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Welcome To the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air site here is a photo of the crew Hilary, Carlton, Ashley, Vivian, and Phil Banks and Will Smith. If you like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air then this is the place for you.

Well Smith.
Role Will Smith
A spunky down and cool
dude gets the girls
and is always layed
back. Nothing gets in
Wills way of haveing

Alphanzo Ribiero
Role Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks is the
Fresh geek of Bel-Air
He frequently is
jealous of Will.
Carlton doesn't
get girls. He
Stinks at B ball
(Basket Ball)
He geek talks
too much and
is way smart.

Karyn Persons
Role Hilary Banks
Hilary is like
the blond of the Banks
Family. She hasn't been
in school for 3 years but
tells her parents she was.
Hilary likes shopping and
she likes living her life
and likeing it.

Talyanna M.
Role Ahley Banks
The Banks family's
youngist. She is
high strong and
fights for what
she wants and or
needs no matter

Dophne Maxwell
Role Vivian Banks
Vivian is the mother of all the wife of phil Banks
she is in comtrole of balence between all the relatives/family
around the house. You could say she is the mother.

James Avory
Role Phillip Banks
Phillip is the father of the house
he isn't that fond of Will but he loves
him like a father. He is married to Vivian
Banks. Phill is big.
About the Show

"The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"
is about a boy named Will Smith who
got in a fight in his old hood and his
mom shipped him off to Bel-Air to live
with his Aunt Vivian and Unkle Phill who
are rich. Now he lives with Hilary. Carlton,
and Ashley Banks nd don't forget Viv and Phill and Jeffry the house
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