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the cinderella story

this iz a pic of Hilary Duff from the cinderella story!! I luv this movie, u can e-mail me bck and tell me if u like it! Ok, so if u have seen this movie, then u know what she iz doin'! Watch it for ur self if u haven't. I don't want to tell! She iz not just CALLING someone on her cell phone. lol!

this iz a pic of Sam taking Austin Ames order, and they r talking about how they feel. Like i said above, watch the movie, cuz i am not goin' to tell u the whole movie!! lol!

here iz a pic of Austin, and he iz dressed up az a prince. I know, he looks so handsome!! He iz waiting to find his princess. It iz a secret to him too! For those who don't know who plays Austin Ames, it iz Chad Michael Murrey. I think EVERYONE knows that though.

this iz one of mi fav. pics!!! I luv it bcause it shows her walking the halloween party all dressed up, and everyone iz looking at her, and luves her dress!! I know she does look awsome!!

this iz a pic of Fiona and Ronda, and i think that this scene iz when Ronda iz trying to think of something to say, because she iz trying to hide that she does not know where Sam iz. This iz probably the funniest scene! I said that because Ronda says something soooo funny. I don't want to tell u though! Srry, i want u to c for ur self!!!!!

here iz a very good pick of Austin Ames giving out flyers trying to find who his princess waz! It waz a mystery to him too!

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