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Torchwood 2 blog coming on the 20th of march 2008...

Includes series 2 news and much more.

captain jack harkness the leader of torchwood.he can never die.if he gets shot he will come back if he dies in anyway
he will come back. funniest man in torchwood.

the entire torchwood team

gwen cooper only joined torchwood a year ago. she is the heart of the team and great fun to work with.

toshiko sato the technical person of the team. she is in love with owen she is not a killer but a great member of the team.

owen harper the cool guy. he is the medic of the the second series he died and now cant die like jack.

ianto the coffee boy he is the person who makes the coffee and tries to butt
in the meetings and is very good at catching weevils

martha jones

suzie costello

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