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I love lucy is one of the great american sitcoms, showing in the 1950's. It starred the comedian Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley.
The series ran from October 15th 1951 to May 6 th 1957 on CBS containing 180 episodes.
I love Lucy was ranked 2nd best on TV's guide to the greatest shoes of all time next to Seinfield and the honeymooners. Lucy was the last cast member living when she died on April 26th 1989. The one and only cast member still living is Keith Thibodeaux
"Little Ricky." I love Lucy filmed in Newyork City, the show was centered around a outgoing housewife and her husband. Most episodes take place on 623 East 68th street, which nowadays would be in the middle of the East river. Some of the most memorable episodes of the I love Lucy series were infamous Vita-meata-vege-min, and we can't forget the Lucy in the Candy Factory episode. Well for all those die hard I love Lucy fans, i hope you will aprove of my Blog....I LOVE LUCY!!!
(Plus I also have some gorgeous pictures of Lucy for you to Enjoy:)



I love being a spokes model!!!

Vitameatavegamin Girl!

The many faces of Lucy.

Sunshine girl

Doesn't look too good!

Coupley love.

Wish i were there!

Such a beautiful collage

What a genius! Bet she gets A's in school!

Kissy Kissy!


Classic Beauty

Lucy looks tired. Sweet dreams!

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