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Doctor Who is the GREATEST show on this PLANET!!!

The Ninth Doctor survived the time war. Rose gave him a new lease of life and he gave it all up to save her.

Billie Piper plays Rose Tyler, the Doctor's companion. She's been from South London to the end of the world.

David Tennant plays the tenth Doctor. He use to have so much mercy.

Camille Coduri plays Rose's mum. Always ready with conga and a shepherd's pie.

Noel Clarke plays Rose's boyfriend. Conspiracy theorist, computer expert and lovesick.

THE TARDIS- a Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. The last one in the Universe.
The Doctor and Rose have faced many monsters, robots, aliens and ghosts.
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The Cybermen


The Daleks!

The Face of Bow


Alien ambassadors


Mr & Mrs Pacoon

Forest of Cheem


binding Light

The Adherents

Slitheen three

Moxx of Balhoon

Hop Pyleen

Wicker Men!

Gas mask People

The Reaper

There have been many different Doctors
William Hartnell plays the first Doctor

Patrick Trougton plays the second Doctor

Jon Pertwee plays the third Doctor

Tom Baker plays the fourth Doctor

Peter Davison plays the fifth Doctor

Colin Baker plays the sixth Doctor

Sylvester McCoy plays the seventh Doctor

Paul Mcgann plays the eighth Doctor

Christopher Eccleston plays the ninth Doctor

And the best Doctor yet,
David Tennant plays the tenth Doctor

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