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Cole and Dylan Sprouse Rock our SOX!!!

Thanx for coming to our site. We love Cole and Dylan Sprouse and we wanna share some of what we know with some other fans. We love "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody", too! We hope you enjoy our site!!

Cole and Dylan Sprouse are 13 year-old(Birthday=August 4th, 1992) identical twins. They have done great in their acting career. The most recent show they have been on is "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." Cole and Dylan play the role of two 11 year old twins who live in a suite at a really fancy hotel called "The Tipton." They get to live their for free because their mom is a singer at the Tipton. It is jam-packed with hilarious stuff and it is da best show eva!!! It is on Disney Channel, way to go Disney!!

One of our favorite episodes of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" is called "Rumors."

Cody(Cole Sprouse)wants to be different so people can tell him and Zack(Dylan) apart. So Cody trys all different new looks, but he can't find just the right one so he Buys a hair dyer and the box says it would be a Honey Mist Auburn color, but it turns out Ketchup red!!! It is a great episode, We love this one!(pic below of Cody with his new hairstyle!! lol)

Another episode that is our personal fave is one called, "Cookin' with Romeo and Juliet."

It is one of our favorite episodes!(all of them are great!) My fave part is where Cody cracks an egg on Zack's head!! It is hilarious! (pic below)

Below we will post some photos of Cole and Dylan! Hope u like them!
If you want to get stuff about the twins they have pics and stuff about them in magazines. some magazines we know of that have stuff about them in it(sometimes) are "Pop Star!, and Bop" I have got a lot of stuff from those magazines... if you buy one of these and something about them is not in there... sorry...only sometimes they have stuff about them.

Dylan and cole are soooo hott and wonderful!! Don't you agree? We do but you probbly already know that lol!
64 great reasons why we all love Dylan & Cole Sprouse!(Atleast me and Max do!)

1. They CAN act
2. They choose good roles
3. They put them all into their movies
4. They are sweet
5. Their blonde hair
6. They're normal, their success hasn't changed them
7. They are real
8. They've got a big heart
9. Honest
10. Kind
11. Stuck to their dreams
12. Worked hard to get where they are today
13. Know their fans are important
14. They don't disappoint their fans
15. Always take time to please their fans, either by talking to them on chats or letting the media take their picture
16. Everything they wear
17. Their style
18. They have the sweetest smiles!
19. They are lovely people
20. Their eyes!
21. They are the perfect role models for anyone
22. They've got passion for what they do
23. Their passion and love for what they do is shown in their movies
24. They love what They do
25. They have great taste in clothes
26. You see them as the characters in movies, not as Cole & Dylan
27. They make bad movies watchable
28. They have this amazing star quality about them
29. They please people without trying
30. They are serious actors
31. Everyone loves them
32. They don't let the positive comments go to their heads
33. They don't let the negative comments bring them down
34. Not afraid of who they are
35. Not afraid of working hard
36. They speak their mind
37. They are one of the best young actors of our time
38. They are cute
39. They are very funny
40. Their family are the most important thing to them
41. Determined
42. They remember their roots even now they are huge young stars
43. They carried on working and let the media take their picture
44. Their performance in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
45. Basically EVERYTHING in the 3 last years!
46. They were brave enough to play in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
47. They've done a wide variety of movies - comedy, ScFi, drama...
48. They choose interesting films that appeal to them, not just ones that they know will get huge success
49. They bring that special something to their movies
50. They are intelligent
51. They are not just a one hit wonder, they are going to be around for a long time!!
52. They don't put up a front for the media
53. Can play lots of different roles
54. Keep going forward in their career
55. "The Suite Life of Zack And Cody" was a big hit(atleast to me...)
55. Can play in lots of different shows and movies
56. Play lots of funny parts in movies
57. Are very athletic
58. They both can Skateboard
59. They both can snowboard
60. They love to surf
61. Even though they are becoming pretty famous, their family is the most important thing to them
62. LOVE video games
63. Love all their fans and try to do alot for them
64. last but not least, they're hott!
Alyson Stoner(pic above(left)):

Alyson plays Max on "The Suite Life" and Alyson was going out with Cole Sprouse but just recently they broke up. Alyson Stoner takes dance lessons (tap, jazz, hip-hop) and she has been on an Eminem music video, adn a JC Penny's commercial.


The twins are sooo hot. They are wearing Green and Red hats beacuse the hats stand for "Mario and Luigi." They are wearing these hats because Mario and Luigi and Italian twins and so are Cole and Dylan!!

Name: Sierra
Nickname: Alex
Favorite colors: blue, purple
Favroite animals: pigs, seals
Favorite candy: Starburst
Favorite movies:"Big Daddy, Napoleon Dynamite, School of Rock"
Favorite bands/singers: Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Greenday, Simple Plan, Blink-182, AC/DC, KISS
Favorite tv shows: "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Andy Milonakis Show"

Favorite colors: blue,orange
Favorite animals: pigs,dogs
Favorite candy: starburst
Favorite movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Big Daddy, School Of Rock
Favorite bands/singers: Kelly Clarkson, Sum 41,Blink-182, AC/DC,Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan
Favorite TV shows:"The Suit Life Of Zack and Cody, Andy Milonakis Show"

I hope u liked the pics!! Now i will tell u a little about da twins...


Full name: Cole Mitchell Sprouse
age: 13
birthday: August 4th 1992
fave animal: pig
fave f00d: shrimp scampi
fave video game: SuperSmash
place he'd like to visit: New Jersey
birthplace: Arezzo, Italy
fave movie: Little Shop of Horrors
fave subject: Math


full name: Dylan Thomas Sprouse
age: 13
birthday: August 4th, 1992
fave animal: wolf
fave f00d: steak
fave video game: Metroid Prime
place he'd like to visit: Utah
birthplace: Arezzo, Italy
fave movie: Headwig and The Angry Inch
fave subject: science
Now, you need this get this in your head that Max and I are their #1 fans!!

Max, she LOVES Dylan Sprouse...

And I love Cole Sprouse... THAT IS WHY I MADE A SONG UP ABOUT COLE...

-I don't want material stuff like, money, clothes, jewels, diamonds, or rings..

No, not those things... cause i just wanna be...

With Cole Sprouse, NOT YOU.

I hope someday my wish comes-TRUE.

~That song was dedicated to you... Cole Sprouse~*!

How'd you guys like the episode of TSL(THe Suite Life)???? The episode with Jesse Mc Cartney as a guest star.


Jesse filmed his episode of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" in April at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, CA. Ashley Tisdale who plays Maddie said the cast and crew made him feel extra welcome when he arrived on the set. "All the series regulars have their own name on their dressing room doors- all laminated and everything, " she explains. "So when he came they actually made one for him and put it on his door. Hopefully, it made him feel special because they don't do that for everyone!"
Another new episode is "Smart and Smarter." Here is a pic from this episode...(below, right)

Another one of the episodes is called, "The Ghost in Suite 613"
There is going to be a new episode called "Crushed" that is going to show for the first time on Disney Channel. I have a picture from it below. I got this picture off of the website zonesprouse!!)

Cole and Dylan were also in a Disney Channel Event called, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heat Makes." Dylan played a little bit of guitar in this "Disney Channel Music Video." Cole and Dylan both sang a little in this video.

Hey thanx 4 visiting our blog! You guys all rock so much!! Please send me an email i love getting them tell me any stories about them or if you've ever met them or just any great websites about them. We know of and they helped us find a lot of this info.

~Alex and Max~

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Cole and Dylan Sprouse Rock our SOX!!! (Cinema, TV)    -    Author : Max and Alex - USA

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