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!!Season 2!! 2006-2007
“Odd Couples”

A merit scholar thinks London is smart. Cody moves into the coat closet because Zack is too messy.

Season 2
Episode 1
Guest star(s): Zac Efron, John-Clay Scott, Chris Doyle, Dimitri Diatchenko, Troy Gentile, Charlie Stewart, Brenda Vivian, Jayden Lund, Leona Fabanich, Gus Hoffman, Emily Morris
Original airdate: February 3, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Boston Holiday" "French 101"

"Odd Couples" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Cody finally becomes annoyed at Zack because he's sloppy. Cody decides to move into the coat closet after an argument during a game of Total World Conquest (a board game similar to Risk) with three of their friends: Bob (Charlie Stewart), Warren (Gus Hoffman) and Jeremy (Troy Gentile).
Meanwhile, the Tipton Hotel is hosting a group of Merit Scholars. London tries to read the sign and pronounces it Merit Scholler. Mr. Moseby and Maddie make fun of London for mis-pronouncing "Merit Scholar" as "Merit Skoular". London finally realizes that Merit Scholars are a bunch of "smartie pants" and nerdy-looking geeks. Maddie tells London not all of them are nerdy-looking geeks, but London points out two nerds. Maddie yells out to them, "You're not helping the cause people!" (Most likely, Maddie is smart and good-looking and she wants other smart kids to be like that too.) London spots a cute Merit Scholar, and falls in love with him- Trevor (Zac Efron). They hit it off as soon as they meet and start going out because Trevor misinterprets London's ignorance for witty humor. London cannot keep up with what Trevor is talking about, so she pays Maddie $100 to help her interpret Trevor and give her smart things to say through an ear piece. Maddie is revealed to be acting as "London's Brain" at the modern art gallery. Maddie and Trevor argue about their opposite political positions on the environment, but end up passionately kissing at the end of the show even though they say they hate each other.
Cody eventually moves back into Zack's room after being kicked out by the fire marshal.

• Season Two Premiere in the United States.
• First episode to feature the new opening sequence for season two.
• When Zack rings the doorbell on Cody's closet, there is a mailbox, but when Zack comes out, the mailbox is no longer there.
• London's comment, "Oh, pay no attention to the woman behind the wall" is an allusion to the Wizard's famous comment from The Wizard of Oz, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,."
• Cody's comment, mentioning a "somewhere where there's a place for everything, and everything is in its place," is a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin.
• The exterior shot shown of the art museum that London and Trevor visit is in reality Boston's New England Aquarium, not an art museum.
• Second appearance of Bob and Warren.
• First appearances of Jeremy and Trevor.
• Zac Efron co-starred with Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical which was being filmed at the same time as this episode. He joined Monique Coleman among the first of several High School Musical cast members who appeared on The Suite Life.
• The title of the episode may be taken from the film The Odd Couple.
• Maddie had her 2nd kiss.
“French 101”

Both Zack and Cody like the French Ambassador's daughter staying at the Tipton. Esteban is depressed after he can't stop a purse-snatcher.

Season 2
Episode 2
Guest star(s): Richard Gleason, Adrian R'Mante, Katelyn Pippy, Brian Stepanek, Richard Gleason, Charlie Stewart, Catheryn J Brockett, Chris Doyle, Adam Tait
Original airdate: February 10, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Odd Couples" "Day Care"

"French 101" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

A French Ambassador's daughter, Jolie, comes to the Tipton. Zack and Cody immediately fall for her. Since she could only speak French they ask Mr. Moseby to translate for them. Soon Cody wins the affection of Jolie but Zack gets the kiss from her! In the end Bob wins the girl, because he speaks French.
In the subplot Esteban tries to help London when a man tries to steal her purse but ends up on his back when the mugger knocks him out with it. London uses her martial arts training to subdue the crook but as a result Esteban feels less than a man. Later on London and Maddie get Arwin to attempt to steal London's purse. Esteban finally jumps in to fight the crook only for London, Maddie, and Carey find out that Esteban is battling a real crook. In the end Esteban wins and his confidence is restored.

• 16th appearance of Esteban
• 9th appearance of Arwin
• 3rd appearance of Bob
• This was the second episode of season 2 filmed.
• This was the first episode of season 2 on Family Channel in Canada.
• Bob gets the girl --- primarily because he speaks French.
• Cody was about to curse, until Mr. Moseby interrupted.
• The name Jolie is a pun, Jolie means pretty in French.
• London (Brenda Song) uses her martial arts skills. In real life Brenda is a black belt in Tae Kwan Do. She was also filming Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior at the same time.

“Day Care”

Zack and Cody help Maddie at the Tipton Daycare. London wants Moseby to relax by taking a yoga class.

Season 2
Episode 3
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Logan Grove, Amita Balla, Sarah Christine Smith, Joey King, Wynter Daggs, Moises Arias, Cheryl Rusa
Original airdate: February 17, 2006

Episode chronology
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"French 101" "Heck's Kitchen"

"Day Care" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Maddie runs a Daycare Service at the Tipton, and when Maddie has a family obligation to attend to, Zack, Cody, and Esteban have to take care of everything for a moment. Meanwhile, London teaches Mr. Moseby yoga to help him relax a bit more with Carey. She keeps insulting the yoga teacher and she leaves London to teach the class, and Mr. Moseby keeps getting phone calls and tells someone to tell Esteban to do it. Esteban must leave, but must take a baby. With Zack and Cody alone, the kids say they want to play hide-n-seek and run out and run around the hotel while Zack and Cody try to catch them.

• When London enters the lobby, she is holding a can of Pepsi. The camera turns to Moseby and then turns back to London who no longer has the can.
• In the lobby, when Zack and Cody are reading the sign, Cody is holding a net. When they turn around the kids throw stuffed animals on them and Cody's net is gone. When the kids run away, Cody has the net again. But you can see the net on the ground.

“Heck's Kitchen”

Cody has to step in for Chef Paolo when a food critic comes.

Season 2
Episode 4
Guest star(s): Patrick Bristow
Original airdate: February 24, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Day Care" "Free Tippy"

"Heck's Kitchen" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Mr. Moseby announces that the food critic is coming to the Tipton. The critic always wears a disguise and checks in under an alias. He presents Zack and Cody with pictures of his common disguises and enlists them to find out which guest is the food critic is so he can get perfect service. After several mishaps (including tearing off an elderly Chinese man's beard), they finally figure out that the food critic is dressed like a cowboy.
The critic is in the diner ready to order when London insults Paolo (the head chef) by saying that her dog Ivana doesn't like the food and he walks out taking the rest of the kitchen staff with him. Moseby agrees to let Cody take over for the chef since he learned to prepare Paolo-esque dishes earlier. With London, Maddie, Carey, Zack, and Moseby as his staff they set out to make Cody's specialty dish. When Patrick goes to get the critic's order he discovers that he wants seafood, not chicken like Cody is making. Patrick desperately tries to change his mind, but his persistence only angers the critic. Cody is forced to change gears and make seafood. London and Maddie go out to the critic's table to make him a salad, but as they try to make the salad its contents are thrown all over the place, including onto the patrons.
With things going disastrously, Cody yells at everyone in frustration, at which point they threaten to quit until he apologizes. Eventually they deliver the seafood to the critic. He says he will tell all his friends that it was wonderful. Moseby asks him if he is the critic and the cowboy tells him he isn't. The man at the next table says he is and tells Moseby that The Tipton fails. After some convincing the critic decides to give them a second chance. The Tipton passes.

• The episode title is a reference to Hell's Kitchen.

“Free Tippy”

Zack and Cody try to save Tippy, the carriage horse. London loses Maddie's brooch.

Season 2
Episode 5
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Loren Lazerine, Richard Chui, Michael D. Roberts, Millicent Martin, Tim Haldeman
Original airdate: March 3, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Heck's Kitchen" "Forever Plaid"

"Free Tippy" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody wish to get a pet and - against their mother's will - they get a horse after failing to convince her to get a tarantula, turtle, iguana, a parrot, two parrots, a ferret, or a capibara, which was Cody's idea. Their mother gets them pet rocks. After Henry, the carriage man, is forced to retire and sell Tippy they ask Moseby how he could do that. Moseby tells the lady, Ms. Delacourt, that he is glad she chose the Tipton for her event. He also calls Zack and Cody orphans. Zack and Cody take Tippy and bring him to hide in Arwin's office. Then when Zack and Cody come back the next day Tippy's gone and Arwin's having a weird dream. It turns out Arwin's allergic to Tippy hair and Tippy's allergic to Arwin hair. Tippy runs away and they have to find him before Ms. Delacourt's event.
Maddie reluctantly gives London her brooch (the only connection to her late great-grandmother) and London misplaces it. Maddie becomes upset and calls London self-centered and spoiled. London buys her another brooch, which is worth more than the other one because it has real emeralds, but Maddie says it has no sentimental value. Carey talks to London and finds out that London called the restaurant she wore it to and they didn't find a brooch and that it was probably in the dumpster. London decides to look there, with the help of Arwin. She meets a hobo and searches all night for that brooch. When she returns, Maddie realizes only a true friend would do that for her. Then, the hobo comes in the hotel and yells, "I found your brooch, toots!" Tippy and Henry get their jobs back because Mrs. Delacourt said to Mr. Tipton that she was hoping to entertain her guests with carriage rides. Mr. Tipton agrees and all goes well!

• This episode's title is a reference to the movie Free Willy.
• Originally titled "Hide the Horse"
• First appearance of Carey's crush on George Clooney.
• When Zack mentions he is horse whispering, it references the film The Horse Whisperer.
• When Cody goes out to the room with Zack in he has a napkin to wipe his mouth with but when he left the kitchen there was no napkin in his hand.
“Forever Plaid”

London has transferred to Maddie's school. Zack and Cody spy on girls through a wall.

Season 2
Episode 6
Guest star(s): Gabriel Sunday, Gus Hoffman, Brenda Vivian, Monique Coleman, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Brian Stepanek, Leona Fabanich, Annie Gagen, Marianne Muellerleile, Charlie Stewart, Emily Morris
Original airdate: March 20, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Free Tippy" "Election "

"Forever Plaid" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

London is forced to attend Maddie's school after her father finds out about her poor attendance. London has a hard time dealing with the strict rules of Maddie's school, she gets Maddie in trouble during class by talking to the Sister Dominick in a very snobby fashion, causing Maddie to throw a crumpled-up paper ball, which, thanks to Maddie's bad aim, hit the Sister. They both end up getting detention. When Sister Dominick monitoring detention gets called away London leaves the classroom. Maddie follows her and is locked out by another student, who Maddie unintentionally called a loser. (She never actually said "You're a loser" or any variant; the boy appeared to be overly-sensitive. She actually said "Now I'm stuck in here with all these other losers!", excluding London and the boy.) They hear the voice of a nun and hide in a closet and emerge dressed as nuns. They are mistaken for two nuns from Finland. They attend a seminar in the lunchroom and are caught by Sister Dominick. London is let off the hook for telling the truth while Maddie is stuck in detention (again).
Meanwhile, Zack and Cody damage a wall and they are responsible for fixing it. Arwin, who is supervising, tells them that to fix the hole, "Ironically, they need to make a slightly larger hole". Zack becomes over-excited and makes a rather much too large hole. Arwin goes for more plaster and Zack and Cody discover that Zack made a peephole which leads to the room next door which in turn houses a girls soccer team. They peek through the hole ("Only in the interest of science") and even charge their friend Bob $10 to look through, and even let Warren look, too. They make more holes in the wall, so they can all peek at once and finally the girls catch on and poke them in the eye. Carey and Moseby catch them and make them write a letter apologizing to the soccer team, originally 500 letters long and which Zack ends up making it a 2000 word letter. Cody points out that Zack should stop pushing it, because he probably doesn't even know 3000 words.

• The title is a reference to the musical Forever Plaid
• Apparently, Corrie is even dumber than London.
• First appearance of Corrie.
• Second appearance of Mary Margaret.
• Vanessa Anne Hudgens (Corrie) starred in "High School Musical" with Monique Coleman (Mary Margaret) and Ashley Tisdale.
• In the opening theme song, there is a clip of Zack and Cody in the same outfit as they are in this episode. However, in the theme song, the twins drop their belts, scoot along and fall while in the actual episode, they simply raise their arms, wave their hands, and fall forward without dropping their belts.
• The Nun says that "Your reports on 'Metamorphisis' by Cofka is due tommorrow" and London says "Oy Vey, I would platts for a cup of cofka." The Author's name is German and platts means streets, and 'Oy Vey' is a german expression , like 'Oh Boy' to Americans . She meant it is a pun, that she would kill for a cup of coffee.
• When Maddie and London are performing on the stage as two visiting nuns, Maddie sang a non-sense song to the tune of "My Darling Clementine".
• In this episode, Zack states that they are watching the big screen TV in the penthouse in the beginning of the episode. However, later in this episode, there is a room next door. Also, in many other episodes it is said that London Tipton lives in the penthouse.


Zack and Cody both run in a school election.

Season 2
Episode 7
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Charlie Stewart, Allie Grant, Alyson Stoner
Original airdate: March 21, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Forever Plaid" "Moseby's Big Brother"

"Election" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody are eating lunch when an announcement is made about the upcoming class elections. Cody decides to run for office and when Zack finds out about the trip to Hawaii he decides to run as well. Arwin tries to be more efficient by speeding up the elevator, but things don't go as planned and Arwin goes through the roof. Cody enlists Maddie to help with his campaign and Zack enlists London. London tells Zack to buy votes.
The next day, Zack promises everyone free ice cream and candy. He also promises to build a skate park. All of their friends want to vote for Zack. Arwin invents a remote controlled luggage rack, but Arwin can't work the remote control and him and Moseby crashes into the wall. Cody announces he has secured the Science club votes which has four members. Cody tells Maddie that Zack is buying the voters. Maddie decides to steal the votes. Zack hands out pens to the class and he notices everyone laughing at him. He discovers that Cody has defaced his posters. Arwin creates a jet pack to clean the windows, but he is attacked by a hawk. Maddie enlists Arwin's help for the speeches the next day.
London is handing out towels and shampoos she stole from the Tipton to the voters. The speeches start and Cody is nowhere to be found. Zack trash talks Cody and shows everyone a photo of Cody holding blankie and wearing feety pajamas. Cody flies in wearing Arwin's jet pack. Everyone cheers for Cody until he runs into the wall and falls. Cody tries to make his speech, but the voters keep making fun of him. Zack yells at them and withdraws from the election making Cody the winner.

• During the election speech, Maddie and London are at Zack and Cody's school when they should be in school themselves.
• Running Gag: Max makes bad jokes that no one understands.

• When the automated moves out-of-control trapping Arwin and Moseby, at one point Arwin spreads his arms out and shouts, "I am king of the world." This is an obvious allusion to what Leonardo DiCaprio does on the bow of the ship in Titanic (1997 film).
“Moseby's Big Brother”

Mr. Moseby's brother comes to the Tipton. Zack and Cody want to get a bike.

Season 2
Episode 8
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Patricia Harris Smith, Dana Michael Woods
Original airdate: March 22, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Election" "Books & Birdhouses"

"Moseby's Big Brother" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack & Cody ask their mother to buy them new bikes, but she tells them that she doesn't have the money and they will have to buy bikes themselves. They decide to combine their money for one bike and share. Moseby tells Esteban and Maddie that his older brother Spencer, who is a big shot, is coming for a visit. When Spencer shows up he accuses his brother of underpaying the employees. When London tells Maddie about her horoscope, Maddie decides to mess with London by making up a fake horoscope and sending it to her. The horoscope tells London that she shouldn't hear music that night. London gives her concert tickets to Maddie and Esteban. Cody is mad because Zack rode the bike all day and by the time he came back it was dinner.
Moseby is happy that Spencer is checking out until he announces that he is broke and needs a place to stay. Moseby reluctantly gives him a job. Zack returns the bike to Cody after his turn of riding and it falls apart in pieces. In the latest horoscope, Maddie sends to London it tells her to wear a rabbit costume and she complies. Cody fixes the bike alone only to have Zack take it for another ride. London gives Maddie and Esteban her tickets to the fireman's ball because her horoscope said it was a bad day to go outside. Carey tells Moseby and Cody to stand up to their brothers. Spencer tells Moseby that he got his fortune back and is leaving. They end up fighting when Spencer makes fun of Moseby, who got unfair treatment because Moseby was not lactose intolerant. Cody tells Zack that he doesn't want to end up like the Moseby's and they make up. Later that night, Maddie and Esteban are leaving for the ball when London shows up dressed like a firefighter and sprays foam at them with a hose.

• We find out Carey has a sister whom she doesn't speak to any longer.
• Esteban thinks Thomas Menino is a monkey.

“Books & Birdhouses”

London steals Maddie's story prototype. Cody does badly in Zack's woodshop class.

Season 2
Episode 9
Guest star(s): Joey King, D.C. Douglas, Marianne Muellerleile, Chris Dollard, Lauren Cohn, Phil Abrams, Patricia Bethune, Charlie Stewart
Original airdate: March 23, 2006

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Moseby's Big Brother" "Not So Suite 16"

"Books & Birdhouses" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

On the first day of middle school, Zack and Cody are fighting over classes. Carey tries to convince Cody to take an easy elective. Cody was taking advanced calculus using variables and values, but no one showed up, not even the teacher. Cody decides to take woodshop with Zack. On the first day of class, the teacher gets called out and puts Zack in charge. Zack tells Cody to tuck in his shirt because he's about to use a drill, but Cody doesn't want to and instead tries to make the hole in the wood without the drill, causing it to crack and leading Zack to give him a demerit. Cody has a dream that he is not accepted to the college of his choice because he got a "B" in woodshop. On the day of the final, Cody is afraid he is going to fail. The teacher announces that the final is to create something out of wood in one hour. He is called out of the room again. Thirty minutes pass and everyone is almost finished with their projects and Cody is still cutting his board in half (which he doesn't get even). The hour is almost up and everyone is finished. Zack built a clock and Cody built a birdhouse which looks like a wheelbarrow. Zack switches projects with Cody, but Cody tells the teacher the truth when he returns. The teacher thinks it is a wheelbarrow so Cody gets a "C".
Meanwhile, London and Maddie are writing a short story when London gets stuck. Maddie gives her a suggestion about London's dog Ivana, not knowing that London is typing it on her computer word for word. When the papers are returned, London got an "A" and Maddie got a "B". Mr. Moseby hangs London's story on the reception desk. Maddie is unhappy, but London gets her to promise not to tell the truth. Sister Dominick comes to the Tipton to announce that a publishing company bought the rights to London's story. London's book becomes a bestseller and she has a book signing at The Tipton. London is in the middle of reading her book to children when Sister Dominick tells her a film company bought the rights for $100,000. At this point Maddie tells Sister Dominick that she wrote the story. A man enters and announces that the writer of the book is being sued for copyright infringement. He gives London a bill for a million dollars. Maddie tells London that she must have gotten the idea from a book she read as a child.

• We learn in this episode that Maddie believes in leprechauns.
• While the wood shop teacher is lecturing Zack, the camera cuts to Cody and the eagle on top of the clock is gone. However when it is shown again, the eagle is back.
• Mr. Forgess said that you had to make something out of wood and wood only. However, Zack used gold on his clock.
“Not So Sweet 16”

Maddie and London's birthday parties are scheduled on the same day.

Season 2
Episode 10
Guest star(s): Bernie Kopell, Donna Cherry, Cody Arens, Shang Forbes, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Kathryn Joosten, Monique Coleman, Adrian R'Mante
Original airdate: March 24, 2006

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Books & Birdhouses" "Twins at the Tipton"

"Not So Sweet 16" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Maddie announces to Esteban & Mr. Moseby that she is having her Sweet 16 party on Saturday. London comes in and announces her party is at the Tipton on Saturday as well. Maddie tells London her birthday was six months ago, but she doesn't care. Cody tells Zack that he got a tea set for Maddie. Zack tries to buy it off Cody, but he won't sell. Cody offers to help Zack pick out a gift. Maddie and London try to lure everyone to their respective parties. London offers gift bags with a flat-screen TV which lures Cody to the party but not Zack who chooses to go to Maddie's -- not before he tells Cody to get him an extra bag.
Zack and Cody go to a jewelry store, but Zack can't afford anything. Maddie's younger brother, Liam, shows up and announces that he needs braces so she won't be able to have her party at the place she wanted. The twins go to a clothes store where Cody knocks down a display and they get thrown out. Corrie and Mary Margaret choose London's party over Maddie's which angers her.
The night of the parties, London's party is taken over by party crashers. Carey is hired to sing at London's party (in the bathroom). London's dad arrives under heavy security. At Maddie's party no one is there until Zack and some bingo players show up and start playing a game. London's parents can't stand to be in the same room so London is forced to run back and forth. London confesses to Carey that she is upset because her parents can't get along and half the guests are people she never met. Maddie opens Zack's present and it is Cody's tea set. Maddie discovers the card from Cody, but forgives Zack because he was the only one to show up. London tries to get back inside the hotel, but the doorman thinks she is one of the posers. London decides to attend Maddie's party and all her guests follow her. Zack is upset when Cody tells him he gave his gift bag to someone else but quickly changes his mind when Maddie pulls him to the dance floor with her.

• Although he speaks and his legs are shown, Mr. Tipton's face isn't seen. He may have been played by Jeff Bennett because he sounds like Principal Petstrip from The Buzz on Maggie.
• The music when London is going between her parents is the same music used in "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet".
• 2nd appearance of Corrie.
• Maddie says that her sweet sixteen is supposed to be the best night of her life, but in A Prom Story, Maddie says that her prom is supposed to be the best night of her life.
• Won the "Happiest Birthday Blowout" category in the 2006 Disney Channel New Year Sing-Along Bowl-athon.
“Twins at the Tipton”

Zack forces Cody to go out on a date.

Season 2
Episode 11
Guest star(s): Rebecca Rosso, Scott Halberstadt, Camilla Rosso, Jake Abe, Charlie Stewart, Keisuke Hoashi, Julie Costello, Chandra Costello, Don Stanton, Dan Stanton
Original airdate: March 31, 2006

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Not So Suite 16" "Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee"

"Twins at the Tipton" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Mr. Moseby announces that The Tipton is having a twins convention. Zack spots two beautiful twin girls, but Cody says he already has a girlfriend, his 'beautiful' Irma. Zack tells Cody that Irma has more lip hair than Cody does, which angers Cody. That night, Cody can’t find a suitable outfit for his date. Bob shows up and tells Zack that Irma is breaking up with Cody. Zack tells Cody the news and he starts to break down in tears.
London tells Moseby that she is seeing double and Moseby tells her about the convention. London bumps into a cute guy while walking away. The guy is named Kirk, and he is as dumb as she is. Maddie flirts with Kirk, who comes to the candy counter. He returns later and agrees to go out with Maddie and London, so he sets up a double date with London and Maddie and himself and his brother Dirk. Maddie agrees to go out with Dirk whom Kirk says is very smart but regrets in when she meets the twin. Dirk looks nothing Kirk and they announce they are fraternal twins. London runs off with Kirk leaving Maddie with Dirk.
One of the girls from earlier, Jessica, asks Zack if he had seen her sister. Zack flirts with her and sets up a date with her but she announces she does not go without her twin. A reluctant Zack decides to have Cody along even though Cody is nursing a broken heart. Zack tells Cody about the date, but he doesn’t want to go because he is still thinking about Irma. Cody finally agrees to go on the date, after Zack convinces him.
The night of the dates, Dirk embarrasses Maddie by rattling off disgusting facts. After a while, Maddie is grossed out by Dirk and starts leaving. London follows and talks to her, and then Dirk comes in. London leaves, and Dirk says there was a girl he wanted a second chance with. Maddie thought it was her, but then he said it was London and Dirk wanted her help to get her. Maddie is furious and dumps a pitcher of water on his head.
Meanwhile, on Zack and Cody's date Cody sits at the table depressed. The girls asks what is wrong and Zack tells them his gerbil Irma died. When Zack goes to the bathroom Cody tells the girls the truth. They talk about their former relationships and when Zack returns all three are crying. The girls take Cody to a movie leaving Zack alone. When Cody comes home he announces he has a great time and thanks Zack for talking him into going.

• In this episode, the twins Zack and Cody date are visiting Boston. However, in "Ask Zack," the twins transfer to Zack and Cody's school.
• First appearance of Jessica and Janice
• When Bob lists who told him who dumped Cody, it lists the 6 main characters from the show in order of age. (Irma told Kim, who told Phill, who told Ashley, who told Brenda, who told Dylan, who told Cole who told me)
• Rebecca and Camilla Rosso, were pulled from the audience to play Jessica and Janice.
“Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee”

Zack wants Cody to forfeit a spelling bee after he owes the competitor money. London and Maddie do community service.

Season 2
Episode 12
Guest star(s): Anthony Acker, Monique Coleman, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Mary Kate McGeehan, Aaron Parker Mouser, Marianne Muellerleile, Sophie Tamiko Oda, Jim O'Heir, Cathy Schenkelberg
Original airdate: April 14, 2006

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Twins At The Tipton" "Bowling"

"Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Cody is practicing for the upcoming spelling bee. Zack asks his mom for money to use in the gameroom, but Carey says no. Zack runs out of money in the middle of a game so he borrows money from Maynard, who is rather large and mean. Zack lets his game playing get out of control and ends up owing Maynard $30 plus 20% interest and he needs it by that afternoon or else. Maynard announces that he is in the spelling bee as well. At the end of the first round, Cody and Maynard are the only two contestants left. Mr. Moseby tells Carey that she is being too loud and rude towards the other contestants. Maynard tells Zack he will consider the debt paid if Cody loses the spelling bee. That night, Cody is worried about the next round. Zack tells him his worries will go away if he loses. Cody tells him that is the stupidest idea he has ever heard. Zack tells Cody the real reason he wants him to lose. He says winning the spelling bee is the only way to prove he isn't a loser.
Zack asks Maddie, Norman, and Mr. Moseby for the money, but they refuse. Zack asks London who gives him the money which is promptly taken by Maddie, Norman, Moseby to cover his debts. Maynard misses his first word so Cody gets a shot to spell it correctly. Cody is going to throw the contest, but Zack tells him not to. Cody spells the word correctly and wins. In the lobby, Zack decides to face his beating like a man. Zack is shocked when Maynard tells him "or else" means telling his mother. Zack laughs at him, but Carey yells at Zack for borrowing money. Zack tells Carey about Maynard wanting Cody to throw the contest. Maynard's parents overhear and punish their son as well.
Meanwhile, London, Maddie, Corrie, and Mary Margaret volunteer to paint a house for a needy family. London stands around when everyone else does the work. Her phone rings and Maddie takes it away to tell whoever it was that London has to work. Just then Sister Dominick walks in and yells at Maddie for talking on her (London's) phone. She tells her to be working as hard as London. Sister Dominick tells Maddie to get back to work. When she leaves Maddie is on the ladder painting and London knocks the ladder away leaving Maddie swinging from the light and covering Corrie and Mary Margaret with paint. Sister Dominick returns and tells Maddie she will have to work through lunch. London calls the press to have them take pictures of her doing the volunteer work. The next day, London gloats about her picture in the paper. The family comes and thanks Maddie for the toys and gives her a cake, leaving London jealous. That night, London shows up at their house with toys, but they aren't as receiving as they were with Maddie.

• The title, Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee, is a play on the parable, "Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be. The line first made in Shakespeare's play Prince Hal and Falstaff."
• 3rd appearance of Corrie.
• 2nd appearance of Barbara Brownstein.
• Cody's blood type is AB negative.

Zack is grounded and can't help his team.

Season 2
Episode 13
Guest star(s): Caroline Rhea, Adrian R'Mante, Dot Jones, Brian Stepanek
Original airdate: April 28, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee" "Kept Man"

"Bowling" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Mr. Moseby and the Tipton Staff gets beat up in flag football by a rival hotel team. London is the cheerleader and complains about cheering for a bad team. Maddie tells her she started cheering for the other team 2 minutes into the game. Ilsa Shickelgrubermeiger-Von Helsing del Keppelugerhofer walks in and rubs it in that they lost. She shows them the highlights of the football game. Obviously they had none. Ilsa Shickelgrubermeiger-Von Helsing del Keppelugerhofer challenged them to a bowling competition. Arwin starts screaming and runs out. Carey is named captain by Mr. Moseby because she is a good player and the mother of the star player, Zack. She explains that when they were traveling, they needed something to do and every town has a bowling alley. Moseby wants her to kick London off the team because she is a bad player; Carey tells London she is an alternate and will be the team's "secret weapon" in case someone else can't play, managing to convince London that this is a good thing. The Tipton is practicing at the bowling alley, when the St. Mark team shows up and taunts Mr. Moseby and the rest of the team. Zack is named the star bowler for the Tipton. He tries to force Cody to do his homework because he has to rest his arm, but Cody doesn't fall for it. Zack tricks him to go out in the hall wearing just his towel and he locks him out. Carey comes home and grounds Zack. She forbids him to play in the competition tomorrow. London, as the alternate, becomes Zack's replacement.
Arwin is put in charge of Zack while the rest of the team goes to the competition. London is the first bowler and ends up getting a strike in the St. Mark lane. Zack discovers a bowling trophy in Arwin's office and he tells Zack that he used to be an excellent bowler, but retired when he hit his mother in the head during a tournament. Zack tries to persuade Arwin to participate in the competition, but he stubbornly refuses until Zack says that if he wins, Carey might kiss him. He then agrees to compete. The Tipton is losing badly until Arwin shows up and gets numerous strikes in a row. On the last roll he ends up with a 7-10 split. Ilsa mocks him, but he ends up knocking down both pins and the Tipton Hotel is named the winners of the competition. Carey kisses Arwin causing him to faint.

• Carey kisses Arwin for a 2nd time.
• Mr. Moseby says "Who's the biggest loser now?" to Ilsa after the Tipton wins, Caroline Rhea, who plays Ilsa, is the host of the game show The Biggest Loser.
• In this episide, Arwin said, "I swore to never pick up a bowling ball again." In Commercial Breaks, Arwin picks up a bowling ball to juggle.
• The exterior of Parkway Lanes (the bowling alley) is the same exterior of the bowling alley in the episode of Hannah Montana, "People Who Use People".
• During Arwin's flashback, Arwin drops the bowling balls he is juggling, but in the next shot, he is seen holding all three again as he puts them into the ball return (he could have picked them up though).
• During Arwin's flashback, his mother's voice is actually Estelle Harris (who played Muriel in Season 1).
• Brian Stepanek repeated his slow-motion dramatic shot in the Disney Channel Sing-a-long Bowl-a-thon with him and Kim Rhodes repeating their lines from the episode.
o In both instances the theme from Chariots of Fire is playing.
• Ilsa repeats her line, "I'll get you my pretty and your little staff too" that she used in "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet". As anyone who's seen The Wizard of Oz would recognize it as being a parody of the Wicked Witch of the West's line from the movie.
• In this episode, Zack (Dylan Sprouse) was supposed to be a really good bowler. However, in Disney's Sing-A-Long Bowl-A-Thon, Dylan receives "Worst Bowl" trophy.
“Kept Man”

Zack starts hanging out with a rich kid who bashes Cody. London and Maddie have to take care of a baby simulator.

Season 2
Episode 14
Guest star(s): Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Marianne Muellerleile, Mike Weinberg, Monique Coleman, Adrian R'Mante
Original airdate: May 19, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Bowling" "The Suite Smell of Excess"

"Kept Man" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody are talking about all of the cheap stuff they have. They ask Mr. Moseby to open the ice cream bar early but he refuses. A kid named Theo tells Mr. Moseby that he is hungry for ice cream and Moseby agrees to opening the ice cream bar. Theo invites Zack and Cody to his house, which has a bowling alley and a basketball court. Maddie and London’s class has to take care of baby dolls for a parenting assignment. Maddie gets paired with London much to her dismay. As soon as London is handed her baby it begins to cry and she tosses it to Maddie.
After a game of basketball, Theo makes fun of Cody’s playing ability. Theo gives Zack a free game system and skateboard. Cody tells them he needs to work on his speech for school and decides to leave. London and Maddie return to The Tipton with the doll and Esteban, the bellhop, asks who the mommy is and he becomes alarmed when they both reply. London tells Maddie that the baby’s name should be London Jr, but Maddie counters, saying that the doll is a boy. London tells Maddie her job is to take care of the baby while she buys him stuff. The baby begins to cry and Mr. Moseby begins hitting it on a chair to make him stop, a mother with her baby sees Mr. Moseby and runs away from him scared. Zack and Cody plan to see a movie when Theo shows up with two tickets to a Celtics game. Theo asks Zack to go, but he only has two tickets, so Cody is left home alone to sadly work on his speech.
Maddie is tired from staying up with the baby all night, so when London returns from shopping she is alarmed to see the baby is not with the heiress, who was left with the doll for the day. London tells her she left "London Jr." with a nanny. They check the "nanny cam" that London installed and they see Esteban trying to feed the baby and then dropping him on the floor. Enter Mary Margaret and Corrie, London and Maddie's classsmates, here for their doll's and "London Jr.'s" play date. Maddie and London begin to bicker, Maddie telling London that she "has the parenting skills of a toaster."
Cody finished his speech, and is excited to ask what Zack thinks, but his brother is headed out the door to a Black Eyed Peas concert. Cody tells him to have fun with his new best friend. London attempts to feed the baby, but instead squirts Maddie with the bottle and makes the baby throw up on her. Carey asks Zack to examine the real reasons that he likes Theo. She lets him choose between the concert and Cody’s speech, trying to guilt him into making the right choice. Zack decides to go to the concert anyway. Maddie and London fight over who the baby likes more, causing it to fly out the window and hit Esteban in the head, knocking him out.
On grading day, "London Jr." is taped together with duct tape and Maddie and London tell their teacher, Sister Dominic, that they aren’t ready to be parents. Sister Dominic explains to them that, that was the point of the assignment and they both get A+’s. Sister Dominic picks up the baby and it falls apart. The baby's recorder replays a part when Maddie is cursing a nun. The baby keeps repeating, darn nun, darn nun. Zack is forced to be Theo’s slave by doing tasks for him. Theo wants Zack to bootleg the concert for him. Zack blows off Theo and decides to go to Cody’s speech. Theo makes Zack remove the clothing that he gave him leaving him in his undershirt and boxers. Zack returns to the hotel just as Cody and Carey are leaving for the speech, stating that he learned two things, "One, you can't buy your friends; and two, city bus drivers take pity on you when you're half-naked."

• Esteban mentions his pet chicken Dudley.
• In this episode Maddie mentions that she has never even kissed a boy, however in Maddie Checks In she kissed a boy three times and in Odd Couples she had a lingering make-out session with Trevor (Zac Efron). Cody's sarcastic response showed that he remembered both times even if Maddie didn't.
• When Zack leaves Theo's room, he has socks on, however when he walks into the hotel lobby, he is barefoot.
• On grading day, London says that the baby did not stop crying, until he hit the ground. Technically, it didn't stop crying until it hit Esteban on the head.
• When Cody throws the basketball on the floor it is totally flat and when they take it to the front desk it is full of air again.
• Carey mentions she used to have a boyfriend who continuesly bought her things. She realised she didn't like him she only liked the things he bought her (much similar to what happens in this episode.)
“The Suite Smell of Excess”

Zack and Cody use Arwin's new invention to go to a parallel universe.

Season 2
Episode 15
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Adrian R'Mante, Adam Tait, Mary Kate McGeehan
Original airdate: June 2, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Kept Man" "Going for the Gold"

"The Suite Smell of Excess" is the 14th episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody season 2. Its also the 41st episode of the series.

Carey busts the twins as they are getting ready to play hockey without safety equipment. The twins tell her that she won’t let them have any fun. Carey tells them it is her job. She tells the twins she will treat them like adults when she no longer has to buy her own mothers day card. They mock her by wearing their helmets while reading hardcover books. Cody gets a paper cut and makes Carey kiss it.
Maddie is breaking in high heels for London who is paying her $100 to do so. London returns from shopping with Esteban carrying her nine shopping bags. Esteban asks why so many bags and London tells him one for everyday of the week. Maddie complains to London about her shoes and London gives her an extra $20. Mr. Moseby tells Zack and Cody to play outside. Zack and Cody says they should play ball in the ballroom. Cody shoots their hockey puck and Mr. Moseby catches it in his mouth.
Arwin is talking to a cardboard cutout of Carey when Zack and Cody walks in. Arwin says he was practicing asking her out. The twins want Arwin to play with them, but he tells them he doesn’t have time. He is working on a top secret project. He reveals it, but it looks like a phone booth. Arwin tells them it is a parallel universalizer. He tells them it will transport them to other worlds. Arwin leaves to go to the bathroom and tells the twins not to touch the machine until he gets back and of course they decide to try it because none of Arwin‘s inventions ever work. Zack inserts $0.25, and the machine asks for another quarter. Not having any, Cody uses his bus pass to start the machine. They exit the machine and go to the lobby.
The twins try to avoid the lobby, but Mr. Moseby finds them. He is wearing shades and tells the twins to call him “M” instead of Moseby. He tells him they are welcome in the lobby anytime. He asks if they want to play football. The twins think it is a trap. Meanwhile, Moseby is shooting spitballs at the guests. London emerges dressed as Maddie and wearing the high heels. They ask why she is wearing Maddie’s clothes and London tells them they are her clothes. She tells them she has to work. London works at the candy counter. Maddie returns and is dressed fancy. Maddie shoves the twins out of the way. Zack and Cody asks Maddie if she won money. London tells them that is a joke and proceeds to insult Maddie. Maddie tells London if she doesn’t watch it her job at the Fitzpatrick Hotel is history. Maddie tells them her dad owns the hotel. London acts smart and Maddie acts dim-witted, just the opposite of their counterparts. London even starts flirting with Zack and Cody, calling them "sweet thang". Zack and Cody tell them that they learned their lesson the joke's up. They go to their mom who tells them to order whatever they want from room service. They ask why? Carey tells them she would have to cook. Carey tells the boys she is thinking about dying her hair blue. She even tells them they can go bungee jumping plus its quicker than the elevator. Esteban enters their room dressed as a female maid.
They finally figure out that Arwin’s machine worked. London tells them that they can take free candy and Moseby won’t get mad. Maddie tells London to hold her umbrella for her. London tells her nothing will make her do it. Maddie offers her $500 and London agrees. Zack panics when his cotton candy gets stuck to the couch. Moseby tells them couches aren’t for eating they're for jumping. Carey leaves to go on a tour for her #1 chart topping CD. She tells the twins to take care of each other. She gives them a huge bowl of candy and tells them it is their dinner. They ask for green beans, instead Carey gives them jelly beans. She says she will be gone for one year. Arwin aka A-diddy is her manager. Carey falls for Arwin, but he tells her she doesn’t want to get involved with a guy like him. The title of Carey’s CD is “Who Needs Kids”. Cody tells Zack he misses their mom telling them what to do.
They both agree they need to go back to the real world. They try the machine, but it doesn’t work. Zack remembers Cody fell against the lever in the machine last time. They try it again and it works. The twins try to explain what they saw to Arwin and about Carey’s crush on him. He tries the machine, but can’t get it to work. Moseby yells at them for running. London, Maddie, and Carey are normal as well. They explain to her what they saw, but Carey doesn’t believe them. Just then Esteban walks up dressed as a female maid and Zack and Cody scream and run away. He explains he is going to a costume party. Later on they go to bed early and Carey discovers a quarter with actor George Clooney on it (from the other universe) in Zack's pants pocket and keeps it.

• The title is a reference to The Sweet Smell of Success.
• In the parallel universe, the president of the United States is Paris Hilton, and George Clooney's face is on the quarter instead of George Washington.
• Arwin's name in the alternate universe, is A-Diddy, a clear pun of rapper P-Diddy
• Second appearance of Carey's crush on George Clooney.
• In the alternate universe, Zack says "I have a funny feeling were not in Boston anymore." This is a pun off "The Wizard of Oz"
• In the lobby after Zack and Cody get into the new dimension, Esteban (in male form)can be seen in the back.
• Although at the end, Cody needs to hit the lever to go back to the normal world, in the beginning, Cody doesn't hit it until they are already passing to the parallel universe
• When Zack and Cody were talking to Arwin after they got out of the Parallel Universe, you can see the PU door is open, but after the conversation is over, it's closed.
• When Arwin goes in the PU and closes the door, you can see a reflection of a computer behind the fourth wall on the door, then when he closes the door the second time, you can see Cody (or behind camera Cole Sprouse) on the reflection.
• When Maddie walks in (in the parralell universe) She says “Little me, back from Paree!”(Meaning Paris.) This is the first thing that London says in the original pilot grounded on the 23rd floor.
“Going for the Gold”

Arwin is in the Hotel Engineers competition at the Tipton. London opens a store.

Season 2
Episode 16
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Ron Althoff, Craig Ricci Shaynak, Donna Pieroni
Original airdate: June 10, 2006

Episode chronology
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"The Suite Smell of Excess" "Boston Tea Party"

"Going for the Gold" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody have just finished playing a basketball game when they see Arwin jogging around the lobby. Arwin tells them he is getting in shape for the hotel engineers games. Arwin’s opponent, Irv Welden, shows up and makes fun of him. Maddie asks Moseby for a raise, but he says no. London wants to open a boutique, but her father says no because she never finishes her other projects. London decides to use money from her grandmother to open the store.
Arwin finds out that Carey is the plunger girl and she will kiss the winner of the contest. London hires Maddie to work in her store for double what Moseby is paying her. The first event in the engineer games is racing with your toolbox to the finish line. Though distracted from talking about his cookie Arwin wins. The second event is putting an air conditioner together. Arwin finishes first, but the air blows in instead of out. Later on, Zack and Cody finds a part from Arwin’s air conditioner part, the one that he needed, in Irv’s bag.
London asks Maddie if they sold anything and she replies four items. London tells her that is good. Maddie tells her she was the buyer and she used her employer 100% discount on all of them. Customers come in, but London insults them about their body shape and they leave. Zack and Cody discover Irv placing a cheat sheet in the bathroom on toilet paper for the next event which is putting the auto flush together. Irv wins that event in record time. Zack and Cody try to catch Irv in the act but he flushed the cheat sheet down the toilet.
Moseby tries to explain to London that she has to work hard to get what she want and not give up after a day or two. Arwin and Irv are the last two in the contest. The last contest is a relay race doing various tasks. London put an ad for the store on her dad’s blimp. Customers come pouring in. Zack and Cody trap Irv in the elevator. Arwin catches Zack and Cody helping him. He says he wants to win without cheating. Irv trips while trying to slide down a railing while Arwin crosses the finish line. Carey kisses him and he faints. The boutique made a lot of money, but after they deduct the gas they needed for the blimp the store still lost money. London tells Maddie she isnt getting paid because they had no money. Maddie quits to get her old job back.

• Irv was also mentioned in a previous episode, Election, as the most efficient hotel engineer.
• Irv Wheldon exchanges Arwin's Fonzarelli 22 on/off switch with a Cunningham 200. Richie Cunningham and Arthur "The Fonz/Fonzie" Fonzarelli were characters on Happy Days.
“Boston Tea Party”

Zack dreams he is participating in the Boston Tea Party.

Season 2
Episode 17
Guest star(s): Charlie Stewart, Adrian R'Mante, Adam Tait, Cheryl Rusa, Ralph P. Martin, Buddy Lewis, Sharon Jordan, Bill Fox, Chris Doyle
Original airdate: June 30, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Going for the Gold" "Have A Nice Trip"

"Boston Tea Party" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Zack and Cody find out the local park is going to be torn down and made into a parking lot. Cody decides to write a 18-page letter to the mayor which doesn't make a difference. While Cody is trying to read it to him, Zack falls asleep and dreams that it is 1775 and the British are in control of the United States and are raising prices on everything. Everyone at the Tipton gets together for the Boston Tea Party. After the revolution Bob walks in wearing a dress and asks Zack to dream that he is a viking. Zack then wakes up and discovers the park is an historical landmark because The Boston Tea Party was planned there. While they are protesting Moseby goes to the mayor and gets an injunction to stop the bulldozing from taking place. Meanwhile, Maddie helps Esteban study for his American citzenship test which he passes.

• At the end of the episode when Mr. Moseby gives the injunction to the construction worker, he says to the worker "Read it and weep!" Possible reference toward the Disney Channel Original Movie "Read It and Weep."
• In this episode the park is across the street from the Tipton. But in other episodes they say the Saint Mark Hotel is across the street. Perhaps the hotel is next to the park.
• In this episode Carey's voice sounds different than in other episodes.
• When Arwin falls to the grass the wool that he's holding is yellow, but later the wool is colored beige.
• In Zack's dream sequence, London's hairdo is more appropriate for the courts of France and Italy than for Colonial America. Not even aristocratic American women wore such a hairstyle.
“Have A Nice Trip”

A hotel patron claims he fell on Zack's skateboard.

Season 2
Episode 18
Guest star(s): Eric Lutes, Sammi Hanratty, Adrian R'Mante
Original airdate: July 7, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Boston Tea Party" "Ask Zack"

"Have a Nice Trip" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack is looking for his skateboard that he misplaced, when a guest named Harry and his daughter Holly arrive and are ready to check in when Harry trips over it because it is in front of the check-in desk. Zack insists he left it by the candy counter. Harry says he is injured and in pain. Mr. Moseby gives Harry and Holly a free room and the 24/7 use of Esteban, and because of Harry tripping on the skateboard, Zack gets grounded. Zack and Holly have a video game face off which Zack loses costing him $40. Holly then tricks Maddie out of all the candy at the candy counter in a card game.
Zack and Cody decide to spy on Harry and Holly from the air vent. They see Harry jumping around in his room, after Holly walks in telling him she got some cash for scaming people. When they tell Mr. Moseby he doesn't believe them. Maddie believes their story and agrees to help them catch Harry in the act. Their plans include sending a bee into his room through the vent, but he just knocks it back in and it stings Cody on the nose. Then they try getting him running out of the room by yelling that a bikini team is in the hallway, then every guy on the floor comes running out and trample Cody as he is trying to take Harry's picture. It still wouldn't have worked because Harry is riding on Esteban's back. Then, Carey gets involved. Maddie dresses up as a physical therapist and sticks a needle in Harry's foot, but he doesn't budge. As soon as Mr. Moseby and Holly walk in, Holly slips and falls. The two are then caught, as Harry jumps up and rushes to his daughter's aid. And it turns out Holly was the one who caused Harry to trip on Zack's skateboard, because she came up with the evil plan "Operation: Skateboard in the Lobby". Harry apologizes for conning The Tipton and says it was Holly's idea and they're going to pay back every penny they owe him. Holly and Harry tell Mr. Moseby they learned their lesson, but when they are checking out Holly sells the Norman the Doorman cookies which she never intends to deliver.

• The original title of this episode was "Paper Moon", a reference to the movie of the same name with a similar premise.
• London doesn't appear in this episode, which makes it the first episode not to have all the main characters.
• Running gag: Everybody keeps falling over Zack's wheeled toys.

• The bee sting on Cody's noise is bright red, causing Moseby to call him "Rudolph", an obvious reference to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".
“Ask Zack”

Zack wants a job on the school paper only to impress a girl he likes. London can't sleep.

Season 2
Episode 19
Guest star(s): Sophie Tamiko Oda, Rebecca Rosso, Camilla Rosso, Nicki Prian, Adrian R'Mante
Original airdate: July 15, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Have A Nice Trip" "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"

"Ask Zack" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Cody announces he is the new editor of the school newspaper. Zack tries to make a date with a girl named Darlene without success. To get to Darlene, Zack tells Cody that he wants to join the newspaper. Cody tells him all the positions have filled except for the "Ask Shirley" column. Cody decides to give Zack the job, but then has to yell at Zack for insulting the readers writing in for advice. Much to Cody's surprise, Darlene loves the Ask Shirley column and Zack wants to reveal that he is Shirley, but Cody talks him out of it.
Darlene sends Shirley a letter wanting advice about a boy. "Shirley" answers back telling her to ask the boy out for a milkshake. Cody tells Zack it is wrong to mislead Darlene, but, again to Cody's surprise, Darlene follows Zack's advice. When Zack and Darlene return to The Tipton, Darlene knocks over Zack's bookbag, and the "Ask Shirley" letters fall out. Darlene is angry at Zack for misleading her. Zack tells Cody that he is quitting the paper, but Cody talks him out of it, and Zack uses the next Ask Shirley column to apologize to Darlene who forgives him.
Meanwhile, London announces that she hasn't slept for two days. That night, London calls Maddie, but she hangs up on her. London then calls Moseby, who falls asleep counting back from 100 for London (who didn't know the numbers). Four days later, Maddie and Moseby complain that they haven't been able to sleep because London keeps calling them. Moseby, Maddie, Carey, and Esteban try to help London fall asleep without success until Maddie finds out that a diamond dust bunny was under London's mattress causing a lump. When the "dust bunny" is removed London falls right to sleep.

• Barbara Brownstein (Sophie Tamiko Oda) appears for the third time in this episode.
• Jessica and Janice (Rebecca Rosso and Camilla Rosso) appear for the second time.

• The diamond dust bunny under London's mattress is a reference to The Princess and the Pea.

• English twins Jessica and Janice are shown working on the school paper at Zack and Cody's school, but in Twins At The Tipton, it was intended that they were visiting America for the Twins Convention at the Tipton.
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana”

Raven Baxter visits the Tipton and has a vision Carey's birthday party will be full of chaos. Maddie tries to get London to wear Raven's dress.

Season 2 (TSL)
Episode 46 (TSL)

Guest star(s)
Checkin' Out: Phill Lewis, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse
Suite Life: Miley Cyrus, Raven-Symoné
On the Road Again: Ashley Tisdale
Original airdate: July 28, 2006

Episode chronology
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""Ask Zack" ""What The Hey?"

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana was a crossover episode of the Disney Channel sitcoms The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That's So Raven, and Hannah Montana. In the US it aired on July 28, 2006 from 8:00-9:30 EDT (7-8:30 CDT) as a three-part special. It aired again on November 17, 2006.

Cast and characters
From The Suite Life of Zack & Cody:
• Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin
• Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin
• Ashley Tisdale as Madeline Fitzpatrick
• Brenda Song as London Tipton
• Phill Lewis as Marion Moseby
• Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin
• Adrian R'Mante as Esteban Ramírez
• Brian Stepanek as Arwin Quentin Hawkhauser
• Arturo Gil as Robot
• Sharon Jordan as Irene the Concierge
• Adam Tait as Reporter
• Brian Peck as London Tipton's Mirror
• Anthony Acker as Norman the Doorman

From That's So Raven:
• Raven-Symone as Raven Baxter
• Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna
• Orlando Brown as Eddie Thomas
• Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Daniels
• Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter
• Rondell Sheridan as Victor Baxter
• Bobbe' J. Thompson as Stanley
• Jasmine Guy as Pistache
• Annie Wood as Kandra Blair
• Tiffany Thornton as Tylar Spelick
• Malik Yoba as Judge

From Hannah Montana:
• Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana
• Billy Ray Cyrus as Robby Stewart
• Emily Osment as Lilly Truscott
• Mitchel Musso as Oliver Oken
• Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart
• Frances Callier as Roxy
• Richard Portnow as Marty Kleine
• Aleksandra Okapiec as Inga
• Izabella Okapiec as Helga
• Monika Okapiec as Uma
• Rafael Rojas III as Jay
• Billy Lloyd as Boy #2

Checkin' Out (That's So Raven crossover episode)

Raven steps up to organize an important photo shoot showcasing Donna Cabonna's new fashion line for young men at the Tipton Hotel in Boston because Tiffany, the usual assistant, is sick with a lip fungus. Donna gives her a "Secretech", a device for secretaries that helps organize events and also allows Raven to have a video conference on it. She assures Donna that she knows how to use one, yet she doesn't, and no one can help her. She accidentally sends the photographer, Pistache, to the Tipton in Milan, Italy. Also, the models (Juan and Kvelte) did not get their plane ticket from Raven, so the models are stuck in the made-up country of Buddhapragoslovakia. As a result, Raven substitutes the fashion models with Zack and Cody, and the photographer Pistache with herself, Raven. Donna Cabonna finds out the bad news so she tries to take matters into her own hands by impersonating the photographer too. As the two Pistache impersonators are doing the photo shoot, the real Pistache comes in, having arrived by "an outrageously expensive private jet." She notes that Zack and Cody are not the models she chose, but they are even better. She tells them to turn around and she takes pictures of their backs. The episode seems to end on a happy note with Raven's vision that has Donna Cobanna saying that the boy's line is a success. However, the episode turns sour when Raven misses her flight because the alarm on her Secretech does not work.
Meanwhile, Cory and Eddie find out that Chelsea is a natural at paddleball, so they try to get Chelsea to break the record for the world's longest paddleball session so they can claim the prize money. They think they have the record in the bag until the competition -- none other than Stanley -- proves to be a formidable paddle ball opponent. Chelsea scams Stanley and wins the title and prize money. She then feels bad and ends up giving Stanley the money.

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana (The Suite Life crossover episode)

Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zack and Cody Martin in That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana.
Raven gets stuck in Boston after her flight is canceled. She then has a vision that one of the twins that is wearing a black sweater vest is in danger of being attacked. Raven warns them that whoever wears the sweater vest should avoid sneezing and bells. Cody, the only twin that wears sweater vests, becomes paranoid and avoids anything that remotely resembles Raven's "premonition" - even the surprise birthday party that he and Zack are throwing for Carey. Zack wears Cody's black sweater vest to Carey's surprise party so that Cody isn't in danger, but upon hearing sneezing and bells, lands head first into the cake!
Meanwhile, Maddie is trying to help Raven by getting London to wear one of Raven's original designs, but London swears she'll never wear anything that's not from a famous person. So Maddie switched the labels from Raven to Atore Vittali. So London wears the dress thinking that it is a Vittali original. Maddie tells her the truth, so London gets upset. London however changes her mind when pop star Hannah Montana checks in. Hannah, whom London is personally acquainted with, admires the Raven-made dress and asks Raven to make a similar one. However as Hannah looks to inspect it her ring gets caught in the dress and it rips off-camera, which does not go well with Raven.

On the Road Again (Hannah Montana crossover episode)

When Hannah Montana stays at the Tipton Hotel in Boston, she befriends candy counter girl Maddie who talks about the career Miley's father Robby had back in the day. Now, Miley believes that her dad gave up his dream to sing so that Miley could pursue her own career. To give him back the stage life, she recruits the help of his former manager to get Robby back on the road. Robby Ray goes to San Diego while Roxy takes care of Jackson and Miley. Unfortunately, Roxy is very overprotective and will not let the children go out of her sight. Jackson gets fed up and goes to San Diego, being followed by Miley and Roxy. Billy Ray Cyrus performs "I Want My Mullet Back" in this episode. However upon seeing his father perform and of the offer to go on tour, Jackson changes his mind. However Robbie changes his mind because he does not want to leave his kids. At the end of the episode both Billy Ray and Miley perform an encore performance of "I Want My Mullet Back."
Not much of Miley's stay at the Tipton is shown, only her conversation with London, the talk with Maddie on the day of her departure, her asking Raven to make her a dress, and Miley eating cake off of Zack's sweater vest. What is known is that Miley/Hannah was there for a concert since Maddie thanked for the complimentary tickets. (One may assume that Zack, Cody, and London also attended.) However Maddie does show up at the end as a crazed Robby Ray fan who has to be chased away by Roxy.

• Brenda Song (London Tipton) appeared as a girl named Amber in two episodes of That's So Raven.
• In a The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode called "Day Care" Moises Arias guest-stars in as one of the children that are getting baby-sat by Zack and Cody and annoying them at the same time. He also stars as Rico in Hannah Montana where he does much of the same to Jackson and sometimes Miley.
• Jasmine Guy (Pistache) appeared with Raven Symone on a crossover episode of A Different World with The Cosby Show. Moreover both were in the TV movie Queen: The Story of an American Family where Raven played the title character as a child and Jasmine played her mother.
• Jasmine's character on ADW was similar to Brenda's on TSL.
• Dylan and Cole Sprouse (Zack and Cody Martin) were both to star in a That's So Raven episode called "Here Come the Twins". However, the idea was scrapped for this crossover special.
• Brenda Song guest starred on an episode of That's So Raven called "A Dog By Any Other Name".
• Zack and Cody are the only main sitcom characters whose first names are different from the actors who portray them, unlike Raven and Miley.
• The voice of London's mirror is an imitation of the deceased American actor Paul Lynde (1926-1982).
• The only setting to appear in all three episodes was the Tipton Hotel.
• The song that Zack and Cody sing for their mom's birthday is in the tune to "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.
• The The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episode pulled in 6.99 million viewers, gaining 1.23 million more viewers than the That's So Raven episode, and 0.6 million viewers less than the Hannah Montana episode.
• Was originally pitched as a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM).
• This special will air on Disney Channel Asia on January 27, 2007 just before the premire of The Cheetah Girls 2.
• The That's So Raven crossover was pitched as the 100th episode of That's So Raven on Disney Channel Asia.
• Robby speaks some Swedish.
• Billy Ray Cyrus' first single in ten years is performed on this episode.
• Disney Channel Taiwan released this on December 8, 2006 - December 10, 2006, but with a strange order. It released The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episode first (December 8, 2006), then the Hannah Montana episode (December 9, 2006), followed by the That's So Raven episode (December 10, 2006). And in the same day released some Disney Channel Original Movies: The Cheetah Girls 2 on December 8, 2006 (first time); High School Musical on December 9, 2006 (new release); The Cheetah Girls on December 10, 2006 (new release).
• Probably, a sequel might premiere in 2007 involving TSL, HM, and Cory in the House.

The crossover is the third crossover that the Disney Channel has done. The first one was of Aladdin and Hercules: The Animated Series, the second was Lilo & Stitch: The Series with American Dragon: Jake Long, Kim Possible, Recess and The Proud Family (albeit as different episodes), but this is the first live action crossover.
Michael Poryes co-created That's So Raven (with Susan Sherman) and Hannah Montana (with Richard Corell) while Corell directed episodes of those shows including The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
The episode aired on Friday, July 28, 2006 from 8-9:30/7-8:30c. It leaked onto the web on July 22, 2006. It aired in the UK on October 13th, from 4.45pm-6.00pm. All three of the shows are available on Disney Channel on Demand.
“What The Hey?”

After they miss the bus, Zack convices Cody to skip school. Bob joins along. London and her new stepmother have trouble getting along.

Season 2
Episode 20
Guest star(s): Charlie Stewart, T. Lopez, Donna Cherry, Monet Lerner, Sean Whalen, Matthew Hoffman, Allison Caetano, Natascha Hopkins, Jade Quon
Original airdate: August 5, 2006

Episode chronology
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"That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" "A Midsummer's Nightmare"

"What The Hey?" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Zack and Cody miss the school bus, so Zack talks Cody into skipping school and going to the mall. Maddie tells London she heard that her father got remarried. London tells Maddie she wasn’t invited to the wedding because her father doesn’t like to waste money on weddings, because he saves it for divorce attorneys. Once they get there, Zack impersonates his mother and calls the school to say that they are both sick with food poisoning. Cody is worried about getting caught so Zack tells Cody he did this before that they have nothing to worry about.
At the mall, they enter a competition to be in an "Everything Stinks" music video with fake names, Cody entered as "Wing Lee" and Zack as 'Cody Martin'. Bob arrives at the mall after receiving a call from Zack. Mr. Tipton's new wife, Brandi Tipton, arrives at the hotel. Brandi is only a little older than London. Brandi questions why London isn't in school, but Maddie tells her they have the day off. Brandi wants to hang out with London at the spa. London thinks its horrible, but Maddie thinks its great. Brandi tells London she is moving out of the hotel and is going to be moving in with her and her father. London is furious and tells her it will be a cold day "in wherever it is always hot" before she leaves the hotel. Brandi grounds London so London calls her father, but he agrees with Brandi. "Wing Lee" is announced as the winner of the contest. Cody declares that nothing could go wrong with today.
After that, they see their mother at the shops, so they go to great trouble to hide from her. London refuses to talk to Brandi. Maddie finds out they both like shopping and tells them they can bond by doing that together. Maddie decides to skip work when Brandi tells her she will buy her anything she wants. The boys run into a clothing store which their mother decides to enter. They hide in a dressing room. Carey tries to enter the dressing room, but Cody tells her it is occupied. The saleswoman insults Carey about her size of clothing. Just then London enters the store with Maddie and Brandi. The saleswoman finds out that London and Carey know each other and complements Carey on her taste in clothing. As London introduces Brandi to Carey, Bob sneezes. Carey looks, but doesn't see anything. She leaves for the 49 cent store.
Maddie tries to talk London into being nice to Brandi so she can get free stuff. The boys sneak out of the clothing store when Maddie & London's back is turned. Cody meets the director for the Everything Stinks video. He is supposed to be a kid at the mall having a good time. London shows Maddie an outfit and asks if she likes it. Maddie does, but Brandi doesn't because it is too revealing. Maddie then changes her opinion. London tells Brandi that she doesn't need her in her life and she isn't her mother. Brandi tells London that she is going to be around for a long time. London tells her that is what stepmothers 1-3 said and points out the charms representing them on her bracelet. A hurt Brandi leaves.
Bob and Zack spot Carey watching the taping of the music video. Zack tries to alert Cody thattheir mum is watching. Cody tries to hide behind a hot dog cart, but accidentally hits two of the dancers. Carey goes in and confronts Cody. Zack and Bob try to make a run for it, but Carey catches both. Bob tries to leave and Carey informs him she will be calling his mother. He leaves to buy her something nice. Cody tells Carey that he learned today what it is like to have fun instead of doing homework all the time. Cody then says "But today, today I had fun, I said what the hey and lived!" As he kissed Matisse and she freezes. Carey tells him that it is nice, but Cody and Zack are not off the hook. London tells Mr. Moseby that she is upset with Brandi because she is trying to tell her what to do. Mr. Moseby tells London at least she is trying to be her friend unlike the other stepmothers. London agrees to give Brandi a chance and makes up with her. Carey tells Zack and Cody there will be no movies, desserts, television, or music for one month and Cody isn't allowed to read for fun. London then points out to her stepmother that she never reads for fun.
The music video is shown, as the credits roll.

• It is revealed that stepmother no 3 called London "that girl"
• 2nd appearance of the Snooty Saleswoman.
• 12th appearance of Bob.
• 27th appearance of Esteban.
• London gets a new step-mother, named Brandi.
• London announces that she just bought her 1000th pair of shoes.
• Apparently, London's father gives her a "I'm sorry I married without telling you" solid gold charm for her bracelet.
• Cody does Carey's taxes.
• Zack can do a very good impression of Carey's voice.
• When Brandi walks up to Mr. Moseby, he is seen typing. However, it can be seen that the computer screen is black and not even turned on.
• When Cody takes a bite out of his No. 8 Hotdog, you see another shot and the hotdog has not got one bite taken out of it.
• Cody uses a fake name (Wing Lee) to enter a contest and Zack uses Cody Martin.
• In this episode it says London's favourite food is sushi.
• The woman in the clothing store is the same one as Not So Suite 16. She recognises the twins when she first sees them.
• Mr Tipton has eloped 5 times.
• When Carey is at the mall she has on a brown necklace, but when she walks through the door at the Tipton she has no necklace.
“A Midsummer's Nightmare”

Zack and Cody are in a school play. London changes the lobby around.

Season 2
Episode 21
Guest star(s): Selena Gomez, Asante Jones, Allie Grant, Gage Golightly, Chris Doyle, Ernie Grunwald, Charlie Stewart, Loren Lester, Adrian R'Mante
Original airdate: August 11, 2006

Episode chronology
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"What The Hey?" "Lost in Translation"

"A Midsummer's Nightmare" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody are rehearsing for a play called A Midsummer Night's Dream. Cody tells Zack that he isn’t that good. Zack asks Cody if Vanessa was looking at him. Zack confesses that Vanessa is the only reason he is doing the play. Bob shows up and is less than thrilled about trying out, but it was the play or oboe lessons. Zack is ready to talk to Vanessa when Agnes shows up. He tries to get rid of her by asking for his jacket at homeroom, but she gives him her sweater instead.
London returns from her stay at the Tokyo Tipton and asks who missed her and no one responds. She tells them she has presents and everyone comes running. Mr. Moseby is upset when London tells him that Mr. Tipton thinks the Tokyo Tipton is the best Tipton ever. London announces she is allowed to change whatever she wants in the hotel. Cody and Zack are each trying to pick up girls when Carey walks in. They tell her she was suppose to wait by the mailbox three blocks away. Carey is named assistant director much to the twins dismay. London transformed the lobby and the staff all wear kimonos. Maddie complains to London because the candy counter is now outside in the cold. London tells her she is wearing her summer kimono.
Maddie finds $100 under a piece of furniture in the lobby. Esteban receives a telegram that his family struck oil and he will be getting a share of the money. A man enters and tells Mr. Moseby he totaled his car, but since he owns a foreign vehicle lot he can pick any car he wants. London says it is the luck of the Japanese. But the luck does not extend to London, who receives a call that her yacht just sank.
The play is cast and Zack gets the part of Lysander, which was the part Cody wanted so he could kiss Hermia, who is played by his girlfriend Gwen. Instead, Cody is cast as Bottom, a character that is turned into a donkey. Bob makes fun of Cody until he finds out he is Puck, the fairy. Carey begins to take over and do things her own way. Cody threatens Zack and Agnes threatens Gwen about kissing. Gwen and Zack rehearse the kissing scene much to Cody’s and Agnes’ dismay. For the first time, Zack has a very long kiss in the show. It lasts about ten seconds. Gwen breaks up with Cody after kissing Zack. Cody blames Zack for the break up. Vanessa tells Cody that he has a shoulder to cry on, then kisses him on the cheek. Zack is now mad at Cody.
London rearranges the lobby again because of her bad luck. Esteban receives a telegram that the oil was from an underground pipeline and he has to help pay the money back. Maddie says she will give him her $100, but she bought a watch. Just then a FBI agent walks in and tells her the $100 was fake. Mr. Moseby finds that his "foreign vehicle" is an Italian bike. London receives a phone call that she was named #1 on the worst dressed list.
On opening night of the play, Agnes and Cody discover that every one loves the wrong person. Agnes wants Zack to separate from Gwen and so does Cody. Agnes says if Cody kisses Gwen she will see that Cody is just as good a kisser as Zack. London returns the lobby to its original state. London announces the magazine made a mistake and she is on the best dressed list after all and her dad bought her a new jet. She also says someone (Estaban's uncle) in South American drilled into a Tipton pipeline and that her family is going to take over their ranch and build a vacation home. Cody and Agnes improvise in the play. When the characters other than him and Agnes are asleep, Cody goes to kiss Gwen. When he attempts to, Vanessa wakes up and suggests Cody kiss her instead, Zack wakes up and says he will. Gwen wakes up and then Gwen fights Vanessa, Cody fights Zack, Agnes attacks Cody and etc. Bob comes out and saves the play.

• The people in the Play are:
o Zack.............Lysander
o Gwen ............Hermia
o Agnes............Titania
o Vanessa..........Helena
o Cody.............Bottom
o Bob..............Puck
o Jimmy............Theseus
o Wally............Demetrius
o Philostrate......Jeff
o Oberon...........Danny
o Quince...........Philip
o Snug.............Adam
o Flute............Billy
o Snout............Jeny
o Starveling.......Joe
o Hippolyta........Irene
o First Fairy......Beth

The Crush Mix-Up
The kids all like the wrong person. Here's who likes who:
• Agnes likes Zack
• Zack likes Vanessa
• Vanessa likes Cody
• Cody likes Gwen
• Gwen likes Zack
• Nobody likes Agnes

• Maddie, Esteban and Moseby clap and then say "Yay me!!" But originally, London says, "Yay me!!" and THEN claps.
• When Carey says to do some mirroring exercises, she repeats and says everything after the teacher, but when the kids do it, they do it at the same time and say different things.
• Gwen's dress was already ripped before Agnes ripped it.
• In "Ask Zack", Darlene said she would give him another chance but this episode he is trying to get with another girl. Perhaps Zack and Darlene broke up.
• The characters in the play are dressed in 15th Century European clothing, i.e. Elizabethan, when they should be wearing clothing reminiscent of Bronze Age Athens from when the play is set.
• Plus Puck said Demetrius and Lysander are dressed in Athenian weeds.
• Ever since the episode Crushed, Agnes was in love with Cody, but now in this episode, she is in love with Zack.
• Feng Shui is Chinese, not Japanese. It is an ancient principle signifying a harmonious balance. It was believed that wind and water would lead to a balance of everything hence the names for "wind" and "water".
• The title is a reference to A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play by William Shakespeare
• This is a bonus episode in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking over the Tipton.
• 13th Appearance of Bob.
• 3rd appearance of Agnes.
• 2nd appearance of Mr. Forgess.
• 2nd direct-to-video episode.
“Lost in Translation”

A Japanese singer visits the Tipton. Maddie and London get locked in a closet.

Season 2
Episode 22
Guest star(s): Camilla Rosso, Rebecca Rosso, James Kiriyama-Lem, Kumiko Mori
Original airdate: August 19, 2006

Episode chronology
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"A Midsummer's Nightmare" "Volley Dad"

"Lost in Translation" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Zack and Cody meet a Japanese singer who will sing at the Tipton for a Japanese audience. At their school, it is international week and Zack doesn't have a project other than swiss cheese. He decides to bring the singer in for his project, and she gets lost in the school. When the boys return home without her, Mr. Moseby is furious. Carey and the boys sing a Japanese song from a play to stall the audience, and the singer finally comes and saves the day!
Meanwhile, London decides to give Maddie some of her "old" clothes (ones that were worn twice or so, or some that weren't even worn at all); at first London was just going to throw them away, but Maddie convinces London to let Maddie take what she wants from London's closet instead. When they are in the closet and Maddie is picking out clothes to take, she tries to reach a high rack, causing the rack to fall down and break off the handle of the closet door in the process, leaving them trapped inside. Maddie and London bang on the door, calling out for help, but no one comes. Later, it turns out that London has a cell phone (which she had not thought to use at first); Maddie tells her to call Mr. Moseby so he can let them out, when London's friend Portia calls. The battery dies just as London is about to tell her they are locked in. The girls languish in the closet for most of the day, fighting over one last remaining piece of candy in London's purse at one point, but eventually say how they wouldn't rather spend their last moments with anyone else. Mr. Moseby comes and saves them, and they run out to get food, closing the door behind them leaving Mr. Moseby locked in.

• Janice and Jessica appear for the 3rd time.
• Kumiko Mori is actually a very famous singer and celebrity in Japan.
• London's mirror (voiced by Brian Peck) is shown for the second time.
• When London's talking on the phone and it dies, she says "Battery died", but you can still see the picture on the screen of the cell phone.
• When Maddie and London are in the closet, and Maddie puts London on her shoulders, they only show the back of them. But you can see that London's face isn't Brenda Song; it is her stunt double.
“Volley Dad”

Cody is concerned about Carey's new boyfriend. Maddie plays a trick on London to get her to play volleyball well.

Season 2
Episode 50
Guest star(s): Monique Coleman, Robert Torti, Kaycee Stroh, Abigail Mason, Mindy Sterling, David Shatraw, John Jimmo
Original airdate: September 8, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Lost in Translation" "Loosely Ballroom"

Volley Dad is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Carey has a new boyfriend, Harvey. The relationship has been going on for a month, and Harvey is interested in proposing to Carey. Zack is okay with Carey marrying Harvey because he is rich but Cody opposes the marriage because he didn't want anything to change between himself, Zack and Carey. Mr. Moseby wants the twins out of the hotel, and is giddy with joy at the possibility of a marriage between Carey and Harvey.
Cody believes that the marriage is a disaster, so he calls his father, Kurt and asks him to come to the Tipton. Kurt arrives, but ends up liking Harvey because Harvey owns a music company and is interested in giving Kurt a record deal.
Cody decides that it's up to him to stop the engagement. He travels through the air vents to the hotel restaurant to steal the engagement ring with a fishing pole, but was caught by his dad. After a good heart-to-heart talk in the air vent, Cody accepts that change is inevitable and accepts the possibility of Carey and Harvey's marriage. Mr. Moseby almost throws the whole proposal off by getting the ring stuck to his finger, but in the end, Carey decides not to marry Harvey, for she's not ready for marriage right now.
In the subplot of the episode, Maddie's school is having a volleyball competition, and the game so far isn't much of a success. London comes in and falls in love with Joe, a guy who works at the volleyball courts. Desperate, the team calls London to be in the team who remains her spoiled self until a rival team member mocks her by saying that she (the rival) was so happy to meet the world's dumbest heiress. Angry, London uses vicious moves that rally the team -- losing by a landslide only moments before -- to victory. But at another game, Joe gives her a love letter and London was so lovestruck that she didn't even bother to look at the ball. The next day the school team tries to get London angry enough to win this game. Maddie gets an idea that if she kisses Joe, London's jealousy would turn into anger, so that they can win the game. Maddie worked with the plan, and London did get angry and the team won, but London wasn't happy after Maddie reveals her whole plot to use London. But at the end credits, London finds Maddie sleeping in the bleachers of the gym, who was waiting for London to change (which obviously took a lot of time) so she can apologize to her and the two become friends again.

• Carey changes her hair color, from its usual blonde, to auburn.
• 3rd appearance of Kurt.
• 6th appearance of Mary-Margaret (Monique Coleman).
• We learn that Carey's middle name is Marie.
• When London gets angry she is a superb volleyball player.
• Kaycee Stroh (Leslie) was also in High School Musical with Monique Coleman and Ashley Tisdale.
• Won the "MVE (Most Valuable Episode)" category in the 2006 Disney Channel New Year Sing-Along Bowl-athon.

• In the end credits, when London and Maddie are leaving the gym, Maddie forgets her things on the bleachers.
• When Maddie kisses Joe, it looks like she isn't actually kissing him.
• Moseby as hotel general manager makes a mistake when he tells Maddie, "That's no way to talk to a customer". In the hotel industry they are referred to as "guests" not "customers".
• When London puts their volleyball team's score ahead, it shows Maddie and Mary Margaret jumping up and down and Maddie's hair changes styles.
“Loosely Ballroom”

The gang enters a ballroom dance competition.

Season 2
Episode 51
Guest star(s): Rebecca Rosso, Camilla Rosso, Rip Taylor, Adrian R'Mante, Aaron Musicant, Cheryl Burke, Alaina Reed Hall, Ashly DelGrosso, Simon Harvey, Louis Van Amstel
Original airdate: September 22, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Volley Dad" " Scary Movie"

Loosely Ballroom is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
When Esteban needs to raise money for his sister's quinceañera, he starts up a ballroom dancing school. Mr Moseby then brings a dance competition to the Tipton, with a $1000 prize for the winning team. Esteban puts together a team including Zack and Cody, Jessica and Janice, Carey and Mr. Moseby, London and Lance, as well as himself and a new character called Lori.
When Lori drops out of the team when she saw how bad the team was, Esteban says Carey is the best dancer in the class, and wants her to be his partner at the dance competition. Zack and Cody are also having problems of their own. Zack is paired with Janice, whose arms are, as he puts it, "noodles". Cody thinks Jessica and he are a great team, although she leads him, but Zack convinces him to switch partners.
At the competition, Carey gets sick and can't dance. Esteban tries to find another partner. Zack insults Jessica's dancing, and she and Janice leave in a huff, so Zack and Cody do the tango together. They do great, until they have to improvise a big finale. Zack lifts Cody, and it looks great, but lifts are illegal, so they're out.
Esteban saw Lori and asks her to be his partner, but Lori is already paired up with "Alexander the Great". The nurse who had been watching the class dances with Esteban, and they win the competition. At the end of the episode everyone danced on what they learn from Esteban.

• Fifth appearance of Jessica and Janice.
• Guest stars Cheryl Burke as Nurse Shannon and The Emperor's New School's Rip Taylor as Leo.
• When Moseby and Carey Martin are going to dance the waltz, Moseby says that he has high heels on, but when the camera turns to Cole and Dylan, you can see that Moseby is wearing his regular office shoes.
• Three professional dancers from Dancing with the Stars, a television show on Disney's partner company, ABC, guest star on this episode.
• This is the only episode in which Maddie does not appear.
• Third appearance of Carey's crush on George Clooney.
• Esteban puts a magazine between Zack and Jessica, and Cody and Janice, but when Esteban pushes them looking for Lori the magazines are gone.
• Right after Esteban introduces Lori, 2 members from the crew stick their heads in the scene.
• Originally titled, Ballroom Dancing.
“Scary Movie”

Zack gets scared of a scary movie.

Season 2
Episode 52
Guest star(s): Monica May, Bo Crutcher, Rebecca Rosso, Camilla Rosso, Tahj Mowry
Original airdate: October 13, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Loosely Ballroom" "Ah! Wilderness!"

Scary Movie is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Zack and Cody persuade Carey to give them more freedom by letting them watch a movie alone without her. Carey agrees and takes them to the theater, and she tells the boys not to watch Zombie Mom or any other scary movies. After she leaves, Zack convinces Cody (who wanted to watch Doggie Come Home) to watch Zombie Mom because then Jessica and Janice would be so scared, they will be in the boys' laps. During the movie, Cody pretended to be scared so Janice would hold on to him. Zack, however, was so into the movie that he pushed Jessica away during the scary parts! The next day, in the morning, Moseby enters the hotel only to find the furniture rearrangred at the front doors. Moseby thinks Zack/Cody did it. Zack, not knowing what's going on, said he did not do it. Later on his bed, he finds the lobby bell, and Cody realizes that Zack was sleepwalking and moved the furniture because the movie freaked him out. He tells Zack that if Carey finds out, she would know they went to see "Zombie Mom" and treat them like kids until their kids have kids. So he sets up a number of various noisy booby traps on the bedroom floor to wake Zack up. That night however, Zack gets up and sleepwalks around the booby traps. When he enters the lobby, Mr. Moseby catches him and attempts to make him stop rearranging. Cody wakes up and stepped into the traps. This wakes Carey up and she finds out that Zack did move the furniture. They go down to the lobby and Carey says "Zack, I'm making chocolate chip pancakes!" to wake him up. Cody confesses that it was Zack's idea to watch Zombie Mom, and Carey tells Zack not to ever abuse any freedom he asks for or he's going to wish he had a Zombie Mom. At the end, Zack, Cody, Jessica, Janice, and Carey are at "Doggie Come home." At the end of the movie, Cody says "Look, Doggie came home!" the girls say "Awww!" and snuggle up to Cody to Zack's disappointment.
Meanwhile, London decides to masquerade as a "commoner" to impress a cute delivery boy named Brandon who doesn't like rich people (because they are mean and obnoxious). Maddie bets her that she can't go through with it which London accepts. London even rides the subway for the first time in her life. However when she tries to work Maddie's candy counter to keep up the pretense she finds that being working-class is not as easy as it seems. When she finally tells Brandon the truth, he is understanding and he calls her a nice and down-to-earth person. Maddie however is called "poor and mean" when she makes a snide comment about it. After the couple leaves Moseby sees the mess London left behind. Maddie explains everything and she is even happy she won the bet --- until Moseby gives her her prize for winning, a broom to sweep up the mess.

• The title of this episode is a reference to the Scary Movie franchise.
• This is the sixth appearance of Jessica and Janice.
• This episode features a guest appearance by Tahj Mowry best known for starring in the sitcom Smart Guy, which was created by TSL co-creator Danny Kallis. Ashley Tisdale also made a guest appearance in a Smart Guy episode. Tahj is also the voice of Wade Load in Kim Possible.
• This is an ironic twist. In "Maddie Checks In" Maddie is mistaken to be rich and keeps up the pretense in order to impress a boy. Now London has to pretend to be poor in order to do the same.
• Fourth appearance of Carey's crush on George Clooney.
• Second Halloween episode.
“Ah! Wilderness!”

The boys become Wilderness Scouts, with Mr. Moseby as their leader.

Season 2
Episode 53
Guest star(s): Gus Hoffman, Charlie Stewart, Tom Poston, Cheryl Rusa, David Petruzzi, Naomi Chan, Carla Renata
Original airdate: November 10, 2006

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Scary Movie" "Birdman of Boston"

Ah! Wilderness! is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Mr. Moseby leads Zack, Cody, Bob, and Warren as the Scout Leader on a camping adventure in the woods. Trouble stirs when their food disappears but when Zack brings back fish and gets promoted to a Panda Bear, Cody gets jealous. So Cody goes out and looks for some food, so he can get promoted. He finds a man that lives in a house in the woods and the man gives Cody a basket of strawberries. Cody takes them to Moseby, Bob, Warren and Zack and they start eating them. Until the man came to them and gave Cody his canteen that he left in his house. Moseby then demotes Cody, but Zack tells him it all right and Cody feels better.
Meanwhile, London still likes a guy that broke up with her. But he starts dating Maddie. Carey is trying to relax until London and Maddie start asking for advice from her.

• This episode has a rare racial remark when a masseuse asks if Cliff Harris is a brother (black man)
• Mr.Moseby's nametag is on his Wilderness Scouts uniform.
“Birdman of Boston”

Cody finds a baby hawk at The Tipton and Mr. Moseby tries to get rid of it.

Season 2
Episode 54
Guest star(s): Patrick Bristow, Brian Stepanek, Jessica Lynn, Alex Craig Mann, Camilla Rosso, Rebecca Rosso
Original airdate: November 24, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Ah! Wilderness!" "Nurse Zack"

"Birdman of Boston" is an episode of the Disney Channel show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Zack and Cody spot a bird flying around the Tipton. The bird poops on Mr. Moseby. The twins are in charge of watering London's plants while she is away, but Cody does all the work since Zack refuses to help. The twins go out on London's balcony where they spot the bird in its nest. Zack thinks it is an eagle, but Cody points out it is a hawk. That evening, Patrick and Maddie make fun of Mr. Moseby for getting pooped on. The hawk flies down into the outdoor dining area and makes off with a woman's engagement ring. The bird returns and everyone panics. Mr. Moseby tries to hit the bird with a loaf of bread, but Maddie stops him. Mr. Moseby declares that the bird has to go.
Zack and Cody decide to make a video of the hawk to sell to the "Save The Hawk" Foundation. Mr. Moseby comes into London's room looking for the bird. Moseby wants to move the bird away from the hotel. Zack and Cody threaten to call Mr. Tipton. Moseby leaves defeated. The next morning, Moseby calls Mr. Tipton and gets him to agree to capturing the bird and releasing her into the wild. Mr. Moseby enlists Arwin's help in capturing the bird. Arwin's invention is supposed to shoot a net that covers the bird so it can't fly away. Arwin tries it twice, but the net won't shoot. The twins show up to water the plants and catch Moseby and Arwin in London's room. Arwin's machine backfires and he is hit with the net. The bird gets scared and flies away leaving her egg behind. Cody says he will keep the egg warm.
Cody keeps his mother and Mr. Moseby away from the egg because if a human touches it the mother will not return. Cody tells them the egg can't survive much longer uncovered. Arwin creates a warming device and using gloves Cody picks up the egg and puts it in the device. Zack is jealous because all the girls are hanging around Cody who is mothering the egg. Arwin creates a helmet that looks like a hawk so the baby can relate to its own species. The egg starts to crack. The hawk baby emerges from its egg.
Meanwhile, Maddie is protesting the Tipton's position on hawks by carrying a sign around that says "Tipton Hotel Hates Hawks". Patrick wants the baby hawk removed from the hotel. Mr. Moseby announces that the zoo is willing to take the hawk. Maddie isn't so sure Cody is willing to give the baby up. Cody yells at Zack for taking money from "The Save the Hawk Foundation" to buy a new video camera. Zack confesses he made the charity up. Zack finally agrees to give the rest of the money to a real hawk charity. Moseby tells Cody the zoo has agreed to take the hawk. Cody tells him is going to teach "Bubba" to fly and when he is ready release him in the wild. Mr. Moseby tells him hawks live longer in captivity. Cody tells him Bubba would be happier in the wild.
Six weeks later, Bubba is full grown and Cody had a change of heart and is thinking about giving Bubba to the zoo. Carey tells him it is time to let Bubba go and live on his own. Carey tells Cody about a story how her mother found it hard to let her go, but she knew she had done her job which was to raise her to be able to live on her own. Carey says that just like her mother, one day she'll have to let Zack and Cody go on their own and take a chance. Cody reluctantly agrees to let Bubba fly off. Then comes the most heartbreaking scene in The Suite Life as of yet, Cody begins to cry Bubba flies off into the wild and ends up pooping on Mr. Moseby.

• The hawk seen in this episode is a Harlan's Hawk.
• Bubba is the name of Dylan and Cole Sprouse's bulldog.
• This episode does not have Brenda Song in it.
• Makes a reference to the musical Bye Bye Birdie.
• In the episode Election Arwin is attacked by a hawk, though it is not known whether it is Bubba's mother.
• Carrie's hair has gone back to its yellow color.
• The episodes title is a play on Robert Stroud's nickname, the "Birdman of Alcatraz."
“Nurse Zack”

Zack takes care of Cody and Carey who are sick.

Season 2
Episode 54
Guest star(s): Aaron Musicant, David Blue, Patrick Bristow, Adrian R'Mante, Brian Stepanek, Anthony Acker, Amie Donegan, Sharon Jordan
Original airdate: December 8, 2006
Episode chronology
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"Birdman of Boston" "Club Twin"

Nurse Zack is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Carey gets sick, and also gets Cody sick, leaving Zack in charge of cleaning, shopping, and taking care of them. While Carey, and Cody are sick, the Tipton employers have a competition for Employee of the Month, with the award being an all-expenses free vacation to any Tipton hotel of their choice.
The problem with both is that Zack, being a little egocentric, is very reluctant to do anything to help while the staff is so concerned with winning that they neglect to help guests and even go as far as to ignore everyone, even London.
In the end Zack promises to appreciate everything his mother does and Carey wins the award because in Moseby's words, "She is the only employee who has not annoyed the guests." Instead of a trip to the Tipton of her choice, Carey just asks for a free box of tissues. In the meantime it turns out that London just needed someone to accompany her on her shopping spree in Paris.

• Fifth appearance of Lance.
• First appearance of Dr. Chip Walters.
• The name of Zack and Cody's school is revealed in this episode.
• Running Gag: Everytime someone asks for help, Lance shows up and gives them mouth to mouth.
• Won the "Funniest Fever" category in the 2006 Disney Channel New Year Sing-Along Bowl-athon.
• We never found out who sabatoshed every one.
“Club Twin”

Zack and Cody start an underaged club.

Season 2
Episode 56
Guest star(s): Alyson Stoner, Charlie Stewart, Allie Grant, Sophie Tamiko Oda, Tyler Steelman, Kenny Davis, Fay DeWitt, Charlie Brill, Mitzi McCall, Diandra Newlin, Ron Althoff
Original airdate: January 7,2007
Episode chronology
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"Nurse Zack" "Health and Fitness"

Club Twin is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody start an under aged club. At first, Zack and Cody's club is a real flop, then the club turns out to be a hit. Then Zack thinks they should have a theme night with a rock band, go go dancers and everything. After the mishap with the band being old men and the woman being old in their sixties (mentioned by Cody) the club ends up being a flop. London comes up with her own beauty products called "Simply London". Maddie uses her products to get boys but after wearing her products on her face, her ears tend to get big and her lips get huge and her face breaks and her hair turns pink and tangly.

• Alyson Stoner who plays Max guest stars for the 6th time.
• Charlie Stewart who plays Bob guest stars for the 12th time.
• Allie Grant who plays Agnes guest stars for the 4th time.
• Sophie Tamiko Oda who plays Barbara Brownstein guest stars for the 5th time.
• Filmed July 13, 2006
• This episode marks the second time London tries selling things. The first was in "Going for the Gold".
• Barbara and Cody kiss in the episode.
• Aired a month and a day after Nurse Zack (the episode before this one.)
• This is the first new Suite Life Of Zack And Cody episode of 2007
• We see Barbara's wild side in this episode (her addition to the surgary drink and randomly kissing Cody)
• Another sign of Zack's crush on Max is telling her there's a big fat kiss in it for her since she helps him out by pumping up all of the boys by dancing with them.
• This episode was on Disney Channel "Full Length Videos" before it was aired on Disney Channel.
• This was the new episode on 1-7-07 at 7.
• You can see the model of The Tipton behind Zack and Cody when there in Mr. Moseby's office.
“Risk It All”

Zack and Cody enter a game show. Maddie tries to retrieve an email she accidentally sends to Moseby.

Season 2
Episode 60
Guest stars: Adrian R'Mante, Mario Munoz, Christina Silva, Howard Nemetz, A. J. Noel, Jordan Green, Tyler Kremer, Albert Lee, Meghan Ashley, Dan Levy, Courtney Farnsworth
Original airdate: January 27, 2007

Episode chronology
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"Club Twin" "A Nugget of History"

This article is about the TV episode. For the game show, see Risk It All.
Risk It All is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Zack and Cody plan on competing on a game show called "Risk It All." The twins go to the gameshow, both dressed up as Elvis. In order to compete, the twins have to get the host's attention. To do this Zack pulls Cody's pants down. They are chosen and Zack and Cody have to answer questions and complete physical challenges. The first question is answered by Cody. Zack then needs to deliver a plate of sushi past a sumo wrestler, which he does by throwing a piece of sushi to distract him.
In the second round, Zack answers the question, as it was about baseball, forcing Cody to do the physical challenge. The challenge had Cody smack a balloon through a hole, which he does by popping it, deflating it and causing it to fly into the hole. Cody answers the third question before the host finishes reading it.
The third physical challenge was a jousting match against a girl, who Zack needs to defeat in order to grab a flag and manages to get it. In the final round, Cody becomes too greedy and forces Zack to do the physical challenge, despite his weariness, by spelling Tyrannosaurus. Zack then has to spell the word "dog" with giant block letters while avoiding obstacles. He nearly succeeds, but with six seconds remaining, he fails. Zack and Cody lose the game and all of the prizes they had won. As a consolation prize, they win a "two night stay at the "Boston Tipton," the place where they already live. When they return to the room, Carey cries due to not winning a trip to Hawaii. Zack and Cody run to the room they won from the gameshow to avoid her crying.
Meanwhile, Maddie, Esteban, and London attempt to retrieve Maddie's email, which vented her frustration toward Mr. Moseby that London accidentally sent. They run into his office and find him talking to his mother. To get him out, they tell him there is a "wet rat on fire running from the basement to the roof". As they look for Moseby's password, they knock his pictures off the wall. While Esteban and Maddie try to replace the pictures, Moseby returns, so they hide under his desk. Esteban taps on the bottom of the desk, and Maddie tickles Moseby's legs, making him run out in fear of rats. They delete the email after discovering he had logged in.
Moseby later approaches them with information from the letter. It turned out he had read the letter from his cellphone. He tells them to tell him the next time they think his directions are unreasonable they should simply tell him. London then blabs that Esteban and Maddie had snuck into his office, and he tells them never to do it again.

• This episode was originally titled Game Show.
• Zack and Cody dress up as Elvis Presley when they enter the game show.
• Second appearance of Mr. Moseby's office. However, this is the first time we see his "employee-of-the-month" awards as mentioned in Nurse Zack.
• This is the second time London asks someone what they are doing, and then doesn't understand what they say and asks again. The first time was in Nurse Zack.
• First time Carey tries the secret handshake performed by the boys in regular occasions in almost every episode. However, it doesn't end too well, with the boys hanging their heads in despair, and Carey nervously stating that she would make some food for them before the opening theme.
• The Risk it all game show could be a parody of Nickelodeon's Double Dare game show, which had a similar format with trivia questions and physical challenges. The set also bears a slight resemblence.
• Risk it All might also be a bit of a parody of The Price is Right
“A Nugget of History”

Moseby's grandmother (played by Phill Lewis) comes to visit, and helps Zack with a history paper.

Season 2
Episode 62
Guest stars: Phill Lewis
Original airdate: February 23, 2007

Episode chronology
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"Risk It All" "Miniature Golf (TSL episode)"

"A Nugget of History" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Mr. Moseby's grandmother comes to visit, and helps Zack with his history paper by telling him about a black captain named Hugh Mulzac against segregation. Zack writes a school paper about him, but after Zack turns in the paper the teacher gives him a D. Zack frustratedly argues with the teacher, because of this the teacher gives him a week of detention. Later Zack goes to his detention with Grandma Moseby to prove that the captain was there on September 29th 1942. There was a picture and everything when there was a picture with the Navy coastguard. When the teacher had gotten proof, he had changed Zack's grade from a D to an A+.
London's father is making her get a job or else he'll cut her off. When London hears about Maddie's other job at a chicken-themed fast-food restaurant, London decides to and gets a job there. The manager's rule is that if you don't make a meal in a certain amount of time, then the meal becomes free. If there is one free meal, it will come out of the responsible person's paycheck. Because London's new, Maddie teaches London how to do every job in the place, but because of London's stupidity, Maddie gives her the easiest job in the restaurant---dressing up as the mascot of the restaurant, Hilary Hen. A guy comes in and orders his meal so fast that Maddie couldn't understand. London comes in and she broke the rules by accessorizing her costume. Maddie got so distracted, she ran out of time and the customer gets a free meal. The manager now is making Maddie dress up as Hillary Hen, and London is working the counter. At first London is doing really well, until a football team comes in. With all the commotion and hungry customers, Maddie goes into the kitchen, while wearing the costume, and gets fired because she wasn't allowed to wear it in the kitchen. The manager fires both Maddie and London. At the end, London bought the place, and is now the manager. She and Maddie make the old manager dress up as Hillary Hen.

• This is the second time both Maddie and London are in an animal costume. The first time for Maddie was in Hotel Inspector where she dressed up as a dog. The first time for London was in Moseby's Big Brother where she dressed up as a bunny.
• The head of the chicken costume was used as a prop in the photobooth during The New Year's Eve Sing-a-long Bowl-a-thon.
• Phill Lewis does a double role in this episode as Mr. Moseby and Moseby's grandmother.
• This is the second of Mr. Moseby's relatives we have seen.
• The chicken costume Maddie, London, and the now ex-manager wore was also used in Hannah Montana episode Oops! I Meddled Again first by Jackson and then by Miley.
• London starts to think air quotes are an obscene gesture.
• London makes $6 an hour, before her father multiplies her earnings by a thousand.
• Mr. Moseby only appears at the beginning of the episode.
• Phill Lewis spends most of the episode as Rose Moseby.
“Miniature Golf”

Zack and Cody go on a double date to the golf course.

Season 2
Episode 58
Guest stars: Sophie Tamiko Oda, Alexa Nikolas, Brittany Curran, Alicia Favela
Original airdate: March 2, 2007

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"A Nugget of History" "Health and Fitness"

Miniature Golf is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody go on a double date to a miniature golf course. Zack tries to impress his date, Ella, but he got well defeated. Zack was upset because he got beaten by a girl. Cody and his date, Barbara Brownstein, have an intellectual attraction. Later, Zack tries to get help on how to golf, so Mr. Moseby taught him. The next time they went mini golfing, Zack was doing really well, and he was becoming a sore winner. One by one, they all ditched him.
London joins a bookclub with the popular people because she believes that everybody who is anybody is in it. The club reads Pride and Prejudice, but Maddie stays long enough at the Tipton (where they hold the book club meeting) to find out that the girls don't read the book; all they did was just talk about fashion, money, and gossip. Maddie insults London and her friends by saying that they wouldn't understand the analytical meaning even if they read the book. To prove her wrong, London reads the entire book. At the next meeting, they get into an argument about a character, if they are cool or not. They end up having a food fight because of Pride and Prejudice.

• Sixth appearance of Barbara Brownstein.
• Alexa Nikolas, also known as Nicole on Zoey 101, guest stars as Tiffany.
• This is the second time a star from Zoey 101 appeared. The first being Victoria Justice, Lola, who appeared in The Fairest of Them All
• Barbara and Cody may become an "item" until season three.
• This episode aired in Canada (Family Channel) on February 22, one week before the U.S.
• This episode aired on February 27 in Latin America, three days before U.S.
• Zack acts like Adam Sandler as he played Happy Gilmore.

• When the camera showed the whole book club, two more girls appeared who were not there whe London, Tiffany, and Chelsea were fighting.
“Health and Fitness”

Cody tries to get Zack and Chef Paolo to eat healthy.

Season 2
Episode 51
Guest star(s): Jerry Kernion, Brock Kelly, Zack Lively, Georgina Rosso

Episode chronology
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"Club Twin" "Miniature Golf"

"Health and Fitness" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

The episode starts off with all of the Tipton staff lining up for a cholesterol test. And some of the staff are surprised with their results, namely Chef Paolo, who confides in both Zack and Cody. Meanwhile, London asks Maddie to be part of her fashion show along with her "best friend" Franchesca (Rosso), whom she says is mean. Also, Carey is surprised to see Zack's sugar intake, and she cuts it off. Cody and Carey tell him about the dangers of eating too much sugar.
In the meantime, Maddie is picking out a dress when she encounters Franchesca. Franchesca criticizes Maddie about her appearance and then does the same to London as well. The girls start to get distressed, and when they look in the mirror, their mind plays tricks on their eyes and London and Maddie decide to do something about it. So they end up fixing their problems: London exercises while Maddie stuffs herself with high calorie and sugary foods. Back in the kitchen, Cody is controlling how much Chef Paolo eats. Cody gives him the chef some advice on how to stop him from consuming so much food, but it doesn't seem to work.
Zack is unhappy with his new diet, and Cody invites Chef Paolo to sleep over. Suddenly, Chef Paolo is tempted to eat, so he breaks into the Martins' refrigerator, joined by Zack, who comes out later. The both of them end up going into the kitchen, stuffing themselves with sweets, joined by Maddie. London comes into the kitchen asking for Maddie. Cody and Carey come in and Paolo shoves his head in the carton. At the long awaited fashion show, Maddie is surprised to find that she can't fit perfectly in a dress. When she steps out, she makes a fool out of herself. Embarrassed, Maddie dashes back into the room and runs into London who, because of lack of food, is dizzy. The two crash into the curtains, revealing Franchesca shoving toilet paper in her bra.
In the end, Zack and Cody reenter the kitchen, to find that Paolo had created a whole new dessert menu made out of completely healthy ingredients. London and Maddie walk out of the fashion show with two boyfriends each, confessing on how stupid they were acting.

• Georgina Rosso is related to Camilla and Rebecca Rosso, who play the recurring roles of Jessica and Janice in The Suite Life.
• 2nd appearance of Chef Paolo
• When Franchesca says that Maddie has "chicken legs" this is a reference to Ashley Tisdale, who plays Maddie. Tisdale says that in high school when she wore skirts she was often called "chicken legs" as well.
• This episode is also included within the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana DVD as a "never-before-seen" episode. But by then, it will probably be seen.

Zack and Cody are surprised with their Aptitude test scores: Zack is a CEO and Cody is a sanitation engineer. Meanwhile, Maddie saves the Moroccan ambassador's life resulting in fame, London gets jealous at her.

Season 2
Episode 59
Guest stars

Original airdate March 23, 2007 (Already aired in Canada)
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Miniature Golf" "I Want My Mummy"

Aptitude is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

The episode starts when Cody is taking an aptitude test on his computer. Zack walks in and Cody talks to him about the test. Zack decides to take the test. He steals Cody's computer and starts laughing. He actually is looking at a picture of a man with a beard of bees.
Patrick goes to Mr. Moseby and asks for a new podium, but Mr. Moseby refuses. London returns from Morocco, talks to Maddie about the hotel her father is building in her name and tells Mr. Moseby, Maddie and Patrick that she invited the Moroccan ambassador to come for dinner and says he is expecting a huge Moroccan theme.
Zack and Cody are talking the aptitude test in their suite at the same time and Zack tries to cheat off Cody. Cody lets him know you can't cheat off someone else on this test. They send the test and the answers come in. Cody is surprised as his says that he will be a Sanitation Engineer. Zack thinks it's good because he thinks it means he will be an engineer. Cody tells him that it means he will be a garbage man. Zack thinks he will become a 'Kee-O. Cody tells him it means CEO. Zack doesn't know what that is and Cody tells him that it means he will be the runner of a huge company. Cody thinks it's a mistake. Zack drops a candy wrapper and asks Cody to pick it up. He does which makes Zack think it isn't a mistake.
Mr. Moseby enters the restaurant which is themed like Morocco. London and the Moroccan ambassador come in and sit down at the table. London tells the ambassador that the entertainment is going to be very good. But it turns out Maddie is the entertainment. She dances around. The Moroccan ambassador begins to choke on food and Patrick says he doesn't know what to do. Maddie saves the day and suddenly, the reporters are interested in her.
Back in Zack and Cody's suite, Zack is reading a magazine about money. Carey is surprised that he is actually reading. Zack begins to do money math and that impresses Carey. She thinks the test is the best thing that happened to the family. Cody comes out of his room looking ragged and decided to give up on what ever he wants to do. Carey tries to comfort Cody, but tries to make Zack think he'll still be a CEO, which is harder than she thought.
Maddie is happy because people are asking for her autograph and she's on the cover of a magazine. Maddie is on a talk show and London and Patrick are trying to come up with a way to make themselves more famous than Maddie because they are jealous. London starts choking on some chicken and Maddie saves her life too. Maddie becomes even more famous.
It's night and Zack and Cody are dreaming. Zack is dreaming of him being the CEO of his company, Zack INC. There are tonnes of girls there including Maddie and London. Zack realizes that he just made more money, so all the girls and him start dancing. Meanwhile, in Cody's dream, he is sweeping trash from Zack's party that he just threw. When Zack and Cody wake up, Carey comes into the room and tries to comfort Cody.
Zack, Cody and Carey go down to the aptitude test center to talk about Cody's results. The man in the office refuses to come out because he thinks that Zack, Cody and Carey are from the Government. It turns out, the place where the aptitude results are made is also a center for dating and fat-free doughnuts. Carey talks to the man and gives him a piece of her mind. Cody feels a lot better, but Zack is really sad because he probably won't become a CEO and make lots of Money.
Maddie is very famous. Moseby comes to see her. Maddie is waiting for one of her fans, but she walks right past her. Maddie realises that the new story is a dog saved a cat from a burning building. London comes and Maddie asks her about the dog and cat. London tells her that she is yesterday's news. She says that Maddie saved two lives, but the dog saved a cat, so that was nine lives. so the dog is beating her by seven. But Moseby reminds her that Maddie also saved her life. London claps and says 'Yay, Maddie!' Maddie is amazed that London 'Yayed' someone other than herself. London claps again and says 'Yay ME!' Patrick comes into the lobby wearing his Moroccan outfit. He says things to Mr. Moseby that embarrasses the Tipton Hotel. Patrick says the only way to stop him is if he gets a new podium and a raise. But Mr. Moseby will only settle for the new podium.

• This episode aired in Canada Family Channel on February 26, and in Latin America on February 28.
• This episode marks the fifth time a channel besides Disney Channel airs a new episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
• In this episode, Maddie says "London, you've never yayed anyone but yourself before," but in Not So Suite 16 she says "Yay Daddy", and in' 'Ask Zack', Carey, in an attempt to get London to fall asleep sings "Hush little rich girl, don't say a word. Daddy's gonna buy you the whole wide world," to which London responds "Yay Daddy!" again.
• This episode was supposed to air before A Nugget of History, so Maddie says that she's Hilary Hen, but because this episode aired after A Nugget of History, she actually isn't Hillary Hen any more.
“I Want My Mummy”

The Tipton hosts an exhibit of pre-Colombian artifacts, including a mummy which scares Mr. Moseby.
Original airdate: April 13, 2007 (Aired already in Canada)

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Aptitude" "Back in the Game"

I Want My Mummy is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
London buys ancient objects and plans to host them in an exhibit at the Tipton. Zack and Cody want to see the mummy, but knock it over the balcony. Zack dresses Cody up to replace the mummy and puts him in the place of the original mummy. Esteban is scared of the curse of the mummy and he and Maddie try to replace it with a fake mummy. The problem is, they actually replace Cody.

• Aired in Canada (the Family Channel).
• The curse of the mummy is poverty, your hair catching fire and your skin melting off.
• Another episode where Maddie and Esteban work together.
• Phill Lewis directs this episode

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