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Welcome to my blog. its about Ciara as you can see. She blew up this year . She is awesome. If u have any comments or suggestions about this blog email them to me at Thanks and enjoy!

Ciara's current flame is Bow Wow. In my opinion they are sooooo cute together.
I saw Ciara at a concert recently, and her stage presence is amazing. For a first timer she she did amazing. She collaborated with Missy Elliot on the hit ''Lose Control''. Missy Elliot was also in Ciara's ''1,2,step'' video too.

Birthdate:October 25,1985
Father's former occupation: Military Man
Birthplace: Austin, Texas
Grew up in: Atlanta, Georgia
If she wasn't a singer she would be a: model
She was voted ''Most likely To Be Famous'' in high school
Record Producer: Jazze Pha
Record Label : Sho' Nuff Label
Fact: Lil' John produced ''Goodies''
Real Name: Ciara Harris
Her biggest single was: '' 1,2, step''

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Ciara's thong is hangin' out!!

Ciara with J-Kwon

Ciara Jammin'

A close up ,beauty shot

This is Ciara flauntin' what she got.

How do you like Ciara's black top?

These are Ciara's cd and hit singles including ''oh'', ''goodies'', and ''1,2,step''

This one of Ciara's singles cd.

This Ciara rockin' a cool hat

This is Ciara with her cool black top....... again
Thanks for visiting this blog . please reccomend this site to Ciara fans.
HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! (or night)

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