barking at nothing for some reason. When you watch MHL you can take part of it to like watching the webcams or send text messages or going on the website and go on the message boards and sometimes they get shut down because of overuse. On a recent American Most Haunted Live the crew went to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Callifornia. Did you know that I'm related to her?

The crew
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This is Yvette Fielding the guide or host and Excetive producer of Most Haunted
The show has also featured guest mediums. So far these have been Ian Lawman, Ian Shillito, Gordon Smith, Uri Geller and Kevin Wade. Some episodes have also included at least one celebrity. So far celebrities have included Vic Reeves, Nancy Sorrell, Gaby Roslin, Scott Mills, Mark Chapman, Simon Gregson, Sue Cleaver, Carol Thatcher, Paul O'Grady and Lee Ryan.

This is ciaran o' Keeffe the parapsychologist of Most Haunted

Derek,Phil,and Yvette on a staircase.

Did you know that Yvette Fielding had a past life? Well she was a witch in England during the Pendle witch trials go to any search engine and type in Pendle witch trials.

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This is Karl Beattie at the antix productions office where they make Most Haunted
Did you know that Karl has a black belt in Karate?

This is Karl and Stuart being together.

David Wells left Most Haunted and I don't know who the new medium is. They're lots of mediums on series 10 of Most Haunted. I wonder why they called it New Most Haunted!

This is Iain Cash from Most Haunted or known as Cashy because of his last name or Wiggin because he was born in Wiggin,England. He acts like a seven year old in his private moments when he's not on televison.

This is Jon Gilbert the soundman on Most Haunted

This is Stuart torevell the rigger/camera man.

Derek Acoarh (above) was the medium on Most Haunted Untill October 31,2005 And did you know he almost died in Egypt? I know freaky. But Derek is ok now. Just go to a search engine and type in Derek Acorah near death. And I love Derek!!! Go Derek!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Whyman

This is Gordon Smith

This is Jon Dibley the Cameraman of Most Haunted
Do you think he looks cute?

This is Karl and Yvette. Do you think they look so cute togather? Their married.
Name Show role Crew role Started
Yvette Fielding Presenter / Investigator Executive Producer Series 1
Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe Parapsychologist None Series 2
Lesley Smith Historian None Series 10
Karl Beattie Investigator Producer, Director Series 1
Stuart Torevell Investigator Rigger, Camera operator Series 1
Catherine Howe Investigator Hair and Make-up Series 2
Iain Cash Investigator Camera Operator Series 6
Geoff Adams None Director of Photography Series 9

The current team members.
What do you think of Most Haunted Live in America?

Old Most Haunted

This is Richard Felix he's the historian

Brian Shepherd the new medium on most haunted

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