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what i like about you < 3 best show ever!

the cast:
amanday bynes (holly)
Wesley Jonathan (gary)
alison munn also in charmed (tina)
leslie grossman also in charmed (lauren)
jennie garth (valerie)

this is gary he is so awsome!here are some quotes from the show.

tina:gary, are you jealus vince has his picture on a bench? gary:no.accually its the other way around! BAM!! the hot chocolate is the hot chocolate!(he has a mug with his face on it!)

this is vic. i didnt write much about him but he is funny and really nice.

val, wil you already-be-married to me?

vic:im not telling you anything about our dinner tonight. its a suprise! val:ok but i need to know what to wear, so is it a fancy resteraunt, or does it hav a playground?

ok ill fill ya in on holly in the show. val and holly are sisters. holly the younger sister is dating vince. but on a recent episode broke up with him because he was working with his ex girlfriend and holly thought she still wanted him but vince didnt belive her so she said she broke up with him. he r friends are gary and tina and she lives with her sister valerie.

now ill fill ya in on val! valerie lives in NYC with her little sister holly and husband vic.val went to a bar and got drunk because she was depressed because it was the 1st anniversery of when val's ex fiance left her at the alter. she got drunk, REALLY drunk and then met vic there. i think he was her old boss. anyway they got married at the bar. at fist val didnt want to me married to him and wanted a divorce but now she loves him(awww)lol. her best friend is lauren. lauren is really funny! she is dating vals ex- fiance though. he is still married to the woman he left val for too.

this is vince. he is pretty funny too. here are some funny quotes he said.

holly, i want to buy the tickets the the caribean. i want to be britney spears!
(haha britney makes more money than kevin)

vince:uh thanks gary for the suit but....gary:what you dont like the color? vince:no the colors nice, but i hav clients that hav........eyes.

lauren! she is VERY funny. and kinda weird...........


oh thats too bad that holly dropped out of college............but with that kinda money....WE COULD GET OUR PUMKINS LIFTED!!!!(the "dude"ranch)

lauren:val i promise i will never lie to you again! val:is that a lie? lauren:aww val, nobody knows me better than you do!

remember! if you want to watch what i like about you it is on at 8 PM on fridays and 6PM on sundays on the WB (its channel 11 for me but im not sure for you guys)

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what i like about you < 3 best show ever! (Cinema, TV)    -    Author : **~LaUrY~** - USA

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