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Welcome to Dong-mak-gol.


If you know, how to put in easier, please let me know

Story line

For the synopsis, it takes place during the Korean civil war in 1950's. Everyone flees to south, but the folks at the valley of Dongmak stay in their village protected by the natural fortress too safe from the battlefields. There end up an U.N colonel, two Korean soldiers and three from North Korean red army. The Donmakgol is in great danger,facing an immediate artillery attack. The soldiers work together to save the villagers by creating a mock settlement to divert the missile.

[ In Welcome to Dong-mak-gol! ]

웰컴투 동막골!
Welcome to Dong-mak-gol!

"괜히 착한 사람들 피해주지 말고 마을 밖으로 나가서 담판짓자우"
"Let's fight out of this village not to damage good-natured people."

"도대체 왜 자꾸 감자만 먹이는거야, 누구 영어하는 사람 없어?"
"Why do you give potatoes to me? Isn't there anyone speak English?"

"그게 저...제가 "how are you"하면 이 사람이 "fine and you"를 해야되거든요?"
"Umm.. If I say 'how are you', this guy has to say 'fine and you'"

Now it's on a screen!

웰컴투 동막골로 놀러오세요!
Welcome to "welcome to Dong-mak-gol"!

(If you want to see korean, change your incording to korean)

Han, Ga-in : A star actor in Korea
CF - Do you have Windows media player??
taster's chois CF

Real name : Kim, Hyanzu
Height : 168cm
Weight : 47kg
Blood type : AB
D?ut : 2002. CF of Asiana airline
Hobby : a cross-stitch, listening sad music, watching movie
Nickname : Backas girl
(Because, she leaped to fame of Backas CF)

Eric : A star actor and star singer in Korea

Name : Eric (Real name : Mun, Junghyak)
Birth : 1979. Feb 16
High : 180cm
Weigh: 65kg
Family : two older sisters
Group : Sinwha (6 member, Famous in Asia)
Position : rap, group leader

Favorite : HIP-HOP,R&B
Favorite Musician : Method Man, Puff Daddy
Play an instrument : clarinet, saxophone
Favorite song : Frankie J 'Don't wanna try'

Hobby and speciality : rap,snowboard,drawing painting,game,fishing,basketball,swimming,draving
ambition in the future: CEO

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