Cinema, TV
11-14 year old Actresses
Girls listed
*Katelyn Pippy
*Skyler Samuels
*Emma Roberts
*Miley Cyrus
*Rebbeca Rosso
*Camilla Rosso
* Victoria Justice
*Alyson Stoner

Katelyn Pippy
Best known as
Jolie-The Suite Life

Skyler Samuels
Best known for
Brianna-The Suite Life

Emma Roberts
Best known as

Rebbeca & Camilla Rosso
The Suite Life

Miley Cyrus
Most known for
Billy Ray Cyrus`s daughter
Miley-(Hanna Montana)

Victoria Justice
Mostly known for
Lola-Zoey 101
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Alyson Stoner
Mainly known as
Sally-Mikes S.S.Show
Max-The Suite life

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11-14 year old Actresses (Cinema, TV)    -    Author : Maci - USA

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