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Avatar the last airbender
Hi my name is Alex and this is my Avatar blog.

The story

over a 100 years has past when 2 water tribe kids Katara and sokka found a boy in a iceberg the boys name was aang and he was is the avatar. and so there life's are inertwind they set out on advenchers so aang can learn the fore elaments Water,erath,fire,and Air.
book 1 water
1 The Boy In The Iceburg
2 The Avatar Returns
3 The Southern Air Temple
4 The Warriors of Kyoshi
5 The King Of Omashu
6 Imprisoned
7 The Winter Solstice
8 Avatar Roku
9 The Waterbending
10 Jet
11 The Great Divide
12 The Storm
13 The Blue Spirit
14 The Fortuneteller
15 Bato of the Water Tribe
16 The Deserter
17 The Northern Air Temple
18 The Waterbending Master
19 The Siege of the North (Part 1)
20 The Siege of the North (Part 2)
book 2 Erath
1 The Avatar State
2 The Cave of Two Lovers
3 Return to Omashu
4 The Swamp
5 Avatar Day
6 The Blind Bandit
7 Zuko Alone
8 The Chase
9 Bitter Work
10 The Library
11 The Desert
12 The Serpent's Pass
13 The Drill
14 City of Walls and Secrets
15 The Tales of Ba Sing Se
16 Appa's Lost Days
17 Lake Laogai
18 The Earth King
19 The Guru
20 The Crossroads of Destiny
book 3 Fire
1 The Awakening
2 The Headband
3 The Painted Lady
4 Sokka's Master
5 The Beach
6 The Avatar And The Firelord
7 The Runaway
8 The Puppetmaster
9 Nightmares and Daydreams
10 Day of the Black Sun
11 Part 1: The Invasion
12 Part 2: The Eclipse
13 The Western Air Temple
14 The Firebending Masters

Ok i love love love avatar right but if your like me then your probably are mad that the tv show has ended i am soooooooooooooooooooo hopeing that they make a forth seson of avatar because i need it they left it so open to meny questiones unsolved if you ask me anyway i think the fight between zoko and azula was tottaly awesome i maen WOW! awesome it was soooooo cool xD.

the gang

that's sokka for you

bored a bet



I love TOPH she rocks


Pretty girls


sokka's girl

or is this sokka's girl


sokka and katara



Prince Zuko

Zuko and his mom

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