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Hi This is My Site on Jesse McCartney By the Way Iam his #1 Fan !!!! I love Jesse . JESSE IS SO SO SO SO SO SO HOT NO HES ON FIRE!!! (HAHA) If u have any comments about this email me at

Jesse McCartney Biography

Birthdate: April 9, 1987
Birthplace: New York City,Ny
19 "yr old Jesse McCartney is one of the "Rising Stars" with his Debut Album "Beatiful Soul" Jesse's Girlfriend Katie Cassidy is the love of His life . And they look so Cute together but i have to admit im a bit jealous (LOL)
Two of his "fav snacks are Sourpatch Kids and Peeps . His Nicknames include Jester, Jmac,Double shoot , and finnally JMac Daddy . He currently lives in Californa he once said this "Dude, Im never going back to NewYork" . Jesse Mac once got stung by a bee on his Eyelid !!! (ouch) his full name is Jesse Adam McCartney i always write "Jam" on my hand during Class when i get Bored !! At the Age of 11 he starting appearing on Television! In one interview someone asked what shampoo do you use he replied saying this " Pantene Pro v." He Highlights his hair alot so he has 2 use that Girl Shampoo . someone also asked what socks he wears he said "Hanes" . Jesse McCartney Said he prefers drinking Coke out of a cup that out of the can . Jesse McCartney "surfed" his way in on "SummerLand" one of my Fav. shows but it got Canceled ( Boo) . Jesse Will Be staring in a movie Jan 22,2006 Called , " Boston Unleshed " . Cant wait 2 See the Movie its suppose 2 be really really Good!!! Jesse Saided that one rime at his concert he got a dirty kotex pad that was used and he also got a bra yucky ... Jesse's fav artist are Craig David, Gavin Degraw, Justin Timberlake, and older artist like James Taylor, and Carol King. His fav. color is Orange. He says he will come out with another Movie called Keith . Jesse sang on Raw and Real stripped he and his guitarist made a remix of the oldy called Blackbird,by The Bettles you can watch this perfomance on jesse's new Music Video called Because you live (none live version) is great !! It's filmed in Austrilla wich jesse says is a beatifull Country and would love 2 go back anytime if he had the chance, cant blame him for sayin that . im tryin so hard on this site and tryin to say as much as i possibly can i hope ya like it . he has 2 siblings they r Lea (13) and Timmy (8) he also has a cousin named Nick McCartney and he looks just like him. nick models . Jesse is Irish, English, and Scottish. jesse's hobbies include babeball,football,acting,singing,water skiing,snow skiing,surfing and playing on his XBox 360. when he was 18 he wason the panthers baseball team for his highschool he was pitcher and he played second base being #8. School colors where Blue and Gold. his pets are a cat named Oliver.... whose (1/2) Calico; orange and white. Jesse's religon is Protestant; Born-Again Christian. Jesse wieghs 140 lbs. Jesse is about 5'11". Jesse as u can already see is as wonderful person and I-I am his Truly #1 Fan. And Jesse if you're Out there readin this I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER!!!!

Jesse McCartney is my Fav Celeb. in the Whole World . I just cant get over how Hot he is and how giving he is . Jesse Mac. gives money 2 Charity's "round the world such as victims of: All types of Cancer,Tumors,Parasites,and many more just last year Jesse Gave 1,000 $ + to "St.Judes Childrens Hospital". JMac is a very charitable kid loving person he goes around the world donting money 2 charitys and people in need and bad health . I think more Celebs" should be more like Jesse. But thats just My personal Opinion. Amal and katey if your readin this Hey Girly's luv ya lots !!( Amal and katey is one of my friends who goes to my school). Jesse Is an actor and a singer giving money "round the world 2 people in need. I think thats just so so so so so Sweet of him 2 do that and help people who he doesnt even really know. He just donates 2 almost everythink he even donates Blood once a year he says the reason he does all this is becouse so many realatives of his have died from Cancer and That he Admires Lance Armstrong being so strong when he really had Cancer and Still Competing and winning .. that man has lots of Pride,Caurge,hope,and Strength to do all of that even when he had Cancer all through that what a strong dude says JMac.

I dont just like Jesse McCartney becuz of his looks all thought hes on "Fire" its also because of his talent and because his Caring . I went 2 his concert before abd he has true talent by the way that was awesome to go to . I Absoleutely love Jesse McCartney !!!!!!!!! I have a yahoo groups of Jesse If u wonna join my group its called , jesse_McCartney_1fan. Plz join my group if ya can it rly needs more people 2 sign up it's on !! Jesse McCartney is like My Teen Idol fave Male Celeb and so many more Fav artist Fav Actor Ect. Jesse McCartney has won mant award wich in clude these: Fav Male Singer,Top rising Male Singer,Best Pop Video, Nickoldeon awards and so many more . everysingle magazine that i pick up and buy has 2 have Jesse McCartney in it somewhere. Even if it's just one little pic ill buy the magazine .

Thanks for takin your time to read my Blog Bout Jesse McCartney ...

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