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the twins you would never guess of !!

and if you don't like it all i have to say is

do you think that the sprouse twins may look like a nother pair of nother twins ??

well guess what there is a pair of nother twins and you might remember them

and in fact here they are

-they play Nikki and alex in full house
-left is Blake and right is Dylan
-they had done acting for 5 years and then stop
-because there parents want to be on there education
-they are 15 turing 16 and in 10th grade
-they were born Nov.29,1990
-Dylan is 19 min. older than Blake
-last name is Tuomy-wilhoit
-they are both right handed
-dylan plays the paino and the bass, and sing in his school choir
-dylan fav. tv show is the simpson
-blake is south park
-they enjoy football,snowboarding,hockey,video games and what noramal boys like to do
-last year they were junior counselors
-mother is karen tuomy
-dad is jeff wilhoit
-cousin with lisa wilhoit
-they have a half sister
-they both like science

and if you do see they look like the sprouse twins

well what do you think

and also this is were the show full house was filmed


well what do you think of because i really like them but i also like the sprouse twins... but then again they some/what all look the some !!! so i don't lol


i mean look how cute they all are


also look at... ""
copy and paste it up the search bar

are they cute or what i mean look at them damm they are soo hot !!! lol

look at that

here they are... and this one is blake

now days... and this is dylan

just look at them

so are they dreamy

they are hott

and also zac efron is hot

dose it look like they are skateboarding??

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