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The Hills

The Hills is an american reality tv show it started in 2006

justin and audrina
Frankie one of brodys BFFs
Justin and Audrina started dateing before the hills were on tv
they were off and on again throught the series

Brody and Frankie...

Hedi and Spencer wedding day
Brody and Frankie became friends after spencer and brody fell out over lauren conrad
This is spencer and Hedi who in 2009 got married after 2 years

Brody Jenner
Brody who is there for everyone and is always in the centre off drama but loves it any way

justin bobby

Justin Bobby who is Audrina friend and is always causing trouble
Frankie who is brodys bff likes to be in the centre of drama all the time.

This is the girls and boys of series 1 and part of 2

Brody Jenner

Hedi and Spencer
this is brody at one of many photo shoots
This is hedi and spencer just before there wedding

the cast of the hills


the girls
this is Kristen she is in the hills from season 6 to the end
this is lauren whitney and stephanie

This is stephanie she is spencers sister

This is Kristen the bad girl of the hills

lauren conrad at a fashion show event
hope you enjoyed this all abot the hills
go to MTV.CO.UK/the hills

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