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Deanne Bray / Filmography

[2006] - Universal Signs
[2005] - Sue Thomas
[2005] - Last Mountain
[2004] - Sue Thomas
[2003] - Sue Thomas
[2002] - Sue Thomas
[2001] - Strong Medicine
[2001] - CSI
[2000] - L.A. Sheriff's Homicide
[1997] - Diagnosis Murder
[1997] - Ellen
[1996] - What Do Women Want
[1996] - The Pretender
[1995] - Ed McBain's 87th Precinct

Here is the list of all Deanne Bray's credits.

1. CSI
2. Ellen
3. Sue Thomas
4. The Pretender
5. Strong Medicine
6. Diagnosis Murder

The True Story Of Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye

Based on a true story, Sue Thomas:F.B.Eye follows the adventures of Sue Thomas at the FBI in Washington, D.C. She's one hard-headed, soft-hearted woman whose talent for reading lips helps crack crimes and bag the bad guys in places listening devices can't penetrate. With her hearing-ear dog, Levi, Sue's a glutton for jeopardy - and there's (almost) nothing she won't do to bring notorious criminals to justice. This remarkable, edge-of-your-seat drama is an inspiring tribute to the ability of the human spirit to overcome adversity and achieve great things. Sue Thomas:F.B. Eye Theme "Who I Am" Sung By Jessica Andrews.

~The picture above is the alphabets for
the American Sign Language.

Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to give short messages
to a friend or family.

For example, you can use your hands to 'sign' to your friend,
"The teacher is totally boring" in class or in the library
instead of talking or passing notes.~

~Try it! It's really fun!~

This is the numbers 1 till ten
for the American Sign Language.

It's not as easy as you think it'll be!

But in no time you can memorise it if you try!

~The whole Cast of Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye. From the left: Tara, Jack, Bobby, Sue Thomas, Lucy, Dimitrus and Myles~
(Names on screen, not real names)

The Full Cast of Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye.

Deanne Bray as Sue Thomas

Ted Atherton as Myles Leland

Yannick Bisson as Jack Hudson

Tara Samuel as Tarah Williams

Marc Steven Gomes as Demetrius

Enuka Okuma as Lucy Mary Dotson

Rick Peters as Bobby Joe Manning

Hello Deanne, I admire you and your listening dog Levi, you have made people all over the World aware of how little we understand the silent world of the the deaf, my husband Colin is suffering with limited hearing,and we find that you and Levi truly make a difference to folks like him, All our best wishes to you, your Husband and Levi in the future.

Do you want to comment of the Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye series?

Then, send your comment, about a couple of lines long, to this email address:!

I'll post it on my blog in a couple of days, and you'll see it on my blog!

Just send your comment, name and country to my email address above.

Thanks! You can also include your picture if you want.

Prove that you are the story's number 1 fan!

Are you deaf? Or is your relative/friend deaf? If you/or a relative/friend is deaf, please write and tell me about your experience, and I'll post it up in my blog! Tell us in about half a page how do you feel about being/having a friend that is deaf. Thanks!

I can really connect to Sue Thomas and Deanne Bray, since I am also deaf. I have to wear a hearing aid sometimes, but I still don't know how to sign, since I read lips 90% of the time. The American Sign Language alphabet photo was a really nice way to make ppl learn how to sign! I already know how to sign the alphabet. I go to a special school to learn how to be normal and read lips, just like Deanne Bray! That's why I admire her so much! ~Grace, Argentina~

1. Nice blog! I watch the show all the time!
I especially love your glitters!!
~Leslie, 10, America~

2. Fabulous blog! Those facts are really intresting!!
I give you a 9/10 score!
~Marylle, California~

3. This blog is way cool! I can see you put up a lot of effort, Sha.
Keep up the great work!
~Lily Anne, 13, Singapore~

4. I love the show! I think that Sue Thomas, FBI was the best show on TV!
I love this blog. It's so cool!
~Stephanie, 17, California.~

5. Great blog! Greetings from Belgium!
~liesbeth, 18 yrs (Belgium)~

6. Where did you find the glitters?? They're so cool!
~Elizabeth, place unknown~

7. Hey, nice site! aaaxyzzyx

8. Hey, I LOVE your show Sue Thomas: F.B,Eye! You are my idol!
Me and my friend Chrissy started a fan club beause we love you and Troy so much!
~Anneke L. L. , 12 yrs (Canada)~

9. I love the show Sue Thomas, I just can't stop watching it.
You are SUPER & I LOVE you Deanne!
I am learning sign language on my own now, since I watched this show.
~From Bethany (Canada)~

10. You are super, Deanne Bray! I watch all your shows!!!
~Cricri (ameriqua)~

11. I just love Deanne Bray! I love to watch Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye!!!
Great page and thanks a lot for putting up this site for Deanne Bray!!
~Lily Saane, 14 years old (New Zealand)~

Thank you for reading this blog and please come again!

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