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Ned's Declassified Tips for School

Welcome to my Site!
This a site for children 9-18 to use these tips curtisy of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide for survival!

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-Personel touch from home

-Keep fairly clean

-If far away lockers sit closest to the door{the fast getaway}

-Avoid postbell jams

-Preset lockers

-Fast walks{looks weird though}
-Dress to impress

-Find your click and watch your back

-Be yourself no matter what

-Don't freak out about your body

Putting off boring or painful things..
- Ask your teacher for help

-List your task in order of importance

-Don't do nothing, keep working

- When what ever you were doing is complete you'll feel great!
-Dress for a dance cool and comfortable
-Don't have date, go to dance with a group of friends
-Careful not to overdress
-Dance across the floor to cross the dancefloor through a crowd
-Keep away from strict chaperones
-Don't have high expectations it's a dance so dance!!!


Best friends:

-Keep each other's secrets

-Go through the bad things together

-Stand by your side

_It's normal for friendships to have UPS and DOWNs talk it out and move along!

-What you wear can effect what people think about you
-Never out of style:
jeans-canvas sneakers-blank blue tee shirt


-Always read the school lunch menu

-Get in line early for good meals

-Save seats for friends

-Don't be scared of having reduced lunch if you can't afford it every day

First Day
-Avoid over stuffing back-pack
-Get a hair-cut 2 weeks earlier
-September or August=Summer{Dress like it}
-Stay together with friends in electives
-Be ready for changes and surprises

It helps to keep your own journal of these tips for sfae keeping as well~That was my own tip

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