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A Cinderella Story

Welcom To the web page on A CINDERELLA STORY. A movie about a young girl named Sam Montgumary who's father died in an earthquake. she was left with her step mother Fiona and her twin daughters Brianna and Gabriella. Fiona hid the will that said that everything belonged to Sam ever her father's Diner. She was forced to be a watress at the diner. Until she met her true love at a dance and they fell in love. Sam found the will at got monney for Princeton Univercity. She and her love Austin Ames lived yes.....Happily Ever After.
Movie Charector Bios

Sam Montgumary
(Hilary Duff)
Sam was forced to work at the
diner after her father died
but she learned to stand up
for what you need want and love.
Sam is a young girl who wants to
go to Princeton Univercity.
Her name on the computer
e-mails is Princeton Girl818
She is ridiculed by the
cheerleaders and she loves
Austin Aimes.

Austin Aimes
Chad Michael Murray
Austin is a jock who doesn't want a football coreer like his father had insisted on him having he like Sam dreamed of going to Princeton Univercity. Well Austin in order to go to the dance with Princetongirl818 AKA Sam he needed to break up with Shelby Commings the cool cheerleader.

Carter Sam's
Best friend he tries to
impress Shelby Commings
with new looks. Any time
Sam needs him he is right
there for her no matter
where or when. At the
end he goets Shelby and
realizes that his motto
Anything is possible if
you just believe is true.

Fiona is Sam's Wicked Step mother who makes her
do unspeakable work and Sam is ridiculed because
Fiona makes her work at the Diner. Fiona doesn't
want Sam to get into Princeton so she can work
at the diner for the rest of her life but her
wicked plan backfires in the end.
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Sam to Cinderella

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