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Zack and Cody Martin are identical twins whose single mother, Carey, has a gig as headlining singer at the Tipton Hotel, right next to the John Hancock Tower, and being the swankiest hotel in Boston, and, as part of her contract, an upper floor suite in the hotel, which is where they all live. The Martin twins were 12-years-old at the beginning of the series and they are 13 now.

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.:Main Characters:.

Zack Martin

Always trying to get in trouble. Zack always sets out to get exactly what he wants. He has a preoccupation with girls, and had a crush on Maddie (in all seasons). However, he is Agnes's crush, as seen in the episode Crushed. He often sticks up for his brother, as seen in the episodes Election and Kept Man . He wants to be like his dad. Other than in wood shop, he is known for not doing very well in school.

Family: Cody Martin (twin brother);
Carey Martin (mother);
Kurt Martin (father)
Portrayed by: Dylan Sprouse
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout

Zackary Martin, or Zack as he is called, is a fictional character from Disney Channel's television series, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, portrayed by Dylan Sprouse. He is older than his twin brother Cody Martin by 10 minutes. He has a phrase which he uses to win over Maddie that is: “Hey sweet thang!”
Zack has a more "cool" attitude and does not have as much knowledge or common sense as Cody because Zack's mind is full of thoughts relating to girls and video games. According to the show, Zack has only gotten 1 B and 2 As (One of the As is only mentioned as an 85) in school. While he is not the best student academically, in the episode "Books & Birdhouses" he showed that he is extremely good at woodshop, to the point that his teacher decided to recommend him for advanced placement woodshop. Cody was stressed because Zack was better than him at woodshop.
Zack is the more troublesome of the twins. Cody and he are huge fans of the Boston Red Sox and hate the New York Yankees, as addressed in "Big Hair & Baseball". He likes skateboarding, playing basketball, and soccer; all which he is good at. He is also good at dancing, more so at hip hop-style dancing. He is always playing pranks on his twin brother and is more of a slob than him.
Although his brother is described as being the sweeter person of the two, Zack has proven to be the more loving brother in many episodes, and often defends Cody from bullies ("Kept Man"). He also has tried to destroy Cody's confidence, as show in "French 101" Zack is more interested in girls, and makes advances on Maddie more frequently than on other girls, going as far as openly flirting with his brother Cody's girlfriends Gwen and Jolie. He tends to drag Cody into predicaments. He usually impresses girls with ease, but they sometimes think he's weird. He is said to have a "pointless" crush on Maddie, but this was disproved in "A Prom Story". He wants to be smart and pretends to take an interest in Maddie's likings when she is around. He talks sweet to her, having said "Hey, sweet thang" to her over 15 times in the two seasons. He wishes to become a race car driver/secret agent. Zack has also been seen to be a bit hypocritical, as seen in "Poor Little Rich Girl" and "French 101". He owns and is able to play a harmonica, as shown in "Boston Holiday". He has played lead/rhythm guitar for Rock Squared in "Band in Boston" with fellow band members Cody Martin on the keyboard and backing vocalist, Max also on guitar and a backing vocalist, and Tapeworm on drums. Zack is a exceptional bowler, as seen in "Bowling", averaging 225.

~There is a recurring theme with his on- and off- crush on Maddie as seen in several episodes such as "Maddie Checks In, A Prom Story, and Not So Suite 16."
~His budding romantic relationship with Max (Alyson Stoner) ends almost before it begins in "Kisses & Basketball."
~He often competes with Cody for the attentions of the same girl as in "French 101 and “A Midsummer's Nightmare."
~He avoids the attentions of Agnes (Allie Grant) in "Crushed” and “A Midsummer's Nightmare".
~He tries to get romantic with English-born twins Jessica and Janice but more often than not he loses them to Cody -- Birdman of Boston, Twins at the Tipton, and Scary Movie.
~In "Ask Zack" he writes an advice column and uses it to get a girl named Darlene to go out with him.

~According to the show, Zack has only been separated from Cody by more than 25 miles for 2 weeks (seen in "Cody Goes to Camp")
~A running gag in the show involves Cody saying that Zack will eventually end up in jail. He almost did in "Rock Star in the House", and was in a mall jail for a short time in "Boston Holiday".
~Zack can impersonate the voice of his mom Carey Martin very well, as seen in "What The Hey?", and he also is quite popular with the workers at the mall.
~Zack knows the That's So Raven's main character Raven.
~Zack is also a very good camper as shown in Ah! Wilderness!.
~Zack also sleepwalks when frightened as revealed in the episode "Scary Movie".
~Zack once sold 1 pint of Cody's blood for money as revealed in "Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee".

Cody Martin

Cody is the nicer, more sensitive, and smarter twin, but often plays along with his brother's schemes. He shows less interest in girls than his brother and is more mature. He has shown a passion for baking and cooking, as well as mime and dance. Cody is portrayed as a pushover and easily frightened, but has a meaner side, portrayed in the episode French 101.

Age: 13
Family:Zack Martin (twin brother);
Carey Martin (mother);
Kurt Martin (father)
Portrayed by: Cole Sprouse
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout

Cody Martin is a fictional character from the Disney Channel television series, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and is portrayed by Cole Sprouse. He is younger than his twin brother Zack Martin by 10 minutes.
Cody lives with his mother Carey Martin and twin brother Zack Martin in a suite on the 23rd floor of the Tipton Hotel in Boston, where his mother works as the headline singer. He is shown as cleverer than Zack and sometimes even Carey!
Cody is forced into Zack's idiotic schemes, i.e. dressing up as a girl for money (The Fairest of Them All) and pretending to be Zack for a dance competition (Footloser). Cody has shown interest in many things, including magic tricks, mime, baking, dance, mathematics and cooking. He is also interested in becoming a Supreme Court Justice ruler and a hockey player. He likes to carry "Blanky", a security blanket, around with him for security and comfort. He briefly ceased having Blanky in Cody Goes to Camp. Cody claims to have astigmatism.
Cody has shown interest in girls, but less than his twin brother. Cody also becomes frightened more easily than Zack (The Ghost of 613), except in the episode (Scary Movie), where Zack is more scared from the movie they watched than Cody. He is better academically than his brother. Though Cody is generally nicer than Zack, he has been mean to his brother in some episodes (i.e. French 101, The Ghost of 613, Heck's Kitchen, Scary Movie, , ect.), and has shown signs of a mean streak such as fake crying shown in French 101. Cody often looks down on Zack and expresses belief that he is superior, at least academically, to his brother. By extension, Cody occasionally says that he thinks Zack will end up in jail, which has nearly happened on two occasions. His meanness is primarily sibling rivalry and Cody would never do anything to actually harm Zack. He simply believes in tough love for his brother. However there are times when he tends to be a control freak, such as "Band in Boston." However there are times when Zack dominates him as in "Moseby's Big Brother."
Cody has shown a manipulative side. Some examples are on (French 101) with his fake crying and on (Scary Movie) where he manipulates Janice and Jessica into holding him at the movie theater.
He usually tends to dress neatly and carefully, such as wearing a sweater vest, unlike Zack. Cody enjoys miming, but is not good at it. He is very skilled at cooking. He played the keyboard for the band Rock Squared, as shown in Band in Boston.

Cody has had relationships with several girls but is not quite the smooth talker his brother is:
~In "Twins at the Tipton" he used to have a girlfriend named Irma, but she dumped him and formed a relationship with her camp ex-boyfriend Joaquνn. Later on in the episode twins Jessica and Janice (Rebecca and Camilla Rosso) help him get over it, much to Zack's dismay as he was hoping to have a good time with Jessica at least. The girls also appear in several more episodes, "Ask Zack, Loosely Ballroom, Scary Movie, Birdman of Boston, and Lost in Translation."
~In "The Fairest of Them All" he falls for beauty pageant contestant Rebecca (Victoria Justice) and falls into a series of misadventures to get close to her.
~In "Crushed" he avoids an obsessive girl named Agnes (Allie Grant). She later turns her attention to Zack (that episode and "A Midsummer's Nightmare").
~In "A Midsummer's Nightmare" his girlfriend Gwen (Selena Gomez) dumps him after one day of dating when her character Hermia in the Shakespeare play in A Midsummer Night's Dream kisses Zack (Lysander). It gets more complicated as Zack's real love interest, Vanessa (Gage Golighty), shows a romantic interest in Cody.
~In "French 101" both he and Zack have an interest in the French ambassador's daughter Jolie, probably the first time they liked the same girl. However Bob (Charlie Stewart) ends up with the girl.

Maddie Fitzpatrick

Maddie is the candy counter girl at the Tipton and manages the Camp Tipton Daycare Center. Maddie is very hard-working (she aspires to attend law school), outspoken, and intelligent. She attends a private school at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. Maddie is London's closest friend, though London often treats her like a servant, as in Footloser, usually bribing her with money. Maddie also babysits Zack and Cody. Zack has a huge crush on her in all seasons.

Nickname(s): Maddie
Age: 16(season 2)
Occupation: Candy Counter Girl at The Tipton Hotel
Family: Liam Fitzpatrick (brother)
Irving Fitzpatrick (dad)
Genevieve Fitzpatrick (sister)
Episode Count: All except for "Loosely Ballroom".
Portrayed by: Ashley Tisdale
First appearance: Hotel Hangout

Madeline “Maddie” Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick, more commonly known as Maddie, is a character on the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Maddie has also appeared on "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana". Maddie is played by Ashley Tisdale, also notable for her role in the Disney Channel movie High School Musical.

Maddie is a sixteen-year-old who lives in Boston, Massachusetts across the street from Fenway Park. She works as a candy counter girl at the Tipton Hotel, though she isn't paid much (eg. she doesn't get paid overtime as said in The Ghost of 613). She lives with her parents, brother, and grandmother in a rundown apartment building. She is passionate, very intelligent and dresses casually, often in her Catholic school's uniform. Most of the time she is wearing her Tipton Hotel uniform with a touch of her father Irving's neck-tie. Maddie has a kind personality (although she has been known to be very sarcastic), and a gentle nature. She is middle-class, neither rich or impoverished, the exact opposite of her best friend, London Tipton. Maddie is sometimes bribed and treated as a servant by London, but she still values their friendship deep down. She is often very cynical and doubtful at times.
She is a strong supporter of environmental causes and she has dreamed of going to Paris, ever since she planned to go there for her parents' 25th anniversary. She wants to go to law school and is the Tipton's temporary day care worker. Maddie is part Irish and is afraid of Evil Leprechauns. Zack often calls her "sweet thang" in earlier episodes. London's present step-mom, Brandi Tipton, (as seen in "What the Hey?") seems to love Maddie and doesn't mind when Maddie calls her "mom", though London refuses to. Maddie appears in every episode except for one, "Loosely Ballroom".
Maddie has asthma, as revealed in "Kisses & Basketball," and was the lead singer of a band named Water Works. She is friends with Raven Baxter from That's So Raven and Hannah Montana (but not Miley Stewart because she doesn't know about Hannah's double life) from Hannah Montana. Her outfit is different from the one in the first few episodes, which is gold in coloring.

Maddie has had many crushes but none of them seem to work out:
~She dated Lance, the Tipton's pool lifeguard, but soon dumps him because of his obsession with water.
~Chuck is her second boyfriend, but broke up with Maddie because of the nasty rumor London spread about Maddie and Lance getting back together.
~She had a crush on a senior named Jeff, who thinks her only a little child.
~Trevor (played by Zac Efron), a visiting merit scholar, seems to like her since they were seen kissing at the end of "Odd Couples" (although they both said they hated each other).
~She likes a boy named Kirk in "Twins at the Tipton", but ended up having to go out with the rude nerdy twin because she thought that he would be as cute as his brother.
~In "Maddie Checks In", she and London double date with two rich boys named Jason and Kyle, but are never mentioned again.
~Randall and Zack both have a crush on Maddie, but Maddie doesn't reciprocate their feelings. She does promise to dance with Zack at his prom in "A Prom Story."
~In "Big Hair & Baseball", Maddie goes on a date with a boy named Gavin, who has a tendency to sweat when he is nervous. The date went well, but is never mentioned again.
~In "Ah! Wilderness!" she goes out with London's ex-boyfriend but it causes a rift between the two.

~She has a grandmother from Oregon and one staying at her house who likes to limbo in her pajamas, the latter shown in "Day Care" and "Poor Little Rich Girl" and the former shown in "Not So Suite 16".
~Her father's name is Irving Fitzpatrick. Her trademark tie which complements her uniform at the Tipton is her father's from whom she got the idea as revealed in "Pilot Your Own Life".
~Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick's faces were never shown but they are always arguing. However in "Not So Suite 16" we do see silhouettes of them behind frosted glass.
~She also has a brother named Liam (nicknamed "Booger") who appears only in "Not So Suite 16" although his antics are seen off-camera in "Day Care". He is obnoxious, loudmouthed, and in his Oregon grandmother's words, "a dork".
~Her mom used to like to listen to country star Robby Ray until she thought he died, as seen in the Hannah Montana crossover episode "On the Road Again".
~Maddie's mom's idea of bonding is cleaning out fishheads and making finger puppets out of them revealed in "What the Hey".
~Her sister used to live with her but she got married and moved. She also has a dog named Scampers as seen in "Poor Little Rich Girl".
~Maddie's family is Irish and they believe that some leprechauns are evil, revealed in "Books & Birdhouses".

~Maddie was originally named Lena Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick.
~In the first episode, Maddie wears a uniform that is very similar to most Tipton employee uniforms, with a yellow turtle neck and a green vest with a patch on it with the Tipton T, but in the episodes after, Maddie's uniform is a blue blouse with a plaid skirt and a tie.
~Ashley was the original choice to play London Tipton while Brenda Song was the choice to play Maddie, then named Lena.
~In the episode "The Suite Smell of Excess," Ashley and Brenda's characters switched personalities, but not names.
~Maddie reveals her full name in the episode Pilot Your Own Life.
~Maddie is left handed as revealed in Forever Plaid.
~Maddie is a fan of Hannah Montana and like her mother is a fan of Robby Ray as revealed in a crossover episode of Hannah Montana.

London Tipton

London is the daughter of Wilfred Tipton, the owner of the Tipton Hotel. London is a vapid, air headed, spoiled rich teenager with her own private suite at the Tipton complete with a large closet (with its own talking mirror) and a kitchen which takes up most of the floor. London's best friend is Maddie. She transferred to the same private school as Maddie in the episode Forever Plaid, due to poor attendance at her old school. She hates her step-moms and talks to Mr. Moseby and Maddie about her problems. When happy she usually claps her hands repeatedly while saying "Yay me!" She can be very ignorant about simple things such as thinking her father's first name was "Adamant" when Mr. Moseby said that her father was acting adamant about a situation.
London Leah Tipton is a fictional character in the comedy television show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She is portrayed by actress Brenda Song. The character's name is similar to Paris Hilton: both their first names are European cities and their last names are hotels. She has a signature saying, like Zack, which is “YAY ME” (Claps twice)

London Tipton is the rich, air-headed, spoiled, and sometimes selfish teenage daughter of Wilfred Tipton. London's parents are divorced and she lives in the Boston branch of the Tipton Hotel chain, which she will inherit from her father. London, being very wealthy, often goes overseas, wears expensive clothing, and shops a lot to mask ill feelings she harbors over her family life. Though she often treats them badly, she is friends with other show characters, such as twins Zack and Cody, as well as her best friend and the hotel's candy counter girl, Maddie Fitzpatrick.
Despite being pampered, London misses some things that middle-class teenagers have—a fact which was revealed during Poor Little Rich Girl. Among the things she misses are having her parents by her side and not being able to do things normal teenagers do, such as sleepovers. She confessed to Maddie when she was at Maddie's apartment, that it was her first sleepover.
Her father has been largely absent from her life, and Mr. Moseby, the Tipton Hotel manager, acts as a surrogate. She took her first steps with him, in designer booties.
London is portrayed as very attractive and glamorous, even as a small child, and won the Miss Mini Miss beauty pageant in 1999. Even though she is something of a celebrity, she has an obsessive problem with other celebrities as seen and heard in "Rock Star in the House". She also wears only famous-name designer clothes, her favorite being the fictional "Arturo Vittali" (a play on Gianni Versace S.p.A.).
London has also been shown to have a talent for volleyball, but is only good at it when somebody makes her angry. This was achieved first by a girl on the opposing team insulting her, and then when Maddie kissed London's crush.
London's parents are divorced and her father has been seen in only one episode (from neck down; his face was not shown), while her mother has never been shown. London's father has four ex-wives and many girlfriends. Out of Mr. Tipton's relationships, only London's current stepmother, Brandi Tipton, has actually been seen, though London has a bracelet with solid gold charms representing all of her stepmothers. London has no biological siblings but she has a stepsister named Yolanda. (Yolanda is the daughter of a woman from one of Mr. Tipton's courtships.) She has one dog, a spoiled pomeranian, named Ivana.
It is shown in many episodes that London is very strong and athletic. She trains Maddie for P.E and beats up thugs who attempt to steal her purse in the street. She also demonstrates her strength by wearing an extremely heavy bracelet her father gave her which holds many gold charms, each charm is classed as one of his ex-wives.

London has dated numerous boys during the show:
~In the episode "Maddie Checks In", she and Maddie double date with two boys named Jason and Kyle.
~In "Scary Movie" she pretends to be poor to attract a boy named Brandon (Tahj Mowry).
~When she masquerades as a merit scholar for a boy named Trevor, played by Zac Efron, in "Odd Couples," she ends up losing him to Maddie (although, she didn't seem to mind).
~In "Volley Dad" she dates Joe, a boy from her school, briefly. London has never had a stable romantic relationship.
~In the episode "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet," London falls for the heir of the St. Mark Hotel across the street from the Tipton. His name is Todd, and at first she only likes him for his looks and money, but later realizes that she is in fact in love with everything about him. The managers of both the Tipton and the St. Mark will not allow London and Todd's relationship to develop due to the fact that the two hotels are rivals and their fathers hate each other. When Todd is accepted to a dentist's school in another country, London tells him to go, ending their relationship. This has been the only case of "true love" that London has experienced.
There have also been cases in which she and Maddie like the same boy:
~In "Twins at the Tipton", she and Maddie both like Kirk but Maddie agrees to go out with his smarter twin brother. To Maddie's dismay the smarter twin is also the "doofus" twin.
~In "Ah! Wilderness!" London gets very upset when Maddie dates her ex-boyfriend.
~In "Rock Star in the House" London and Maddie become obsessed with Jesse McCartney. However while Maddie wants to interview him for her school paper, London wants to marry him.

Carey Martin

Carey is a headlining singer at the Tipton as well as the mother of Zack and Cody. She is a divorced mother, wise, kind, and she loves the twins very much. Arwin Quentin Hawkhauser has a crush for her, revealed in the episode The Prince & The Plunger, and she has an estranged younger sister, mentioned in Moseby's Big Brother. She often dreams about George Clooney. Carey found her talent for singing by mistake when she was at a talent show doing stand-up comedy, stated in the episode Footloser. She tries to keep the boys away from trouble, but she never prevails. She always has a story about how she had a boyfriend and how he dumped her.

Age: 30-40
Occupation: Hotel Headline Singer
Title: Ms
Family: Cody Martin (son), Zack Martin (son), Kurt Martin (ex-husband)
Portrayed by: Kim Rhodes
First appearance: Hotel Hangout

Carey is the mother of twin boys, Zack & Cody, and works as the headline singer at the Tipton Hotel, where she lives in a suite on the 23rd floor with the twins. She is divorced from Kurt Martin, who is also a musician. She likes Maddie Fitzpatrick, the candy counter girl for the Tipton, and is always there for her when something goes wrong. Carey also likes London Tipton, the daughter of the hotel's owner. She also spends some time with Muriel. Carey's employer is Mr. Marion Moseby.
Carey, like Mr. Moseby—though, not quite as much as he—spends a lot of her time foiling Zack and Cody's pranks and is often embarrassed or shocked by some of their antics, but she loves them very much. She is also considered "not fun" and in her attempts to be fun Cody worries stating "Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?", clearly stating he was serious when he asked her. Carey is a very talented singer and loves her headliner job at the hotel. In addition to that, she is also seen as being exceedingly cheap in several episodes. Shortly after finding her first gray hair, she changed her hair to a darker color.
When she tells Zack and Cody about something likely to be a poor moral, it usually includes something similar to the situation Zack and Cody are in and then ends with her boyfriend dumping her. She seems to have a lot of boyfriends that have dumped her, and she has two rival as seen in "The Fairest of Them All" and "Commercial Breaks".
She was the lead singer in the Tipton's commercial. Carey found her talent for singing by accident when she entered a talent show doing stand-up comedy, but when she didn't get any audience laughs, she sang out of desperation. She doesn't cook often. As revealed in "Moseby's Big Brother", she has a younger sister whom she does not talk to.
In an alternate universe, Carey Martin is a really famous singer who still lives at the Tipton, but doesn't care for Zack and Cody, ditching her maternal role in reality. Her manager/crush is Arwin, as revealed in the episode "The Suite Smell Of Excess".
She shops at "Cheap Charlie's" as shown in "Have a Nice Trip".

~Has a rival named Tim.
~Used to have a dream of making her own demo CD.
~It is safe to say that she is a HUGE fan of Paul McCartney but betrays her age when she asks who Jesse McCartney is in Rock Star in the House
~Placed 2nd in her school spelling bee (she spelled 'politics' wrong with a k)
~She has dated MANY men that gave her experience and advice for her sons.
~In new episodes, she has reddish-brown colored hair.
~Middle name is Marie and has a younger sister she doesn't talk to.
~Sleeps in the living room as seen in Free Tippy.
~All of her stories from her past revolve around some boyfriend she happened to have at that time.
~In certain episodes, it I shown that Carey has a crush on George Clooney. In Free Tippy, she is dreaming about George Clooney when Tippy licks her. In The Suite Smell of Excess, she proudly claims the George Clooney coin from the alternate universe Zack and Cody visit. In Loosely Ballroom, she compliments his alleged dancing while zonked out on cold medicine. In Scary Movie, when Mr. Moseby knocks, Carey, dreaming, says, "Come in, Mr. Clooney."

Mr Moseby

Mr Moseby is the uptight manager of the Tipton. He is often annoyed by the twin's schemes. Though he acts as if he doesn't care about the boys, he has a great deal of affection for them and is a father figure to London. In the episode The Ghost of 613, it is revealed that he started out at the Tipton as a bellhop back in the 1970s.

Nickname(s): Moseby
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Occupation: Hotel manager
Title: Mister
Relatives: Spencer (brother)
Portrayed by: Phill Lewis
First appearance: Hotel Hangout

Marion Eduardo Moseby, known to most as Mr. Moseby or even Moseby, is a fictional character in the Disney Channel television series, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He is played by Phill Lewis.
Moseby is the manager of the Tipton Hotel in Boston. He was hired by Samuel "Sam" Carrico.
Moseby loves the Tipton Hotel and spends a lot of his time protecting it from the antics of Zack and Cody Martin, who are the sons of Carey Martin, who is the singer at the Tipton. Mr. Moseby pretends not to like the boys, but he does show concern for them. He bonded with them in Big Hair and Baseball when he took them to a baseball game (his first one!). Mr. Moseby is usually very austere, but can be fun, comic, and sarcastic. Mr. Moseby can speak French (although in one episode, he is heard speaking many other languages). When he was young, he did ballet, and wanted the role of Nutcracker Prince in the ballet, The Nutcracker, but suffered a tetherball injury and, therefore, wasn't able to have the role. He was the only boy amongst 20 pretty girls! Mr. Moseby is a second father to London Tipton. His employee, Maddie Fitzpatrick — who works as a candy counter girl — and London are good friends, but sometimes get into fights, which Mr. Moseby occasionally has to break up. He has only once felt relaxed in "Day Care" for a moment but was then interrupted. Being manager of the Tipton hotel means a lot to him and he is very skilled at it and making people listen when they don't to others. Mr. Moseby is known for wearing 100% Tipton branded clothing including boxer shorts, socks and handkerchief as can be seen in the episode Hotel Inspector.
Moseby has an older (but significantly shorter) brother who he was always bullied by. Even as adults, Moseby was always the bullied little brother since he was just a hotel manager while his brother was a rich millionaire. Eventually, the two let out their built up tension between an immature childish fight.
The alternate Moseby in "The Suite Smell of Excess" is a prank-loving, troublemaker who lets the boys do what they like in the lobby and have all the candy they want from the counter who prefers to be called "M".
He is also known for his dancing when he stars in the Tipton's commercial until he hurts his leg so he can't be in it. The role is then covered by Zack Martin, Cody Martin, and their mother Carey Marie Martin posing as a family that just arrived at the Tipton.

Other facts
~Moseby is in The Tipton family album more than Mr Tipton or any of his ex-wives.
~Helped London take her first steps (in designer booties).
~It took him fourteen years to teach London the alphabet but now she knows her ABDs [as London says].
~His first job at The Tipton was as a bellboy (presumably in the 1970's, when large Afros were in style, but this would make Moseby's age at least in the late 40's), from which he worked his way up to his manager's position.
~Has an older, yet much shorter brother named Spencer. He says their mother liked Spencer best because he is lactose intolerant.
~A running gag is that he often embarrasses/frightens the guests winding up in a position (such as whacking a fake baby doll that wouldn't stop crying against a chair when a mother with a baby walked by) which is embarrassing, whether an action or saying something stupid about himself that is untrue, like being a belly dancer or wearing a cocktail dress.
~Aided London in driving lessons in the episode "Cody Goes to Camp".
~In the episode "Big Hair & Baseball" Mr. Moseby takes Zack and Cody to a Red Sox game, he catches a baseball, which causes the Red Sox to lose the game.
~Moseby is sometimes considered as a Parental unit for London.
~He once made a model of the Tipton out of ice cream sticks.

.:Recurring Characters:.
Ivana the Dog

Gender: Female
Family: London Tipton (owner)
Episode Count: The Prince & The Plunger, To Catch a Thief, Kisses and Basketball, Crushed, Heck's Kitchen, Books and Birdhouses
Portrayed by: Emma Stone (voice)
First appearance: Hotel Inspector

Ivana Priscilla Veronica is a character on the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She is voiced by Emma Stone.
Ivana is the pet dog of The Tipton Hotel heiress London Tipton. Since London is often compared to Paris Hilton, Ivana is the counterpart of Tinkerbell. She is a Pomeranian breed. She doesn't talk to the human characters, but communicates to Maddie's dog Scamp. However, Maddie Fitzpatrick herself treats Ivana as a real person in one episode when she takes care of Ivana for a day. There was a book about Ivana in one episode, called Ivana lives in the Hotel. London copied it from Maddie for a short story assignment and gets an 'A', and in the end it becomes apparent that Maddie spoke it from a book her mother used to read to her when she was little.

Esteban Ramνrez

The earnest bellboy of the Tipton of Hispanic descent. He often calls Zack and Cody "little blonde peoples". In the episode It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel, Esteban harbors a desire to manage the Tipton. He originally came to the United States to be a baseball player, but became a bellhop instead. He is a bowler, and once affected a Southern accent after being taught by a Texan diction coach, but unlearned it due to his dislike of the accent. Esteban was made an American citizen in the episode Boston Tea Party. Esteban also had to take care of Harry, a con-artist, in the episode Have A Nice Trip. He has a pet chicken, Dudley.

Age: Adult
Occupation: Bellhop
FamilyLEstecarlita -sister
Estebina -grandmother
Diego Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez-father
Gladis- mother
Dudley-pet chicken
Portrayed by: Adrian R'Mante
First appearance Hotel Hangout

Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramνrez is a character on Disney Channel show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and is played by Adrian R'Mante.
Esteban is an earnest bellboy (of Hispanic decent) of the Tipton Hotel where identical twins, Zack and Cody Martin live with their single mother, Carey Martin. They are living there because Carey has a gig singing as the headler at the hotel. He has a pet chicken called Dudley, who is seen in Commercial Breaks, but mentioned in many.
Esteban has a good heart and likes the Martin boys. Esteban dreams of becoming the manager of the Tipton Hotel, as shown in the episode "Pilot Your Own Life," but also dreams of London Tipton, daughter of the hotel’s owner, sinking down a few levels of the ladder.
Esteban originally came to United States to be a baseball player, but he wasn’t very good at it, so he settled for a bellhop. He is a pretty decent bowler. He has appeared in many episodes in both the first and second seasons. Esteban once affected a Southern accent after being taught by a Texan diction coach but unlearned it eventually due to his dislike of the accent and it died out in his next appearance. Esteban was made an American citizen in the episode "Boston Tea Party." Esteban also had to take care of Harry, a con-artist in the episode "Have A Nice Trip."
He refers to Zack, Cody, Maddie, Jessica and Janice as "little blonde peoples". In "Not So Suite 16," it was implied his great-grandmother was once a queen or ruler of some sort, as Esteban mentions a throne. In the episode "A Midsummer's Nightmare" we learn that his family comes from somewhere in Central America. His hometown's mayor is a monkey. He has shown a dislike for London. In his first appearance, "Hotel Hangout," he tended to Mr. Moseby's (the hotel’s manager) every whim (actually just one) when he "saved his life". He has also proven to be a bit weak.
Esteban is known in the alternate universe (in Suite Smell of Excess) as Estebanita, where he is in fact a she, the female version of Esteban. He works as a hotel maid in the alternate universe. Later during the episode it is revealed that Esteban dressed up as a maid for a fancy dress party, and not still in his alternate-universe-form which Zack and Cody thought to their momentary horror.

Esteban is quite similar to Manuel from Fawlty Towers. They both are Spanish, they both carry bags and they both dream of running the hotel they work at.
Arwin Hawkhauser

The inventor who works as an engineer for the Tipton. He has a crush on Carey, as shown in The Prince & The Plunger, but is afraid to act upon it. Arwin once coached Zack and Cody's basketball team. He hates carrots and is allergic to horses, as shown in Free Tippy. In Kisses & Basketball, Bowling, and Going for the Gold, Carey kisses him; he fainted each time. It is also shown that he has a picture of Carey in his office that lights up when he claps his hands, as well as a cardboard cut out of her. Arwin was a professional bowler, illustrated in Bowling. He also is known for being obessed with his mother, probably because he lives with her. He stopped bowling because his mother's obsessive cheering made him nervous in competition and accidently threw the ball and it hit her head.

Age: 35-42
Occupation: Hotel Engineer/Janitor
Family: Mother (voice)
Portrayed by: Brian Stepanek
First appearance: The Prince & The Plunger

Arwin Quentin Hawkhauser, is a fictional character on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He works as an engineer for the Tipton. He has a crush on Carey, as shown in "The Prince & The Plunger" and many episodes after. Arwin once coached Zack and Cody's basketball team. He hates carrots and is allergic to horses as shown in "Free Tippy." He seems to faint every time something amazing happens to him, for instance when Carey kisses him . It is also shown that he has a picture of Carey in his office that lights up when he claps his hands and also has a cardboard cutout of her. He has appeared in many episodes in both the first and second seasons. He has a penchant for strange inventions that usually end in disaster: however a time machine did work when the twins were transported to a parallel universe. Unhappily the invention stopped working for him. Arwin was a champion bowler as illustrated by "Bowling". He stopped bowling when he was in a competition, and his mother's obsessive cheering made him nervous. Arwin wants to ask out Carey but is too afraid to ask her. His rival is the St. Mark hotel engineer, Irv Wheldon. It is revealed in "The Prince & The Plunger" that he likes poetry and keeps his socks up with duct tape.
In the episode Christmas at the Tipton Arwin proves to be slightly destructive. It is revealed when he becomes overjoyed when Mr. Moseby allows him to break furniture with a chainsaw.
Arwin stars in a spin-off pilot recently shot for the Disney Channel called Arwin!.
Arwin is like a father figure and friend of the Martin twins.
Arwin sung a song in the Christmas special 'Joy to the world Lets burn some chairs Da Da Da Da Da Da'
He is played by Brian Stepanek. He portrays Arwin in a slapstick, farcical manner, not unlike "Kramer" of "Seinfeld" fame. He always has tape around his glasses, suggesting they are broken.
Tipton staff

~Patrick (played by Patrick Bristow) — The maξtre d' for the Tipton Hotel's restaurant. One of the most sarcastic characters on the show, he treats everyone with disdain, especially Zack and Cody. He likes coconut flavored chewing gum and doesn't like Maddie because she doesn't stock it, as shown in the episode Big Hair & Baseball. He has a girlish shriek. Due to London's generous tips, Patrick has been able to afford a foreign sports car, indicated in Twins at the Tipton. However, Mr. Moseby claims that Patrick
wrecked it.

~Muriel (played by Estelle Harris) — The hotel housekeeper, who is good-natured but lazy. She is usually seen sitting down with her feet up (when she isn't stealing money from guests). She once dated mobster Alphonse "Hot Peppers" DeLeo, before joining the Tipton in 1938, as shown in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel. The character does not appear in season two. She claimed that she knew Babe Ruth and was the first one to call him "Babe".

~Lance (played by Aaron Musicant) — An easygoing but dimwitted lifeguard who Maddie goes out with on the first episode Hotel Hangout. He only talks about water, causing Maddie to dump him. Once, in the episode Battle Of The Bands, he said that there was a flood in one suite where their instruments were, ruining the instruments and then said "I never knew water had a dark side." They are still friends, however. Lance showed Maddie how to do CPR in Rumors, and is a lousy ballroom dancer in Loosely Ballroom.

~Irene (played by Sharon Jordan) - The concierge for the Tipton Hotel, she usually is seen in the backround during scenes in the lobby but in Boston Tea Party, she gets her first speaking part and in Nurse Zack she sabotaged Maddie's candy travel cart and Maddie alludes to Irene not having very many speaking parts by replying "It's always the quiet ones".

~Norman (played by Anthony Acker) - The doorman for the Tipton Hotel, he is also usually a backround character but is shown to have a hiding spot for Zack's belonging's when he skips school in What the Hey, he also interacts with the main hotel staff in Nurse Zack when he sabotages Arwin's blow torch by filling it with bubbles because Arwin put an automatic system on the entrance doors.

~Deborah (played by Brenda Vivian)- Is a maid at the Tipton that first appeard in Odd Couples. She also appeared in Nurse Zack, where Maddie turned her maid cart into a candy cart.
Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow staff and students

~Sister Dominick (played by Marianne Muellerleile) — London and Maddie's teacher who is a nun and works at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. She seems to favor London over Maddie, even though Maddie is the hard-working student.
~Sister Rose (played by Mindy Sterling) — Gym teacher of London, Maddie, Mary Margret, and Leslie. This is the second of Maddie's gym teacher to appear on the show.

~Mary Margaret (played by Monique Coleman) — Mary Margaret is Maddie's friend from school. Not much is known about her, except she's smart and only likes London for her money and possessions. She is usually shown with Corrie.

~Corrie (played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens) — Corrie is a schoolmate of Maddie, Mary Margaret, and her idol London at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. She is very perky and, obsessed with London, and not very bright. In fact, she makes London look like a genius.

~Leslie (played by Kaycee Stroh) -- Leslie is a student at London and Maddie's school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, and on the same volleyball team. (Like Zac Efron, Monique Coleman, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Anne Hudgens, she was in High School Musical.) She appeared in Volley Dad. She is kind of slow and is always happy.
Friends of Zack and Cody

~Max (played by Alyson Stoner) — One of Zack and Cody's best friends. A girl who wears a baseball cap and is sometimes mistaken for a boy (a running gag throughout the series). She once got tired of being called a boy in the episode Kisses And Basketball, when Zack said "She's not a girl!". She is portrayed as a good bass guitarist (as shown in Band in Boston), a great hip-hop dancer (as shown in Footloser), and she is an excellent basketball player.

~Tapeworm (played by Dennis Bendersky) — One of Zack and Cody's best friends. He is strange and also a math genius. He is called Tapeworm because he ate 20 hotdogs in two minutes. He was the drummer for Rock Squared in Band in Boston.

~Bob (played by Charlie Stewart) — One of the boys' newer friends. Bob is dyslexic. Zack meets him in school one day when he was moved into a regular class from a Special Education class because he was doing so well in it. He likes to play Total World Conquest with the boys and Cody's friends, Warren and Jeremy, though they almost never finish their games because Zack and Cody usually end up fighting. Bob, as shown in Smart & Smarterer and Odd Couples, is somewhat impatient. It was shown in French 101 that he speaks fluent French and that he has a crush on the French ambassador's daughter, Jolie. It is unknown how he speaks French so well, yet he is dyslexic. In the episode Forever Plaid, he states that his favorite subject is science. He has a sister, as shown in Election, and a younger brother that's mentioned in Twins At The Tipton. He likes visiting Zack and Cody just because the doorman calls him "sir." He was Puck in the show's version of A Midsummer Nights Dream. He is very vulnarable to poison oak, shown in the episode Ah, Wildreness.

~Janice and Jessica (played by Camilla and Rebecca Rosso) — Two English twins. After they visited the Tipton in Boston for a twin convention (as seen in Twins At The Tipton), they enrolled in Zack and Cody's school. Cody almost always ends up getting both girls, whilst Zack gets neither, even though it is generally his idea to go out with them in the first place. They seem to be pretty vapid, shown in the episode Scary Movie, because they looked at a dollar bill and said, "Wow, their queen looks so mannish!" (The actors got spotted at a recording)

~Barbara Brownstein (played by Sophie Tamiko Oda) — A girl occasionally seen. She entered a science contest in Rock Star in the House while her volcano was dormant, entered a spelling bee in Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee where she misspelled fracas and was eliminated, and also appeared in Ask Zack, where she got angry at Janice and Jessica for tossing around a conversation instead of getting to the point. She also appears in Club Twin and Miniature Golf, where she goes on a date with Cody.

~Darlene (played by Nicki Prian) She was one of Zack's former crushes in the episode "Ask Zack". She got mad at him after figuring out that he was Shirley but she forgave him with a kiss on the cheek.

~Warren (played by Gus Hoffman) — A friend of Zack and Cody from school. Warren attends Camp Knock-a-Number along with Cody and Tapeworm.

~Agnes (played by Allie Grant) — Agnes is a girl who goes to school with Zack and Cody who has a crush on both of them (seemingly whichever one suits her at the time).

~Vanessa (played by Gage Golighty) — In the episode A Midsummer's Nightmare, Zack had a crush on her and she had a crush on Cody. She played Helena. She dislikes Zack and Agnes dislikes her.

~Gwen (played by Selena Gomez) — In the episode A Midsummer's Nightmare as Cody's one day girlfriend. She played Hermia and Zack played Lysander; when they practiced a kissing scene Gwen fell in love with Zack instead of Cody.
Other characters

~Ilsa Shickelgrubermeiger-Von Helsing der Keppelugerhofer(played by Caroline Rhea) — Ilsa is the mean-spirited hotel inspector-turned-manager of the rival hotel, the St. Mark Hotel, across the street. She is rude, has a large mole on her face, and dislikes Mr. Moseby for making her lose her hotel inspector's job. After Hotel Inspector she got married; her full name was revealed in Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet. Some parts of her personality seem to be reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz; for instance, in the episode Bowling she states, "I'll get you next time, Mr. Moseby, and your little staff too!" Also in that same episode, Mr. Moseby makes a reference to The Biggest Loser, the show Caroline Rhea hosts, by saying "Ha! Who's the biggest loser now!" It is mentioned in a few episodes that she has a dachshund named Blitzkrieg, who is vicious.

~Liam Fitzpatrick (played by Cody Arens) — Maddie's little brother, called "booger" by his sister. He is irresponsible and rude. Although mentioned frequently by Maddie, he has only appeared in one episode, Not So Suite 16. He left their grandmother doing limbo in the Tipton lobby, in Day Care although all of it was done off camera.

~Brandi Tipton (played by T Lopez) — London's step-mother who first appears in What The Hey?. At first, London resents her, but eventually likes her. She is nice, but she tries too hard to be a mother.

~Kurt Martin (played by Robert Torti) - Kurt is Zack and Cody's Dad, and Carey's ex-husband who first appears in Dad's Back. He is known as the more fun and spontaneous parent and leads a rock band.

~Mr. Forgess (played by Ernie Grunwald) - One of Zack and Cody's teachers from Smart & Smarterer. He later appears in a A Midsummer's Nightmare (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode) as runner of the drama club. Carey was his assisstant.

~Snooty Saleswoman- She appears in Not So Suite 16 and What the Hey?. She works in the jewelry and clothing department of a department store. She dislikes the twins, and worships London Tipton. She insulted Carey until she found out that Carey knew London. Once, she saw Carey going to the dressing room with a slim dress and said "Feeling optimistic today, aren't we?"

Character appearances

Esteban Ramνrez|Adrian R'Mante|15|13|Hotel Hangout
Arwin Hawkhauser|Brian Stepanek|8|10|The Prince & The Plunger
Corrie|Vanessa Anne Hudgens|0|4|Forever Plaid
Mary Margret|Monique Coleman|1|5|A Prom Story
Max|Alyson Stoner|4|2|Hotel Hangout
Tapeworm|Dennis Bendersky|4|0|Hotel Hangout
Patrick|Patrick Bristow|4|2|Big Hair & Baseball
Bob|Charlie Stewart|1|11|Smart & Smarterer
Sister Dominick|Marianne Muellerleile|0|4|Forever Plaid
Ilsa|Caroline Rhea|2|1|Hotel Inspector
Muriel|Estelle Harris|12|0|Hotel Inspector
Kurt Martin|Robert Torti|3|2|Poor Little Rich Girl
Warren|Gus Hoffman|1|2|Cody Goes to Camp
Agnes|Allie Grant|1|3|Crushed
Lance|Aaron Musicant|3|2|Hotel Hangout
Barbara Brownstein|Sophie Tamiko Oda|1|4|Rock Star in the House
Jessica|Rebecca Rosso|0|6|Twins at the Tipton
Janice|Camilla Rosso|0|6|Twins at the Tipton
Irene the Concierge|Sharon Jordan|0|2|Boston Tea Party
Norman the Doorman|Anthony Acker|0|4|Free Tippy

Norman and Irene are staff at the tipton and can be seen in almost every episode but this chart shows mager apperences where they are named or spoken to.
Guest stars

~Jesse McCartney (as himself) — The famous teen singer once stayed at the Tipton in the episode Rock Star in the House, Maddie and London both snuck into his suite and have a catfight over him.

~Trevor (played by Zac Efron) — Trevor appears in the episode Odd Couples, in which he and London Tipton start to go out while the scholar is in town, though Maddie ends up kissing him.

~Raven Baxter (played by Raven-Symonι) — Raven is a psychic fashion designer who stayed at the Tipton for a fashion show. She was in That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. The character originated from the show That's So Raven.

~Hannah Montana (played by Miley Cyrus) — Miley is a famous pop music singer who stays at the Tipton when she has a concert in Boston. She was in the episode That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. Although she wasn't shown, she apparently sang at London's 16th birthday party. She also befriends Maddie and asks Raven to make her the same dress as London's. The character originated from the show Hannah Montana.

~Randall (played by Moises Arias) — Randall is a young kid who went to daycare at the Tipton in Day Care. He has a crush on Maddie and hates Zack. The feeling is mutual.

~Rebecca (played by Victoria Justice) — Rebecca was the winner of the Mini Miss Beauty Pageant held in the Tipton in the episode The Fairest of Them All. Cody falls in love with her and she kisses Cody at the end of the episode.

~Kumiko Mori (as herself) — Kumiko Mori is a famous Japanese singer who sang at the Tipton for a Japanese group.

~Prince Sanjay (played by Neil Joshi) — Sanjay is a prince that visits Boston from his kingdom. He is tired of royalty, so Cody disguises himself as Sanjay while Sanjay and Zack get arrested at the mall. He appeared in Boston Holiday.

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Thats So the Suite Life of Hannah Montana : 2
I Want my Mummy : 0
Twins at the Tipton : 1
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Bird Man of Boston : 0
Nurse Zack : 1
Not so Suite 16: 1
Star vs Star

Who is your favourite star?
I am here to settle the long asked question of which star is the best!
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Dylan|19 : Cole|23

Ashley|30 : Brenda|10


Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Born August 4, 1992 (age 14)
Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Notable roles: Patrick Kelly in Grace Under Fire
Julian 'Frankenstien' McGrath in Big Daddy
Zack and Cody Martin on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Cole Mitchell Sprouse and Dylan Thomas Sprouse (born August 4, 1992) are American identical twin brother actors. They are sometimes collectively referred to as Dylan & Cole, the Sprouse Bros., or the Sprouse Twins, and are best known for their roles in the film Big Daddy, as Ross's son Ben on Friends, and for portraying the title characters on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. As a result of the series' success, they have become heartthrobs and overwhelming draws among tween and teen audiences.

Early life
The Sprouses were born in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy to American parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright, who at the time were teaching at an American English language school in Italy. Dylan, named after poet Dylan Thomas, is fifteen minutes older than Cole, who is named for jazz singer and pianist Nat King Cole. The twins moved back to the United States four months after their birth, and grew up in their parents' native Long Beach, California. Their parents divorced in 1997.

Acting career
After a suggestion by their grandmother, Jonine Booth Wright, who was a drama teacher and actress, the Sprouses began acting at the age of six months, appearing in a commercial for toilet paper. As with many identical twin actors, the two have often played the same role, allowing more time for the character to be filmed. From 1993 to 1998, the two starred on the ABC-TV series, Grace Under Fire, playing one character, Patrick Kelly.
In 1999, the twins appeared in their first major feature film, the Adam Sandler vehicle Big Daddy, in which they played a boy adopted by Sandler's character. That year, Cole collaborated with Sandler on the second version of The Chanukah Song, and the twins also had a minor role in the thriller The Astronaut's Wife. Dylan Sprouse has noted that after Big Daddy's release, the two entered into a slow period in their careers and were not cast in any major roles for a time. During the early 2000s, the twins appeared in episodes of the The Nightmare Room and That '70s Show, as well as in MADtv: Season Four (1998-1999) (episode #425) and the feature films The Master of Disguise and a voice-over role in Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights. In 2001, Cole Sprouse appeared in several episodes of the television show, Friends, as Ross Geller's son, Ben.
Between the years of 2002 and 2003, the two starred in I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and Just for Kicks, both of which were family films that received a direct-to-video release. The Sprouses were subsequently cast in the Disney Channel television series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, where they play identical twins Zack and Cody Martin. The series, which debuted in March 2005, has become a ratings success and the twins have become very well known among pre-teen and teen audiences. As part of their involvement with Disney, the brothers are now part of the 11-member group, the Disney Channel Circle of Stars, and sang the song A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes along with the members of the circle, for a video that was released as bonus material in the special edition version of the Disney film, Cinderella. The Sprouses also participated in the Disney Channel Games 2006, which began airing in June of 2006. Dylan was on the Red Team, while Cole was on the Blue Team.
The Sprouses played one character, Jeremiah, in the independent film The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, which was produced in 2004 but not given a theatrical release until March of 2006, when it played in a total of three theatres across the United States, ultimately grossing $29,000 domestically. As of November 2006, the two are filming the Sony Pictures film The Prince and the Pauper, which also stars Sally Kellerman, Ed Lauter and Dedee Pfeiffer, in Palm Beach, Florida; filming began in October and ended by December. It was also recently announced that The Suite Life of Zack & Cody would be shooting a third season. The boys also lent their voices to a movie called Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen, which also features the voices of fellow Disney Channel stars Brenda Song and Emily Osment.
"Sprouse Bros." brand
In September 2005, the Sprouses signed a licensing agreement with Dualstar Entertainment to create a new commercial brand, entitled "Sprouse Bros", which will include DVD movies, CDs, clothing, sports gear, video games, ring tones and deodorants targeted towards tween and teen audiences. Dualstar has partnered with Leisure Publishing LLC to create a magazine called Sprouse Bros. Code, which will target boys ages 8-14 with a guide on recent trends favored by the Sprouses; Cole Sprouse has stated that the magazine will appeal to "people who are our age and boys. We don't want anything too girlie", while Dylan has said that it will have "something that will appeal to everybody". The first issue became available on July 18, 2006.
In September of 2006, the Sprouse brothers, represented by Dualstar Entertainment, signed a book deal with Simon Spotlight, a publishing company, to release a spy book series that will utilize the "Sprouse Bros." brand. The book series, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2007, has been described by the publisher as featuring the Sprouses as "young James Bonds [or] undercover agents".

Personal life
Dylan Sprouse has stated that the experience of coming to fame after the success of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is "kind of scary, how fast everything is moving. Just a year ago none of this was happening, it was just doing 'Suite Life,' and now I can't wait for what's in store..." While filming The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, the two receive on-set tutoring for three hours each day.
As of 2006, the Sprouses enjoy snowboarding, surfing, basketball and motocrossing, as well as working on drawing a comic strip, The Adventures of Tibblebu and Thumbin, based on a stuffed animal of Cole's. Cole Sprouse's favorite school subjects are math and science; he names The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as his favorite video game and Forrest Gump and Godzilla as the films he likes the most. Dylan prefers science, dislikes math, and enjoys playing the videogames Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee; his favorite film is Napoleon Dynamite. The twins have a dog named Bubba, and their favorite actor and co-star is Adam Sandler.
According to a May 2006 interview with Mad Kids magazine, the Sprouses do not speak Italian, despite incorrect reports to the contrary:.
Cole: "I can't say anything in Italian. "Pizza, por favor" maybe?"
Dylan: "...I don't really speak Italian except for "spaghetti", "Italian ice" (Yum!) and "Ferrari".

Selected filmography
A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper|Eddie Tudor and Tom Canty|Main
The Emperor's New School|Zim & Zam|Guests
Present-The Suite Life of Zack and Cody|Zack and Cody Martin|television series
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things|Jeremiah (Age 11)|limited release
Apple Jack|Jack Pyne|short film
Just For Kicks|Cole & Dylan Martin|direct-to-video
Eight Crazy Nights|K-B Toys Soldier
The Master of Disguise|Young Pistachio Disguisey
Diary of a Sex Addict Sammy Jr. direct-to-video
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus|Justin Carver|direct-to-video
The Nightmare Room: Scareful What You Wish For|Buddy|one episode
The Astronaut's Wife|Twin
Big Daddy|Julian 'Frankenstein' McGrath

Ashley Tisdale

Birth name: Ashley Michelle Tisdale
Born: July 2, 1985 (age 21)
West Deal, New Jersey, USA
Height: 5'3"
Official site:

Notable roles: Maddie Fitzpatrick in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Sharpay Evans in High School Musical

Ashley Michelle Tisdale (born July 2, 1985) is an American model, actress and singer. After appearing in several television roles during the late 1990s and early 2000s, she became known to young audiences for playing Madeline Fitzpatrick on the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Sharpay Evans in the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical.

Tisdale was born in West Deal, New Jersey. Her parents are Lisa Morris and Mike Tisdale, and her older sister is Jennifer, also an actress. Her maternal grandfather is Arnold Morris, the developer of Ginsu Knives; through her grandfather, she is also related to businessman Ron Popeil. Tisdale is Jewish on her mother's side and considers herself Jewish. She was discovered by her current manager, Bill Perlman, at her hometown mall in Monmouth County, New Jersey when she was three. She began acting appearing in stage productions of Gypsy: A Musical Fable and The Sound of Music at the Jewish Community Center of Monmouth County. She sang for Bill Clinton at the White House when she was twelve years old. During her teen years, Tisdale worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., and Wet Seal stores.
During the late 1990s, Tisdale appeared in episodes of several television series, including Smart Guy, 7th Heaven, Grounded for Life, Boston Public, Strong Medicine, Charmed and Beverly Hills, 90210. She had a minor role in the 2001 film Donnie Darko and recurring roles on the sitcoms The Hughleys and Still Standing. Then, Tisdale was cast in the role of Maddie Fitzpatrick on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody after auditioning for the roles of Maddie Fitzpatrick and London Tipton. As the series became popular, Tisdale became a featured performer on the Disney Channel and performed a voice role in Whisper of the Heart. She was also cast in Disney's television film High School Musical, which became a major success for the channel after its premiere on January 20, 2006.
Tisdale originally tried out for Gabriella Montez, but was cast as Sharpay Evans. The role required her to perform several songs including, "What I've Been Looking For", "Bop to the Top" and "We're All in This Together." All three managed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. She has also recorded versions of the songs "Some Day My Prince Will Come," and "Kiss The Girl" (including a music video) for Disney. In addition, she recorded a version of "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" with the other members of the Disney Channel Circle of Stars, and appeared in the Disney Channel Games as captain of the Green Team.
More recently, Tisdale signed a deal with Staples, Inc. to appear in the promotional campaign for the company's "Geared 4 School" sweepstakes that fall.
Music Career
Tisdale's first solo album, Headstrong, is distributed by Warner Bros. Records and is scheduled for release on February 6, 2007. Her first single is Be Good to Me which was released to iTunes on January 9, 2007. Her second single He Said She Said, written by Jonathan "J.R." Rotem and Evan "Kidd" Bogart and was released on December 19, 2006. There are three versions of this song, the Radio Disney version which is more appropriate for children, a High School Musical tour version which she sings in the High School Musical tour, and an explicit version which is more "mature" than the other versions. Also her song Headstrong was also released on the iTunes store as part of the He Said She Said single album. Be Good to Me will have a music video first then not long after will be He Said She Said. Ashley said it will be like having two singles out at the same time.

High School Musical 2|Sharpay Evans
Phineas and Ferb|Candace|voice over
Whisper of the Heart|Yuko Harada|voice over
High School Musical|Sharpay Evans
Donnie Darko|Kim, the Dorky girl
Nathan's Choice|Stephanie
A Bug's Life|Lead Blueberry Scout/additional voices

Album Information

• Release: February 6, 2007 (U.S.)
• Label: Warner Bros. Records
• Peak U.S. Billboard: TBA
• U.S. sales: TBA
• RIAA certification: TBA
• Singles:
o 2007: "Be Good to Me"
o 2007: "He Said She Said"

Year|Title|Album|Chart positions U.S. Disney CAN IRE NZ SPA AUS CHI
2005 "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
(with Disney Channel Circle of Stars) DisneyMania, Vol. 4 — — — — — — — —
2006 "What I've Been Looking For"
(with Lucas Grabeel) High School Musical OST 35 — — — — — — -
"Stick to the Status Quo"
(with High School Musical Cast) 43 — — — — — — —
"Bop to the Top"
(with Lucas Grabeel) 62 — — — — — — —
"We're All in This Together"
(with High School Musical Cast) 34 — — 31 14 — — 44
"Kiss The Girl"[15] The Little Mermaid Special Edition OST — 6 — — — — — —
"Last Christmas" - — — — — — — — —
2007 "Be Good to Me"[14] Headstrong 80 5 — — — — — —
"He Said She Said" 77 — 2 — — TBR — 45
"So Much For You" — — — — — — TBR —
"Headstrong" 121 — — — — — — —
"Not Like That" — — — — — — — —

2006 "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"
(with Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, and Lucas Grabeel) High School Musical OST
"Some Day My Prince Will Come"
(feat. Andrew Seeley) DisneyMania, Vol. 4
2007 "Kiss the Girl" DisneyMania, Vol. 5

High School Musical 2: The Soundtrack
The Little Mermaid 2006 Special Edition Soundtrack
High School Musical: The Soundtrack

TV shows and guest appearances
Present-The Suite Life of Zack & Cody|Maddie Fitzpatrick

Kim Possible|Camille|voice only
The Life of Eddie|Verny
High School Musical 2|Sharpay Evans
Phineas and Ferb|Candace|voice
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno|Herself|Aired on August 9
Total Request Live|Herself|Co-host with Miley Cyrus on June 20; guest with Zac Efron
High School Musical|Sharpay Evans
Hannah Montana|Maddie Fitzpatrick|Episode On The Road Again
Disney Channel Games 2006|Herself|Captain for the green team
Still Standing|Bonnie
George Lopez|Olivia
Grounded for Life|Leah
Strong Medicine|Sherry Lowenstein
Malcolm in the Middle|Girl
The Hughleys|Stephanie|Three episodes
The Mayor of Oyster Bay|TV movie
Charmed|Runaway Teen
Kate Brasher|Winona
Once and Again|Marni
Nathan's Choice|Stephanie|TV movie
Boston Public|Carol Prader
The Geena Davis Show|Tracy
Movie Stars|Female Student
The Amanda Show|Number One Fan - Cold-Curer
Beverly Hills 90210|Nicole Jungquist
7th Heaven|Janice
Smart Guy|Amy

Brenda Song

Born: March 27, 1988 (age 18)
Carmichael, California, USA

Official site:

Notable roles: London Tipton
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Brenda Song (born March 27, 1988) is an American actress and former child model. She is most famous for her appearances on the Disney Channel, having starred in four Disney Channel Original Movies, one Disney Channel Original Series, and having guest-starred in six Disney Channel Original Series.

Early years
Brenda Song was born in Carmichael, California (a suburb of Sacramento) to a Hmong American father and a Thai American mother. Her family emigrated to America from Laos in 1976. Brenda has two younger brothers, Timmy and Nathan, whom she lives with them and her parents in Greater Los Angeles. Brenda holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was named an All-American Scholar in ninth grade. She began acting and modeling at age six. Her first television appearance was in a Little Caesars commercial. She also played a minor role in a skit on MADtv.

Television career
One of Song's more notable acting roles is her portrayal of London Tipton in the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (alongside Ashley Tisdale and twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse). She also played a recurring role as Tia in the Disney Channel Original Series Phil of the Future and as Sariffa Chung on Nickelodeon's 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd. She starred as Wendy Wu in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.
Song had minor guest appearances on the Disney Channel Original Series That's So Raven, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Lloyd In Space; on One on One, George Lopez, The Nightmare Room, The Bernie Mac Show, Judging Amy, Bette, Charmed, and 7th Heaven; and "extra" appearances on Reba, Strong Medicine, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Will and Grace, Grounded for Life, Lizzie McGuire, and Even Stevens.
Song had starring roles as Natasha in the Disney Channel Original Movie Stuck in the Suburbs (alongside Danielle Panabaker), Jennifer in Get a Clue (alongside Lindsay Lohan), Samantha Kwan in The Ultimate Christmas Present (alongside Hallee Hirsh), and Wendy Wu in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior (alongside Shin Koyamada). Wendy Wu first aired on June 16, 2006, where Song starred as a popular high school student who aspires to be Homecoming Queen, but is called to be the next great warrior – her only Disney Channel Original Movie role where she does not portray a sidekick character. In December 2006, Song will provide voiceovers for a 60-minute made-for-television film called Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen.
Song sang alongside other Disney Channel stars in their rendition of "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes," which was released on both the special edition Cinderella DVD and on the DisneyMania 4 CD.

Film career
Song had roles in four feature films. Song's first feature film was in the 1995 film Requiem, where she played young Fong; in 1996 she appeared with Hulk Hogan in Santa With Muscles, she also played Susan Acustus in the 1997 movie Leave It To Beaver; and in 2002, she played Reg in Like Mike.

Year|Title|Role|Other notes
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana|London Tipton|Crossover episodes of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That's So Raven and Hannah Montana
Desperate Housewives|Lana Whiskoff|(one episode)
American Dragon: Jake Long|Tracey|(voice)(one episode)
Disney Channel Games|Herself|Captain of the Blue Team, Hamster Ball Relay MVP
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior|Wendy Wu
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody|London Tipton
Strong Medicine|extra|(one episode)
Charmed|screaming girl|(one episode)
Supernatural|extra|(one episode)
One Tree Hill|girl in crowd|(one episode)
Gilmore Girls|extra|(one episode)
Stuck in the Suburbs|Natasha Kwan-Shwartz
Phil of the Future|Tia|(seven episodes)
One on One|Asanti|(one episode)
That's So Raven|Amber|(one episodes)
Lloyd In Space|Additional voices|(one episode)
Will and Grace|extra|(one episode)
Family Guy|Additional voices|(one episode)
The Proud Family|Additional voices|(one episode)
Grounded for Life|extra|(one episode)
Lizzie McGuire|Extra|(one episode)
Even Stevens|Lonely Girl|(one episode)
George Lopez|Popular Girl #2|(one episode)
Like Mike|Reg
The Nightmare Room|Swan|(one episode)
The Bernie Mac Show|(one episode)
Get a Clue|Jennifer
Judging Amy|Vanessa Pran|(one episode)
ER|Lynda An|(one episode)
Bette|Stacey|(one episode)
7th Heaven|Cynthia|(two episodes)
The Ultimate Christmas Present|Samantha Kwan
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd|Shariffa Chung
Santa With Muscles|Susan
Requiem|Young Fong
Kim Rhodes

Born:June 7, 1969(age 37)
Portland, USA
Notable roles:Cindy Harrison in Another World & As the World Turns
Carey Martin in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Kimberly "Kim" Rhodes (born June 7, 1969 in Portland, Oregon) is an American actress most famous for her roles as "Cindy Harrison" in the soap opera series Another World and As The World Turns and "Carey Martin" in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Kim grew up in Portland, Oregon. She is the daughter of Jane and Frank Rhodes. She attended Southern Oregon State College and earned her BFA in acting and graduated summa cum laude. Kim graduated from Temple University with an MFA.
Kim's primary acting roles have been on television. From 1996-1999, she played Cindy Harrison on the soap opera Another World, reprising the role on As the World Turns from 2000-2001. Since 2005, she has played Carey Martin, hotel lounge singer and single mom of identical twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Kim has made numerous guest appearances on television shows and done voice-overs for video games, but hasn't yet broken into films in a meaningful way.

• Kim has one sister, named Jennifer.
• She's 5'10 1/2" (1.79 m).
• She resides in Los Angeles with her dog, Linus, and her fiancιe.
• Had the same role in two soap opera series As the World Turns and Another World.
• Nominated for a Soap Opera Digest award for 'Favorite New Couple' with Mark

Pinter in 1998.
• Enjoys singing, dancing, reading, and playing pool.
• She has a little daughter named Ashley

Television roles
• As The World Turns (1956) — Cindy Harrison (2000-01).
• Another World (1964) — Cynthia "Cindy" Brooke Harrison (1996-99).
• The Lot (1999) — Rachel Lipton.
• The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005) — Carey Martin(2005-present).

Guest appearances
• Maritial Law (1999) — Roxanne Cole.
• Star Trek: Voyager (2000) — Ensign Lyndsay Ballard.
• Stark Raving Mad (2000) — Brooke.
• One World (2000) — Diane.
• Titus (2001) — Tiffany.
• The Invisible Man (2001) — Eleanor Stark.
• Becker (2002) — Julie.
• Touched By An Angel (2002) — Liz.
• Boomtown (2002) — Julia Sloan.
• Without a Trace (2002) — Polly.
• CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2004) — Lydia Lopez.

• In Pursuit (2001) — Ann Sutton.
• Christmas with the Kranks (2004) — Office Staff.

Phil Lewis

Born: September 4, 1968(age 38)

Height: 5'6"
Notable roles: Mr. Moseby on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Phill Lewis (born September 4, 1968) is an English-American actor. He is one of the stars of the Disney Channel television show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, where he plays the manager of the Tipton Hotel, Mr. Moseby. Previously, Lewis had appeared as recurring and occasional characters on a number of television series including as the principal in Lizzie McGuire, Hooch on Scrubs, Roy on Yes, Dear, Steve on Friends, Sam Lee on A Different World, among many others. He was a regular on The Wayans Bros. from 1995-1998 as T.C. He also is one of the co-hosts for the first ever Disney Channel Games. He admitted on Disney Sing-a-long Bowl-a-thon 2006 that he was an NBA player.
Lewis has appeared in small roles in over a dozen films including City Slickers (1991) as Dr. Steven Jessup, Kicking & Screaming (2005) as John Ryan, the father of one the players,I Spy as a member of Kelly Robinson's entourage, had a role as Tia's and Tamera's teacher in Sister, Sister and a small role on Surviving Christmas (2004). He has also starred in the hit movie, Brother Future (1991). He has two daughters.
Arwin! (Spin off)

As a result of the success of The Suite Life, a spin-off series, Arwin!, has been produced. It will be about Arwin the Tipton handyman moving in with his sister to help take care of her kids. However, the fate of Arwin! is unknown, as the series has been reportedly "shelved", or on hiatus at the time being.
Theme Song

The theme song for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is called "Here I Am" and was written by John Adair and Steve Hampton, who also wrote the theme song for Phil of the Future. It was sung by Loren Ellis and The Drew Davis Band. The original theme song was going to be "Grow Up" by Simple Plan. However, it was changed to "Here I Am" at the last minute.

Here I am in your life
here you are in mine
yes we have the sweet life
most of the time
you and me, got the world to see
so come on down
just me and you know what to do
so common down
its you and me
and me and you we’ve got the whole place to our self
you and me got it all for free
so common down
this is the sweet life
we’ve got the sweet life!
Episode list

Season 1: 2005-2006
Hotel Hangout
The Fairest of Them All
Maddie Checks In
Hotel Inspector (featuring Caroline Rhea)
Grounded on the 23rd Floor
The Prince & The Plunger
A Prom Story
Band in Boston
Cody Goes to Camp
To Catch a Thief
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel
Poor Little Rich Girl
Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet
Big Hair & Baseball
Rock Star in the House (featuring Jesse McCartney)
Smart & Smarterer
The Ghost of 613
Dad's Back
Christmas at the Tipton
Kisses & Basketball
Pilot Your Own Life
Commercial Breaks
Boston Holiday

Season 2: 2006-2007
Odd Couples (featuring Zac Efron)
French 101
Day Care (featuring Moises Arias)
Heck's Kitchen
Free Tippy
Forever Plaid (featuring Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Monique Coleman)
Moseby's Big Brother
Books & Birdhouses
Not So Suite 16
Twins at the Tipton
Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee
Bowling (featuring Caroline Rhea)
Kept Man
The Suite Smell of Excess
Going for the Gold
Boston Tea Party
Have A Nice Trip
Ask Zack
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana (featuring Raven-Symonι and Miley Cyrus)
What The Hey?
A Midsummer's Nightmare
Lost in Translation
Volley Dad
Health and Fitness
Birdman of Boston
Scary Movie
Nurse Zack
Ah! Wilderness!
Club Twin
Loosely Ballroom
Miniature Golf
Game Show
I Want My Mummy
A Nugget of History
Wheelchair Basketball

Season 3: 2007-2008
Maddie's New Assistant (featuring Vanessa Anne Hudgens)
Moseby's Day Off
Love Time
The Revenge of Randall (featuring Moises Arias)

Crossovers Included In/Guest Starred In
Checkin' Out (That's So Raven)
On The Road Again (Hannah Montana)

The Suite Life DVD's

Taking over the Tipton
Kisses & Basketball
Rock Star in the House
French 101
Odd Couples
A Midsummer's Nightmare
Hanging with Cole and Dylan Sprouse, and Jesse McCartney

Title References

Footloser: Footloose.
Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee: Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be.
Heck's Kitchen: Hell's Kitchen.
Lost in Translation: The movie Lost in Translation.
The Prince & The Plunger: The Prince and the Pauper.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
Smart & Smarterer: Dumb and Dumberer.
Kisses & Basketball: Love and Basketball.
Boston Holiday: Roman Holiday.
Odd Couples: The Odd Couple.
Free Tippy: Free Willy.
The Suite Smell of Excess: The Sweet Smell of Sucess.
Have A Nice Trip: Have a nice trip, see you next Fall.
Forever Plaid: The musical Forever Plaid
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana (Crossover Episode): That's So Raven/The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/Hannah Montana


The Tipton Hotel

The Tipton Hotel is a fictional hotel from the Disney Channel television series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. It is the main setting for the series, particularly the basement, the Tipton's 5-star restaurant, the lobby, the game room, the Martins' suite on the 23rd floor, and London Tipton's penthouse. The Imperial Suite is the third largest room in the hotel and is where most celebrities (and show guest stars) stay.
The Tipton Hotel is where Zack, Cody, Carey, and London all live, and where the majority of the other major characters in the series work. It is the main setting for the series, particularly the basement, the Tipton's 5-star restaurant, the lobby, the game room, the Martins' suite on the 23rd floor, and London Tipton's penthouse.
Along with Carey Martin headlining in the ballroom almost every night, the Tipton plays host to many special events and functions, which include:
• Celebrity weddings
• Proms
• Go Dance USA competition
• Battle of the Bands
• Universal Mini Miss Pageant
• The Beacon Hill Masquerade Ball (formerly held at the St. Mark Hotel)
• Press conferences
• Motivational speakings and lectures
• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
• Science fairs
• Birthday parties
• Spelling Bees
• Celebrity showings
• Conventions
The Boston location is also the backdrop for the hotel chain's television commercial.
The Tipton is a popular choice for traveling families with a high budget. The Tipton has the honor of accommodating many distinguished guests including:
• Foreign princes
• The Japanese ambassador
• New York Yankees
• Circus entertainers
• Popstar Jesse McCartney
• Merit Scholars - (Trevor: played by Zac Efron)
• The French ambassador
• Bernard Bernays - Food critic
• Amputater (wrestler)
• Hannah Montana and her father Robby Ray Stewart
• Raven Baxter, an employee the famous designer Donna Cabonna
• Kurt Martin, the twins' father who visited the Tipton 3 times (to date)
• Prince Sanjay of Ishkabar
• Con artists Harry and Holly O'Neill
• Mr. Mosbey's Big brother, Spencer
• Japanese singer Kumiko Mori
• London's 5th Stepmother Brandi Tipton.
Several people are known to live full-time at the Tipton
• London Tipton (Brenda Song), rich daughter of Mr. Tipton, lives in the penthouse in suite 2500 with her dog Ivana. The suite takes up almost her entire floor (particularly her closet), but is not an actual penthouse, as other guest rooms exist on the floor.
• Carey Martin (Kim Rhodes), the lounge singer, and her twin sons, Zack and Cody (Dylan and Cole Sprouse), live in suite 2330 at the Tipton Hotel.
• Arwin Hawkhauser (Brian Stepanek), the janitor, lives in the bottom floor of the Tipton Hotel & has a cot in his office. He lives with his Mother on weekends.
• The Tipton Building itself doesn't exist, shots of the building's exterior are special effects.
• The various external shots of the Tipton Hotel along with views from the windows of the Martin's and London's suites would place the hotel in several different locations around Boston. One external shot has the John Hancock Tower close by. That would put the hotel in the Back Bay section of Boston. Views from the suites would put the hotel down near the waterfront as the buildings seen outside the window are all near the New England Aquarium. Lastly, in "Birdman of Boston", "Bubba" the hawk, at the end of the show, is seen flying around an open area with a church in the background. That church is the Park Street Church, so that shot would put the hotel right on the Boston Common.
• Tipton Industries is presumed to be a parody of the Hilton Hotel chain.
• The Tipton has 28 floors.
• Treasure was rumored to be hidden somewhere in the hotel left by mobster Alphonse "Hot Peppers" DeLeo.
• Suite 613 is rumored to be haunted by a ghost named Irene, (Not to be confused with Irene the Concierge.)
• Although the Tipton hotel where the show is set is supposed to be in Boston, Massachusetts, the hotel exteriors shown in the series are actually the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia.
• On the roof, there's a pool, satellite dish, and ice cream and smoothie bars.
• The Tipton Hotel was established in 1923.
• On the site of the hotel was the original Tipton Inn which dated back to the Colonial period as shown in Boston Tea Party. The layout of the lobby has not changed in 230 years.

Bauckner Middle School
During the second season, the series has started using the younger characters' schools as locations. Zack and Cody attend Bauckner Middle School and their school team is the Badger as revealed in the episode "Election".

Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic School
Maddie, London, Corrie, and Mary Margaret attend the Catholic School - Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow.


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