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The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy

So Thiz Iz How Tha First Episode Gose Down So Thiz Iz
How It Started Billy & Mandy Are Doin There Thang Until
They Saw A Portal From Tha Under World And Billy
Said Look Mandy She Turned Around And Saw Tha Grim Reaper
He Wanted Billy Pet And Mandy Said No And Then Grim Wanted
To Challenge Billy&Mandy And THa Challenge Waz Limbo
And Tha Bet Was If Billy And Mandy WonThey Get To Keep Grim
& If Grim Won He Would Get To Take Billys Pet and Billy&Mandy
Won So Dats It. See Ya Dawg

The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy

Happy Lucky Billy And Grumpy Mandy Are Best Friends With
The Grim Reaper After Winning A Eazy Limbo Contest Against
Tha Messenger Of Tha One And Only Death.

Tha Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper Iz A Super Natural Bag Of Bonz Who Iz Over A
Thousand Years Old. He Iz a Messed Up Skelatel.He Might Be
Jamican Because Hiz Voice Sounds Like It Before He Waz a
Person Who Took People's Souls And Delivered Them.

Billy Iz Tha Type Of Stupid Kid Who Kan Be Happy No Matter
What But He's Naturally Courious Ande Very Anoying A Moron
And Some Times Enjoyable They Some Times Travel To Different
Dimensions Bill Gets In Trouble Some Times Cant Get Out Of It
Himself Otherwise Hes Just Looking Through His Sock Drwawer.


Mandy Iz A Opinonated And Cruel And Mean Mostly Evil
Shes Not Afraid Of Anything SHe Gets What She Wants
By Fource The Only Thing That Mandy Loves Iz Power
Shes So In Control She Has Tha Perfect Crew Dont U Think

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See Ya Cartoon Network Fans Peace Homies.

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