Cinema, TV
x-men mutant
professor charles xavier

patrick stewart as charles xaiver.

james mcavoy played as charles xavier in x-men first class.

laurence belcher played as young charles .
logan / wolverine

hugh jackman played as logan in the x-men movies.

troye sivan played as young logan in x-men origins ; wolverine
ororo munroe / storm

halle berry played as storm in the x-men movies.

young storm
eric lensherr / magneto

ian mckellen played as eric in the x-men movies

michael fassbender played magneto in x-men first class

bill milner played young eric in x-men first class
scott summers / cyclops
jean grey / phoenix

james marsden played scott summers

tim pocock played as young scott summers

famke janssen as jean grey

haley ramm as young jean.
marie / rogue and bobby drake / iceman

anna paquin as rogue

shawn ashmore as bobby.

kitty pryde / shadowcat and kurt wagner / nightcrawler

ellen page as kitty

alan cumming as kurt
raven darkholme / mystique and dr. henry [ hank ] mccoy / beast

rebecca romijin as raven

morgan lily as young raven

kelsey grammer

nicholas hoult as hank mccoy

aaron stanford as john/pyro

daniel cudmore as peter / colossus

eric dane as multiple man

vinnie jones as juggernaut

ben foster as warren/angel

kelly hu as yuriki/lady deathstrike

kea wong as jubilee

lance gibson as spike

bryce hodgson as artie

shauna kain as theresa cassidy/siryn

cameron bright as jimmy/leech

connor widdows as jones

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