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!!Season 1!! 2005-2006

Hotel Hangout

Zack and Cody realise who their true friends are. Maddie and London tutor each other.

Season: 1
Episode: 1
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Alyson Stoner, Dennis Bendersky, Jascha Washington, Aaron Musicant, Rody Yousif
Original airdate: March 18, 2005
~Episode chronology~
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"N/A" "The Fairest of Them All"

Hotel Hangout is the first episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

We are introduced to 12-year-old identical twins Zack and Cody whose mom is the new headline singer at the very fancy Tipton Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. They live in a suite on the 23rd floor of the hotel. As the 'new guys' they have trouble making friends at their new school, with only two outcasts being friendly; Tapeworm, a tall boy who is a math genius, and Max, a girl who dresses like a boy but who can dance fantastically. When other students learn that they live at the Tipton they all want to hang out with the twins. Soon dozens of students start showing up and the hotel is overrun by preteens. The boys come to realize that all of the kids like them only because of the benefits of the hotel, and recognize Tapeworm and Max as their only true friends.
Maddie, the beautiful teenage candy counter girl at the hotel, reluctantly agrees to tutor London, the daughter of the owner of the hotel chain, in math in return for advice on how to ask out boys. Maddie goes out with Lance the hotel lifeguard and discovers that, although he is cute, he is also pretty dim and is obsessed with talking about water. On the end London gets a C+ in math, her dad buys her a big screen tv, and Maddie uses Londons advice and dumps lance. They were both happy!

Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin
Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin
Brenda Song as London Tipton
Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby
Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin
Aaron Musicant as Lance the Lifegaurd

Series Premiere
1st appearance of Esteban
1st appearance of Max
1st appearance of Tapeworm
1st and only appearance of Drew
1st appearance of Lance

Moseby makes a reference to Chicken Little in describing a disaster.

The Fairest of Them All

Cody mistakenly takes part in a beauty competition at the Tipton because he likes one of the girls in the pageant.

Season 1
Episode 2
Guest star(s): Stephanie Hodge, Victoria Justice, Lisa Long, Skyler Samuels, Matt Winston, Paige Hurd, Virginia Watson, Camille LaChe Smith
Original airdate: March 18, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Hotel Hangout" "Maddie Checks In

Some girls come to the Tipton to compete in a Mini Miss Beauty Pageant and Cody falls in love with one named Rebecca (Victoria Justice). Cody is about to give flowers to her but Mr. Moseby comes {earlier he said the twins couldn't go near the girls} backstage where Cody is and he dresses up as a girl quickly. Mr. Moseby leaves, but Cody is mistaken for a girl named Tyreesha. He becomes a contestant and becomes the best friend of his crush, Rebecca. He gets invited to a slumber party and must hide from Maddie and London before they recognize him. Zack wants to win the prize money to buy new bikes, but Cody doesn't want to because he wanted Rebecca to win. Zack locks him in a cabinet closet and skateboards for his talent. His disguise falls off and Cody runs to him. Rebecca is mad at Cody but later forgives him she and gives him a kiss before she leaves.
The title of this episode is like the name of a Dolly Parton Album: The Fairest of Them All
This particular episode depicts Texans as Stereotypical, [dimwitted]trailer park hillbillies, and therfore may be offensive to Texan viewers...
This episode contains Crossdressing.

Maddie Checks In

Maddie pretends to be rich so a rich hotel guest will go on a date with her, and Zack and Cody try to help her pull it off.

Season 1
Episode 3
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Julia Duffy, Daniel Booko, Lee Reherman, James Snyder, Lyman Ward, Cullen G. Chambers, Henry Yamada
Original airdate: March 25, 2005

Episode chronology
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"The Fairest of Them All" "Hotel Inspector"

Maddie Checks In is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Two guys come to the Tipton, and London wants to go to the Usher concert with them, however Moseby won't let her go because he receives a fax from her father saying that she can't go on dates alone, without another girl. So she asks Maddie to come with her. When Maddie introduces herself to Jason, she thinks he is another rich snob, but he says something about recycling and they hit it off. London asks Maddie if she will go to the concert, just so London can go, and Jason and Maddie start to like each other.
The next day, Jason thinks Maddie is rich, and she starts to lead him on, saying she has a suite. She thinks Jason is leaving, but he ends up staying another night and offers to take Maddie to dinner. That night, Zack and Cody help her, by getting her an imperial suite and a dress (Which was supposed to be delivered to London), however a celebrity wrestler is staying in Maddie's "suite". When London finds out her dress is missing, Zack & Cody lie to her that Maddie's changing in a closet. So when London looks in, they push her in and quickly lock the door! Maddie, Jason, and his parents go to dinner right in the Hotel where Carey is singing. While they are out, Zack and Cody make sure the Amputater leaves, by wreaking the room and putting it back together when Maddie comes back.
When everyone comes back from dinner, London appears with a bucket stuck to her foot (It was there when she was pushed in & trapped) and orders Maddie to get out of her dress! Jason asks Maddie what is going on and she has to tell him the truth : The dress she's wearing isn't hers. She's not rich. She works at the Tipton as a Candy Counter Girl. Didn't know what she was thinking of lying in the first place and that she's really sorry-leaving Jason confused and Maddie running off in tears.
Carey follows Maddie into the elevator and talks to Maddie, who is feeling lousy and that Jason will hate her. Carey consoles her and tells her that she shouldn't sell herself short. After some help from Carey, Maddie stops crying.
The next day, Carey then takes the boys' television away as punishment for injuring a professional wrestler, damaging hotel property, locking London in a closet, and almost ruining her singing performance!
Meanwhile, Jason goes to the candy counter and sees the real Maddie, working. Jason tells her that he's not like most rich guys and Maddie apologizes. Then they both kiss good-bye (It's Jason's last day there), while the twins are seeing them doing it again and Zack is annoyed by it.

First time of Zack and Cody's handshake.
2nd appearance of Esteban.
Maddie gets her first kiss in this episode.
We find out that Cody has a cell phone.
Jason's Mother appears to be a crazed fan of the Amputator.
Jason's mom is Drake Bell and Josh Peck's teacher in Drake and Josh

Hotel Inspector

Hotel inspector temporarily takes control of the Tipton from Mr. Moseby, because of Zack, so they make a plan to bring Mr.Moseby back.

Season 1
Episode 4
Guest star(s): Caroline Rhea, Brad Blaisdell, Cullen G. Chambers, Annie Gagen, Adrian R'Mante, Estelle Harris
Original airdate: April 1, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Maddie Checks In" "Grounded on the 23rd Floor"

The Hotel Inspector is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Mr. Moseby hears that a hotel inspector is on the way to the Tipton. Afraid the mischievous twins Zack and Cody will get him fired, he invites them to that night's Red Sox game. But Zack sneaks his pet rats, Bonnie and Clyde, to the game. Mr. Moseby meets the Tipton hotel inspector, Ilsa (played by Caroline Rhea) - notable for her very large mole - shortly before the twins return. Bonnie and Clyde sneak out of Zack's pocket and causes panic in front of the Ilsa, the inspector. Appalled, Ilsa sends Moseby packing and takes over the hotel. While under Ilsa's strict control, Zack and Cody realize how much Moseby meant to them. Zack heads up to Moseby's apartment to apologize and invite him back, but Moseby refuses to go. Meanwhile, London is working on a birthday poker party for her dog, Ivana. Maddie the candy clerk is inevitably drafted to wear a dog/clown costume. When Bonnie and Clyde return to their suite, Zack and Cody say they were lucky that they found the rats before the party, which would have been a disaster that could get a manager fired. Noting that, Zack and Cody realize what they must do to get Moseby back.
So, Cody invites the Cat Lovers Society for a free week at the Tipton, allowing them to bring as many cats as they want, while Zack hacks into the Tipton computer system and reassigns everyone to a new room so that their card keys don't work on their usual rooms. The next day, Ilsa is overwhelmed with complaints. Zack also did something to the computer so that every time you push a button it comes up with a picture of a dancing koala. Meanwhile, Zack phones Mr. Moseby and complains that the hotel is going crazy. When Moseby assures Zack that Ilsa can handle it, he overhears cries for help from Esteban, Muriel and Cody. These problems were all false, but Moseby knew the Tipton needed him immediately. Next, Zack releases Bonnie and Clyde, who run through the lobby to lure the Cat Lovers' cats into giving chase. The rats relay themselves into Cody's carrier. The cats disappear behind a corner, only to come running back into the lobby followed by the dogs from the party. The Tipton review board comes in to see all the commotion in the lobby. Not long later, Mr. Moseby arrives and restores order. Impressed with his work, the review board gives Moseby his job back. Ilsa leaves the hotel without a job. Zack and Cody had engineered the chaos, nearly destroying the hotel in the process, just to get Moseby back, and he only has one thing to say to them: "Thank you."

Ilsa (played by Caroline Rhea) makes a cameo appearance in the episode, "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet".
1st appearance of Ilsa
1st appearance of Muriel
3rd appearance of Esteban
When Mr. Moseby says to the twins that the health inspector is coming, he hints that they might go to New York. They then ask for Yankees' tickets, even though they hate the Yankees.
The first part of Ilsa's last name is the original family name of Adolf Hitler's father.
When Moseby says the kids are going to New York, they could have asked for Mets tickets.

Zack's pet rats are named after Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the most infamous outlaw couple in American history. And they are the cousins of Stitch in "Lilo and Stitch: The Series".
Ilsa's outburst at the end "I'll get you next time, Mr. Moseby. And your little dog, too!" was an allusion to the famous line The Wizard of Oz. She later uses a similar line in "Bowling."
When Maddie says "London, we have a problem" she is alluding to the Tom Hanks, line in Apollo 13.

Grounded on the 23rd Floor

Zack and Cody try to take a picture of a celebrity couple to get money for their mother.

Season 1
Episode 5
Guest star(s): Vince Rimoldi, Bob Mackey, Louis Dauber, Joyce Giraud, Maximillian Alexander, Terry Simpson, Carey Scott
Original airdate: April 8, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Hotel Inspector" "The Prince & The Plunger"

Grounded on the 23rd Floor is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.


The twins get grounded on the 23rd floor in their suite for misbehaving (again) when they almost broke a vase. Plus they are making Carey's bill huge. When they overhear their mother say they are burdens they decide to sneak into a celebrity wedding to take a picture of the couple's first kiss to make money for their mom. Meanwhile, Maddie needs money so she decides to babysit Zack and Cody. Zack and Cody sneak where Mr. Moseby is talking to the couple looking for a singer they suggest their mom. She gets a job singing there, but they still can't go because they're grounded. So when Maddie babysits, Zack sneaks out with Cody covering him. He sneaks through an air vent and gets to the wedding room to take an illegal picture. In the air vent he finds London sneaking in to because she wasnt invited, after bragging that she would be there. Maddie discovers Zack is gone and she and Cody go through the air vent to find him, and on their crawl back through the air vent they run into Mr. Moseby. Zack and Cody are in trouble and grounded again.

This was the very first episode filmed for the whole series.
This was the only episode that was filmed when Dylan and Cole were 12, the right age, the rest of season 1 they were 13 and in season 2, when Zack and Cody were 13, they were 14.
This was the only episode in which Maddie wore the Tipton colours in her uniform. It was a different uniform than each of the other episodes.
A different woman besides Irene is at the concierge desk in the background.
The Martins live is suite 2330.
This was the original pilot for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but the pilot got changed to Hotel Hangout.
In this episode, seen only on the different version of the episode (on DVD) it included Zack giving Cody a wedgie.
London says when she owns the hotel she is going to fire Maddie.

The Prince & The Plunger

Zack and Cody dislike Carey's new boyfriend and London gets excited about her dad coming.

Season 1
Episode 6
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Brian Stepanek, Brian McNamara, Carey Scott, David Paladino, Andrea Sabesin
Original airdate: April 15, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Grounded on the 23rd Floor" "Footloser"

The Prince & The Plunger is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Carey receives flowers and a poem from a secret admirer. Zack, Cody, and Maddie believe it is the new employee - Serge the Concierge - and he admits to sending the gifts. Serge is a bit of a jerk and treats the boys shabbily. While their mom is out on her date, they discover that Arwin is actually infatuated with Carey. The boys and Maddie work to clean Arwin up and to expose Serge as a pretender. Ultimately, Carey lets Arwin down gently, dumps Serge, and the boys dump llama milk on his head. Mr. Moseby is excited that Mr. Tipton is coming to visit the hotel and take London to the father-daughter dance. London is convinced that he won't show. After Moseby gets the hotel in perfect condition and hires a band to welcome his boss, he learns that Tipton is a no-show. The pilot brings London a diamond necklace as an apology. Moseby discovers London crying in the linen closet, her tough attitude about her father once again disappointing her is revealed to be a front. Moseby asks London if he be her escort to the father-daughter dance. She agrees, looks him up and down and says "You're gonna change, right?"

1st appearance of Arwin
2nd appearance of Muriel

The band plays "Hail to the Chief" as they expect Mr. Tipton to arrive, the same song that is played for the President of the United States.
The title is a pun of The Prince and the Pauper.
In this episode Cody and Maddie pretend to be Prince and Princess Bapa-Lapa Shamalama Ding Dong.
When Carey talks about not dating her secret admirer if he is a stalker or an ex-felon, Muriel says, "Don't knock it till you've tried it." Referring to the episode, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel." When the cast is in a daydream and young Muriel turns down a date from "Hot Peppers" DeLeo, an ex-felon.

When Carey said she is going to fill the vase, the water, Zack and Cody talk about the ups if their mom started dating, when Carey returned there is still only a little water in the vase.
When Serge enters to pick Carey up for her date, he sits down on a nearby chair. We see the curtains are closed and sunlight is pouring through. However, when Carey runs out of the bathroom, the curtains are open and you can see the city and a night-sky.

Cody has to compete for Zack in a dance competition because he's hurt his arm and doesn't want Max to know and London mistreats Maddie.

Season 1
Episode 7
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Alyson Stoner, Tait Ruppert, LaRita Shelby
Original airdate: April 22, 2005

Episode chronology
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"The Prince & The Plunger" "A Prom Story"

Footloser is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Max asks Zack to be her partner in a Dance USA contest being held at the Tipton Hotel. Cody is upset he isn't asked and that Zack is more talented than him in all areas that matter such as dance, basketball, and skateboarding. (Apparently academics don't count.) Cody unsuccessfully explores other hidden talents such as ventriloquism and magic. Zack recklessly gets injured before the dance finals, so Cody tries to secretly take his place, but they are discovered and disqualified.
In the subplot, London loans Maddie $250 so that her parents can make that honeymoon trip to Paris, but Maddie ends up being London's personal servant in return. Once the staff has had enough of London's bossing Maddie around, including Moseby who uses Cody's ventriloquist dummy to communicate, they chip in and give Maddie the money to pay London back. London apologizes to Maddie because she did not realize how she was hurting Maddie in the long run.

Episode's title is a play on the 1984 film/musical Footloose. (An AWSOME musical)
Carey reveals her talent for singing was discovered by mistake while she was unsuccessfully trying stand-up comedy in a High School talent show. She broke into song and ended up winning the contest.
When Cody mentions to Max, "You're better than the girl in the Missy Elliot video", Alyson Stoner, who portrays Max,is a dancer that was featured in a Missy Elliot music video.
4th appearance of Esteban
2nd appearance of Max
Cody calls his 'style' Trip hop. Trip Hop is actually a genre, as demonstrated by Massive Attack, Tricky and Zero 7.

A Prom Story

Zack thinks that Maddie wants to take him to her prom and Cody comes obsessed with mime because the Circus came to the Tipton.

Season 1
Episode 8
Guest star(s): Adam Grimes, Mitchel Evans, Russ Stark, Billy Mullhollan, Gweneth Larsen, Nathan Stein, Roy Johns, Lois Garcia, Bonnie Morgan, Monique Coleman, Abby Freeman
Original airdate: May 6, 2005

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Footloser" "Band in Boston"

A Prom Story is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Maddie has her prom at the Tipton and is eager to attend with a High School senior. Zack believes Maddie wants to attend with him when he overhears her saying there's an age difference of three years. He even arranges for the visiting circus to entertain the High School students when the band, Maroon 5, doesn't show and the prom is boring.
Cody becomes obsessed with a mime artist from the circus and annoys him so he finally talks, ruining his career as a mime.
Zack is crushed when he finds out the truth that her crush was an older high school student. Maddie in turn finds out her crush is revealed to be dating a college student, she and Zack console each other in their depression. Maddie then tells Zack that she will dance with him at his prom if he dances with him at hers, then they both hit the dance floor.

1st appearance of Mary Margaret
Monique Coleman (Mary Margaret) would later co-star with Ashley Tisdale (Maddie) in High School Musical.

Band in Boston

Zack, Cody, Max, and Tapeworm organize a band but Zack and Cody fall out over differences in how the band should be run. London buys new instruments for Maddie and Lance's band but insists on being in the group, even though she has no talent.

Season 1
Episode 9
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Brian Stepanek, Lewis Dix Jr., Aaron Musicant, Dennis Bendersky, Alyson Stoner, Michelle Mellgren
Original airdate: May 20, 2005

Episode chronology
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"A Prom Story" "Cody Goes to Camp"

Band in Boston is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Zack, Cody, Max, and Tapeworm decide to start a band called "Rock Squared" to win the event at the Tipton, The Battle of The Bands. Whoever wins, gets a record of their own. But, Zack only cares about his clothes and keeps on messing up the words. Cody is too serious and only cares about the way the music sounds and is too strict with the band. They fight and Cody starts a new band with Arwin and Muriel, taking his lyrics along with him. Max and Tapeworm realize that they can't do it without Cody, so they lock the two in a closet to let them work it out. Max tells Muriel to let them out when they work it out but Muriel falls asleep. When the band is getting ready, Zack and Cody aren't there, so Max and Tapeworm go to look for them, finding out that they crawled into the air conditioning. When it's there turn to perform, Zack and Cody finally arrive, with the help of Arwin.
Meanwhile, Maddie and Lance's band (Waterworks) is having trouble too. Someone got water in their instruments. Maddie is really upset, saying how she needed that record, so she can get rich. When London hears Maddie saying, "What, no one has that much money" she starts laughing and says that she will fix the instruments on the condition London can be in the band. After playing the tambourine and complaining Maddie and Lance decide to let London sing with Maddie. But they find out that London sings horribly. So, the night they perform, they turn off London's mike so you can't hear her singing. When London figures it out and she thinks her mike's broken so she asks to share with Maddie. Maddie says no and London asks why. Then Maddie blurts out, without thinking, " Because you're a lousy singer!" Everyone gasps! London, hurt & embarrassed, runs off the stage. Maddie follows her into the lobby, apologizing. London forgives her, saying, "You know, Daddy owns a few record companies, I could've made a CD anytime. But, now that I know I'm a lousy singer, what's the point?" Maddie stares at her openmouthed.
Rock Squared won the battle of the Bands.

2nd appearance of Arwin
3rd appearance of Muriel
2nd appearance of Tapeworm
3rd appearance of Max
2nd appearance of Lance ddegkrefhgtrwwhtrht

dog eat dog world

Even though London is obviously tone deaf, in real life Brenda (London) is an excellent singer as she sang with the Disney Channel Circle of Stars. The song they sung as "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes." Along with stars from "That's So Raven" and "Phil of the Future" Dylan, Cole, and Ashley also participated.
Even though they are not actually playing their instruments in this episode, the Sprouse twins did write the song and record it in the studio.

When Cody and Zack come in to sing, Cody has a sock as a tie. Then when Zack starts singing Cody doesn't have the sock anymore and it's not on the floor.
In the first seen the refrigerator is different than the one in the other episodes, and there are no pictures, but in the next seen that takes place in the living room, it is the same as always.

Cody Goes to Camp

Zack misses Cody while he is in math camp and London is taught to drive by Mr. Moseby.

Season 1
Episode 10
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Adrian R'Mante, Maurice Smith, Gus Hoffman, Dennis Bendersky
Original airdate: June 6, 2005

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Band in Boston" "To Catch a Thief"

Cody Goes to Camp is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Cody goes to math camp with his friend Tapeworm and meets a new friend, Warren. Zack is excited to be free from his brother, but soon finds out he's alone and doesn't have anybody to play with. London get her learner's permit starts her driving lessons with Mr. Moseby, but things don't go that well when she crashes into the Tipton because Mr. Moseby was tensing her up. Zack gets worried because Cody doesn't return his calls, and convinces London into driving him to the camp to visit. London and Zack run away with Muriel as driver's aid and Maddie -- having kidnapped her after she threatens to tell -- and after being stopped twice by the police, they arrived at the camp where Zack finally admits he missed Cody.

The song played when Cody and Tapeworm get to Camp Knock-A-Number is also in Playhouse Disney's PB&J Otter episode, Babble Berry Picking.
5th appearance of Esteban
4th appearance of Muriel
3rd appearance of Tapeworm
1st appearance of Warren
London's crashing through the wall of the ballroom is similar in plotline to the episodes of Family Matters, Silver Spoons, and Full House where Eddie, Rick, and Stephanie respectively also have the same accident. The same thing also happened in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, where Frank and Marie had the same accidents.
The highway patrolman was on point when he mentioned that driving too slow is can also be dangerous (as going too fast). Most highways in every part of the world have a minimum speed limit as well as maximum and London could have just as easily been written up for going too slow.

When London is driving the car to go to Cody's math camp, they establish that the car is going 20 mph, after that a police officer pulls the car over, so Muriel tells everyone to act natural. Maddie then asks how she can act natural in a car going 10 mph. (It could be that Maddie would be trying to show everyone the car is going very slow, or that it's impossible to act natural in a car going slower than people on bicycles. Of course, Maddie being in the car against her will may also have something to do with her semantics.)
London says that she is going to the DMV to get her Learner's Permit. In Massachusetts, what other states refer to as the "DMV" (Department of Motor Vehicles), is called the "RMV" (Registry of Motor Vehicles) or simply "The Registry". (Though it could be a reference to London's stupidity).
Error in Geography: The highway patrolman who stops them twice is wearing a California Highway Patrol uniform -- including the sunburst badge but minus the badges on his collar. Massachusetts State Police highway patrolmen would be wearing dark blue instead of khaki with upside-down triangular-shaped badges.
When London is adjusting the rear mirror she only rubs it and the mirror dosen't move.
In the postcard Cody sends , he says he has made lots of new friends but there is only one person that we see he has met in camp.

To Catch a Thief

Zack and Cody try to disprove the myth that Esteban is a thief and Maddie dogsits Ivana, which helps Zack and Cody find the real Jewel thief.

Season 1
Episode 11
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Adrian R'Mante, Ann Walker, Bill Kirchenbauer, Harvey Alperin, J.D. Walsh, Cullen G. Chambers, Elimu Nelson, Lenny Citrano
Original airdate: June 18, 2005

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Cody Goes to Camp" "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel"

"To Catch a Thief" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Zack and Cody find out there is a jewel thief at the Tipton. However, when Mr. Moseby declares a meeting about the jewel thief, he says they are not allowed to go in. They sneak in anyways, by using the food cart, when the two men in charge of the cart are eating the foods and are distracted. They go inside, and cause Esteban to look suspicious, because he is talking to the fruit on the food cart while it is really Zack and Cody who he is talking to. After everyone leaves, they see that the woman whose jewels are being stolen suspects Esteban, because he was the last one in their suite before the jewels were stolen. Zack and Cody decide to find the real jewel thief, because they didnt want Esteban to get fired, and because they know that Esteban wouldnt do it, but no one would believe them. They overhear a suspicious conversation, and they think they found the jewel thief. However, after Esteban jumps on the man at a bar mitzvah, they find out he is not the crook. They later find out the jewel thieves are in fact the two food cart men. They hatch a plan. However, Muriel gets caught in the net they put up. In the end, Ivana pulls the string and Muriel falls on the thieves. Zack and Cody find out that the person who gets the money is in fact London Tipton, since Ivana is her dog. Maddie, who was taking care of Ivana, since London had gone away and couldn't take the dog, complains that things aren't fair. However, in the end, she helps Ivana and London overcome their 'problems', since Ivana wouldn't talk to London on the phone. Maddie then says "That'll be ten-thousand dollars."

Esteban's full name is revealed in the episode: Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez, occasionally it is mentioned in the series.
Esteban's father's full name is revealed also: Diego Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez. And his mother name: Gladis.
6th appearance of Esteban
5th appearance of Muriel
2nd appearance of Mr. Mambossa
When Carey scolds the twins she makes a reference to Aesop's Fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Zack however doesn't get the point. He probably was nodding off when the tale was first told to him in kindergarten.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel

Zack, Cody, Esteban, Maddie, London, and Muriel go on a hunt through the hotel to see who can find a supposedly hidden Tipton fortune first. Arwin tests out new super-glue.

Season 1
Episode 12
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Estelle Harris, Brian Stepanek, Keith Blaney
Original airdate: July 17, 2005

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"To Catch a Thief" "Poor Little Rich Girl"

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

After accidentally destroying a painting, Zack & Cody discover an old newspaper article describing a treasure left in the hotel by mobster Alphonse "Hot Peppers" DeLeo in 1938. Soon, the twins, Maddie, Muriel, Esteban, London, and Arwin are all turning the hotel upside down to find it. After Arwin's latest invention - a super strength glue - explodes a hotel wall once Moseby and Carey arrive, money and gold bars are found - but they turn out to belong to the United Bank of Boston next door to the hotel. The hidden treasure turned out to be "Hot Peppers" girlfriend - Muriel.

This is Dylan Sprouse and Ashley Tisdale's favorite episode.
Each of the younger characters reveal their dream of what they would do with the money:
Zack would marry Maddie and live in a private suite with a huge gameroom. (Maddie would be Maddie Martin or Maddie Fitzpatrick-Martin.)
Cody would win the Nobel Prize in each academic area as well as baking and work with Dr. Inga.
Maddie would be become President of the United States and help protect the environment while having good-looking secret service agents.
Esteban would become the owner and manager of Hotel "Esteban", make London work as a bellhop, and make every certain time of the day "salsa time" where everybody in the hotel dances the salsa.
London is already rich, so she wouldn't change a thing.
Muriel has been "working", more likely just sitting around, at the hotel since at least 1938. If she was 18 when she began working, she'd be 85 years old now. Of course the minimum age for full-time work was 14 back then.
In the flashback, each character is portrayed by another character in the Suite Life of Zack & Cody:
Muriel - Maddie Fitzpatrick
Hot Peppers - Esteban Julio .blah blah blah (not writing it all!)
Hot Pepper's bodyguards - Zack Martin and Cody Martin
Flossy - Carey Martin
Detective - Mr. Moseby
London's Great Grandmother - London Tipton
7th appearance of Esteban
6th appearance of Muriel
3rd appearance of Arwin
The episode title is occasionally printed wrong, adding or subtracting the word "Mad".
During Esteban's dream, Kim Rhodes who plays Carey has a bandage on her left ankle.
London's great-grandmother speaks with a Southern accent even though she's a Bostonian.

The episode title and the frantic search for treasure are based on the 1963 movie It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
In Zack's fantasy, he tells his "wife" Maddie, "Baby, you're the greatest" -- a reference to The Honeymooners in which Ralph would tell Alice those exact same words after making up from a fight.
In Muriel's flashback, Detective Moseby was mimicking James Cagney.
When Zack tells his brother, "So I'm in love. Sue me" it was a reference to "Guys and Dolls". One of the main characters, Nathan Detroit, tries to explain to his fianc that he loves her by singing 'sue me, sue me, what can you do me, I love you!..."

When Esteban imagines himself as manager, the logo on the front desk is an E. But on London's bellhop uniform, there still is a T.
Cody calculates the garbage room to be at the center of the hotel, but Arwin blows through the wall of that room to a federal bank next door, although the garbage room could stretch from the center to one side.
Seeing as though Muriel would be between 81 and 85 now, in "Free Tippy" Mr. Tipton has a strict retirement policy when they turn 65. However this was Season 1 of the show. Free Tippy occurred in Season 2 when Muriel was no longer seen on the show.

Poor Little Rich Girl

After Tipton goes bankrupt, London has to stay with Maddie.

Season 1
Episode 13
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Adrian R'Mante, Robert Torti, Matt Weinhold, Mary Kate McGeehan, Ernie Lively
Original airdate: July 22, 2005

Episode chronology
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"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel" "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet"

Poor Little Rich Girl is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

London discovers her father has gone broke when he accidentally over-invested in a diamond mine that turned out to be diamond-less. With nowhere else for her to go, Maddie reluctantly lets London move into her family's apartment (which is next to Fenway Park). Maddie helps London begin to learn "regular people" skills including finding a job. She suggests that London babysits for Zack and Cody. While sitting, she nearly burns down the suite while trying to make grilled cheese (She didn't use bread or take the plastic of the slices of cheese). During her "poor" life, London discovers things she had never experienced when she was rich, such as peanut butter, sleepovers, making a bed herself, and especially the value of family and a good friend. But soon, her father strikes oil in his diamond-less diamond mine, and are rich again. London still recognizes that Maddie was the only friend who didn't abandon her when she didn't have money and they confirm that they are friends.
Meanwhile, the twins find a videotape in which their mother temporarily mixes them up when they were babies. Cody thinks he might be Zack, and Zack thinks he might be Cody. While they challenge Carey, they also start acting like each other. Carey eventually resolves the matter by having their birth certificates sent to the hotel from the hospital and identifying them by their footprints. Zack and Cody have been living under their correct names all their life and they return to normal.

8th appearance of Esteban
7th appearance of Muriel
1st appearance of Kurt (Voice)
This episode contains some mild Adult Humor: When Maddie tells London they're going to "Strip and Make the Bed," London misunderstands and begins unbuttoning her blouse, but is stopped by Maddie who explains that they were going to Strip the blankets from the bed, not their clothing...
And at the beginning of the episode, Zack and Cody can be seen watching a video of their Birth.

The title is an allusion to the movie of the same name starring Shirley Temple.
When London asks, "Which one is Flipper?" she is making an allusion to the movie and TV shows about the dolphin Flipper.

Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet

The son of a rival hotel owner likes London and Zack wants to make money off of Cody's cookies.

Season 1
Episode 14
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Channing Chase, Brenda Vivian, Caroline Rhea, Ben Ziff
Original airdate: July 22, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Poor Little Rich Girl" "Rumors"

"Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

London develops a crush on Todd St. Mark (Ben Ziff), the son of the owner of the St. Mark's, the rival hotel across the street. Ilsa (Caroline Rhea) returns as the manager of the St. Mark's and plots to keep them apart. As London and Todd fall in love, Todd gets accepted to the Zrich School of Dentistry and heads off to pursue his dream. Cody's cookies are a big hit and Zack tries to turn them into a profit-making venture and ends up having a huge food fight in the ballroom.

Just before llsa growls at Moseby, Carey is trying not to smile
When the camera is on Maddie after she bites the cookie the cookie is whole again and then the bite reappeared.
When Maddie is running back and forth to deliver London and Todd's messages, the elevator says that London's suit is on the 23 floor, but it is actually on the 25 floor.

2nd appearance of Ilsa.
Ilsa's hyphenated portion of her married name makes reference to Van Helsing and the Luger handgun. Caroline Rhea (Ilsa) was in the movie Mums Dating a Vampire.
This shows London's first kiss.


London starts a rumor about Maddie and Lance and Cody tries to make himself look less like Zack.

Season 1
Episode 15
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Emily Morris, Leona Fabanich, Taya Amerson, Dossett March, Rick Fitts, Adrian R'Mante, Aaron Musicant, Kipleigh Brown
Original airdate: August 14, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet" "Big Hair & Baseball"

Rumors is the fifteenth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
London starts a rumor that Maddie and Lance the Lifeguard are back together. The story escalates to Maddie and Lance getting married and moving to vineyard in Las Vegas to become blackjack dealers. In reality, Lance was teaching Maddie CPR. Maddie is so angry with London that she accidentally tells a reporter that London is a hypocrite and keeps a fox fur coat in her closet. London, who was receiving an award from the Animal League for kindness to animals is vilified in the press. The supposed fox coat is actually a faux coat; Maddie misunderstood when London had previously pronounced "faux" as "fox". In the end, London recognizes that rumors can be hurtful. She tells everyone the truth about Maddie, so Maddie fakes a scenario in front of the press where London saves the life of a chinchilla. London's reputation is restored.
Mr. Moseby bans both twins from the game room for Zack's stealing free games. Cody is tired of getting in trouble when Zack does something wrong, so he decides he needs to look different than his identical twin. After a failed attempt at hip hop clothing, Cody dyes his hair a honey mist auburn only to discover to his horror that it is bright red (essentially the color of Raggedy Andy). An official from the Week in Washington that Cody applied for comes to interview him. Embarrassed by his hair, Cody gets Zack to pretend to be him. Zack is unable to give coherent answers to the officials questions as he tries to guess Cody's intent who is doing charades to tell him the answers. After Cody's hair returns to normal, he learns he has been accepted to the Week in Washington program - the official was impressed by his unusual sense of humor.

Big Hair & Baseball

Mr. Moesby takes Zack and Cody to a baseball game and Maddie has frizzy hair and a blind date.

Season 1
Episode 16
Guest star(s): Estelle Harris, Patrick Bristow, Chad Broskey, Geoff Brown, Geralo Downey, Michael Kagan, Colby French, Edmund Shaff
Original airdate: August 28, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Rumors" "Rock Star in the House"

"Big Hair & Baseball" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
To give Carey some time to herself, Mr. Moseby reluctantly takes Zack and Cody to a Yankees-Red Sox baseball game. His lack of familiarity with the game (he was interested in ballet as a kid, not typical sports) embarrasses the boys. He also takes a win away from the Red Sox by catching a ball on its way into the stands, preventing the fielder from catching it and influencing the outcome of the game (similar to real-life incidents with Steve Bartman and the Cubs and Jeffrey Maier and the Yankees) causing him to become Public Enemy #1.
Meanwhile, London sets Maddie up on a date, but the humid weather makes her hair frizz. With her hair fixed in a spa day in Carey's suite with London, Maddie and her date Gavin hit it off, but sitting outside at a restaurant causes her hair to frizz again. As she tries to hide this from Gavin, he begins to sweat and London helps them know each other better because Gavin had a perspiration problem and Maddie had frizzy hair. They also claimed to "talk" to each other with their minds.
In the end, the boys defend Mr. Moseby in front of an angry crowd of Red Sox fans and a reporter, while Maddie and Gavin accept each other's outside appearance, as they are attracted by the person on the inside.

10th appearance of Muriel
1st appearance of Patrick
With this episode aired, the Yankees went on to win the season series against the Red Sox, and eventually won the American League East for the 8th year in a row despite both the Yankees and the Red Sox respectively had the same record (95-67).
In this episode, the twins were complaining about never catching a ball, but in "Hotel Inspector", they caught a ball when it hit Carey.
Rock Star in the House

Jesse McCartney stays at the Tipton.

Season 1
Episode 17
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Lou Salibe, Darlene Label, Sophie Tamiko Oda, Harrison Knight, Jesse McCartney
Original airdate: September 18, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Big Hair & Baseball" "Smart & Smarterer"

"Rock Star in the House" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Jesse McCartney comes to the Tipton. Maddie and London try to meet him and they do some really stupid things, such as dress up as waiters and sneak into his hotel room through air vents. Zack attempts to find items that McCartney leaves around the room and sells them on the street. Zack steals Jesse's lucky bracelet, but Maddie and London tell him that he has to return it or "he could freeze up in the middle of his concert and we be responsible for ruining his career." While returning his lucky bracelet, they wake up Jesse and Zack is almost taken away by security while Maddie and London escape through the air vents. When Jesse finds out that Maddie and London are three years older than Zack, he tells security to let go of him. The episode ends with Jesse and Zack playing video games. Jesse sings his song Beautiful Soul

In the scene where Moseby is talking to London, he says there was an incident involving Orlando Bloom.
Paul McCartney is mentioned in this episode, no relation to Jesse McCartney.

Corbin Bleu is mentioned in the credits for this episode as a guest star, but is never seen in the episode.
In closed-captions for this episode, Jesse's name is actually spelled "Jessie," which may have been a unknown goof. joke-alot wuz here

Smart & Smarterer

Zack pretends to have dyslexia to not have as much work.

Season 1
Episode 18
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Ernie Grunwald, Charlie Stewart
Original airdate: October 10, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Rock Star in the House" "The Ghost of 613"

"Smart & Smarterer" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Moseby is sick and after turning down Esteban's offer of a home remedy loses his voice to laryngitis. Zack and Cody get their report cards. Zacks is HORRIBLE and after he is yelled at for his poor grades, he meets a new friend who has dyslexia named Bob. Zack fakes dyslexia to stop being sent to summer school. Cody is the only one that knows Zack is faking, but Carey won't believe him and feels guilty for yelling at Zack. In the meantime Maddie gets angry when London wins every chess game they have, and Moseby needs Esteban's notebook to write. Esteban uses this to his advantage and tries to make the others think Moseby has given him a raise, which leads to Moseby finally giving in and trying Esteban's unconventional home remedy. After London lets Maddie win in chess on purpose, the two conclude the just because Maddie is bad a chess that doesn't mean she is stupid, she is just a smart girl who is bad at chess. Esteban's remedy works and Moseby gets his voice back, but as a side effect he smells really bad. Carey visits Zack in school and after Zack reads a sample perfectly discovers he is faking his dyslexia and decides to send him to summer school as a punishment.

The title of this episode is the opposite of the title of the movie Dumb and Dumberer, which is the prequel to the movie Dumb and Dumber.
First new episode to air on a weekday.
10th appearance of Esteban
1st appearance of Bob
This episode is not entirely accurate in its presentation of dyslexia, it actually is possible for someone to have average or even superior reading skills and still be dyslexic, however Zack's proficiency for reading aloud may still be an indicator of him lying as dyslexics with good reading comprehension may still display difficulties with reading aloud.

The Ghost of Suite 613

Zack, Cody, Maddie, London and Esteban stay in a "haunted" suite.

Season 1
Episode 19
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Adrian R'Mante, Emily Morris, Bridget Ann Brno, Cullen G. Chambers, Estelle Harris
Original airdate: October 14, 2005

Episode chronology
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"Smart & Smarterer" "Dad's Back"

"The Ghost of Suite 613" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

When Zack plays a sick prank on Cody, he starts playing pranks on everyone else. After playing a prank on Esteban, London claims that she saw a ghost and dropped her purse in Suite 613. Zack, Cody, London and Maddie went in the elevator and hears the story of Suite 613 A.K.A The Haunted Suite. According to Muriel, a beautiful woman named Irene and her husband checked in the Tipton for their honeymoon night. But her husband betrayed her when he fell in love with an Italian woman and opened up a pizza parlor in Naples, Italy. But one night, angered by her husband, Irene threw her hairbrush at a mirror and it shattered into a thousand pieces. The sharp points of the glass hurtled toward her neck, slitting it and killing her. The group went into the suite and got scared enough that they felt like leaving. When London discovered her purse, it was empty. Irene had took her money. After hearing a story from Mr. Moseby about his encounter with Irene, Zack makes a bet with Cody that he couldn't stay one night at Suite 613. London, Maddie and Esteban come with them. After entering Suite 613, they get scared when they hear ghost noises and see a strange figure holding and eating a strange object. But it turns out to be Arwin eating a sub. Arwin has a mysterious invention that detects ghosts and their ectoplasm manifestations. The invention beeps when a ghost is around. They see something dead wrong with a picture of Irene. The painting of Irene's eyeballs and face is moving. Arwin gets so scared that he runs out of the suite, screaming. Esteban claims the ghost as "ghostie" and also claims he can speak with ghosts. When Esteban attempts to contact the ghost,he says "Hola, ghostie. Welcome to our--Ahh!" and starts making choking noises. Esteban gets possessed by the spirit of Irene. Then Esteban starts saying in Irene's voice "Who dares call me in the afterlife?" They start to get scared and smell pizza. "Does anyone smell pizza?" asks London to the rest of the group. Irene hates pizza and gets angry. Maddie taunts Irene and disappears. Everyone else disappears except Zack. Zack encounters scary things and it all turns out to be a sick prank to get him for the pranks he did on Cody, Arwin and Esteban. Cody wonders where his blanket is. A woman shows up with Cody's blanket and gives it to him. The woman suddenly walks into the picture of Irene. The boys realize it was the real ghost of Irene and they run out of the suite, screaming.

Cody is shown sitting by the table with one hand on the table to his left. It is presumably Estebans hand, but on the next shot Estebans hands are by his sides.
When Zack first tries to run out of the room, the knob comes off of the door, however, when Arwin closes the door with special effects, the knob is back.
When Moseby is coming, Cody runs for London to hold him but he falls, the camera angle changes and Cody stands there like nothing happened.
Since Esteban was carrying London's heavy bag, did it occur to him that he could use a luggage cart?

When they are in the scene by the elevator there is a corner in the wall and there is a door that has 614 enprinted in the plaque but when they are by the door to suite 613 the door to suite 614 is on the other side of the corner.
When Arwin is wearing the welding mask, he quotes Darth Vader.
This episode reveals that Arwin lives with his mother.
11th appearance of Esteban
11th appearance of Muriel
5th appearance of Arwin
This episode was aired around Halloween.
This episode never aired in the UK.
This episode was aired the same night as the DCOM Twitches.
613 is the channel number for The Disney Channel UK.

Dad's Back

The boys' dad returns.

Season 1
Episode 20
Guest star(s): Mike Rad, Ray Porter, Robert Torti
Original airdate: November 26, 2005

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"The Ghost of 613" "Christmas at the Tipton"

"Dad's Back" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Kurt, Zack & Cody's father, returns to visit them. Kurt allows the twins to do whatever they want and break all of Carey's rules. Kurt invites the twins to ride along on his bus with his band on tour. When Carey and Zack have an argument for not doing his homework and being irresponsible, he sneaks onto his father's tour bus much to Carey's dismay and fear.
Carey tries to be the "fun" mom with Cody, but goes too far. Kurt tries to be the "serious" parent with Zack but falls short of expectations. When Zack realizes that Kurt is unable to help him with his homework and be a responsible parent, he is sorry for running out on Carey. Both parents realize that what the other one brings is needed balance to their twins.
In the subplot, Maddie is failing gym and enlists London to help her pass. London uses very unorthodox methods to help her. For example, Maddie runs on the treadmill carrying heaving shopping bags while chasing a pair of designer shoes on a stick, which happen to be the last pair on sale.

The boys say it is almost Spring Break, but the next episode is "Christmas At The Tipton"
1st actual appearance of Kurt (The only other is just his voice)
When Kurt takes Zack back to the suite you can see that Kurt's shirt pocket design is a Mickey Mouse silhouette. wayyyyyyyyy to long way way way way way way
Christmas at the Tipton

Everyone's plans are cancelled when a snowstorm traps everyone in the Tipton.

Season 1
Episode 21
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Adrian R'Mante, Robin Simpson, Minerva Trujillo, Robert Torti, Tom Ecobelli
Original airdate: December 10, 2005

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Dad's Back" "Kisses & Basketball"

"Christmas at the Tipton" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

A snowstorm traps everyone in the Tipton over Christmas. Zack and Cody think their parents want to get back together after they play Christmas music together in the lounge. Maddie makes sure London picks her for Secret Santa so she gets an expensive gift, but Mr. Moseby suggests that London makes a gift herself, and Maddie is shocked when London gives her a handmade sweater with three arms and no neckhole. Eventually Maddie accepts the gift because London was very sincere. Meanwhile, a couple named (coincidentally) Mary and Joseph are forced to stay at the Tipton when the bus breaks down. Later in the show, Zack and Cody get stuck in the elevator with Mary, who goes into labor immediately after the elevator gets stuck. Cody had studied a lot in health class at school, so he gave the woman directions as to what she must do while in labor (breathing, etc.), and then the elevator door is forced open by Arwin, and Mr. Moseby and Zack and Cody's parents help her deliver the baby, using London's gift as a blanket to wrap the newborn in.

This was the first episode released direct-to-video.
Arwin received a toy ambulance as a Christmas present.
12th appearance of Esteban
6th appearance of Arwin
2nd appearance of Kurt
This episode makes several references to the birth of Jesus, for the following;
1: Parents named Mary and Joesph 2: Mary is pregnant. 3: When they got to the hotel (inn), there was no more room. 4: A child is born without the proper equipment.

Just before Maddie asks London to pick her as Secret Santa, London is turned towards Maddie in the background, but in her next shot she is facing the opposite direction.
The baby is clean after being born, despite a lack of cleaning facilities on the elevator car. Maddie's sweater, which has been wrapped around the newborn, is also much too clean when handed back to her.
Instead of yelling through the elevator doors, it would have made more sense for Zack and Cody to use the emergency phones that elevators come equipped with.
London spells Maddie's name 'Matee', but she picked her name out of the bowl. She read her name, although she spelled it wrong.

Kisses & Basketball

London has to cut back on spending. Zack helps his team in an important game.

Season 1
Episode 22
Guest star(s): Brian Stepanek, Dennis Bendersky, Patrick Bristow, Alyson Stoner
Original airdate: January 1, 2006 (EST), December 31, 2005

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Christmas at the Tipton" "Pilot Your Own Life"

Kisses & Basketball is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

London's father insists she cuts back her spending. She enlists Maddie to help her and they discover her shopping addiction is related to her disappointment in her father's frequent absences. When Zack makes the winning shot to send their team to the basketball finals, Max kisses Zack. After Zack insults her by saying she isn't really a girl, Cody and Tapeworm convince him to take Max on a real date. Although he goes on the date reluctantly, he finds himself falling for Max - for both her sense of fun and her beauty. After revealing this was originally a "pity date," Max is furious at Zack - and Zack is unable to score a basket in the team's finals. The two agree to forget the whole incident and remain just good friends. Max passes the ball to Zack who makes the winning shot and gives the team the championship.

At the time this episode was being filmed, Cole Sprouse (Cody Martin) was actually going out with Alyson Stoner (Max)
We find out Maddie has asthma or another type of allergy that requires an inhaler.
Voted the first new episode to be shown in 2006 in a Disney Channel online poll.
Arwin coaches the basketball team (because he was the only adult they could find). Team members include Zack, Max, and Tapeworm. Cody is also on the team, but other than one play where a basket is scored when Max accidentally bounces it off his head, he has always been on the bench.
After winning the championship, Carey kisses Arwin (much as Max did to Zack earlier in the episode) completely unaware of his crush on her.
The title of the episode is a parody of the teen film, "Love & Basketball (film)".
Even as Zack has a crush on Maddie he admits that he likes Max.
We find out that Mr. Tipton's name is Wilfred.
7th appearance of Arwin
4th appearance of Max
4th appearance of Tapeworm
2nd appearance of Patrick

We see London's closet in this episode, and she has a remote controlled clothing device, but in That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana, she has only one mannequin and it isn't on the pole like in Kisses and Basketball. (It could be a different room though)
When Max pours the food on Zack's face, it is white and gets all over his suit, the next scenceshot, it's water and his tux is clean.
When Max puts ice cream on Zack there was ice cream all over him but in the next shot the ice cream was almost gone and all the ice cream on Zack's tuxedo was all gone.
Pilot Your Own Life

Cody is motivated by a motivational speaker.

Season 1
Episode 23
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Estelle Harris, Jody Howard, Bru Muller
Original airdate: January 6, 2006

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Kisses & Basketball" "Crushed"

"Pilot Your Own Life" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Cody and Zack listen to a motivational seminar that inspires Cody (and bores Zack) to advise people to "Pilot Your Own Life". He encourages Estaban to pursue his dream of becoming manager of the Tipton Hotel and his mom, Carey, to follow-up making her demo CD. Meanwhile, London is being photographed as part of a magazine's contest to be named the trendiest teen of the year, and seems sure that she will win. Afterwards, however, the woman in charge of the photoshoot notices Maddie, and likes her uniform, which Maddie has given her own personal touch (her father's tie). The magazine woman approvingly calls this look "blue-collar chic" and tells Maddie that she may also be considered for the contest. Maddie is worried about how London will react when she finds out that Maddie is competing against her, and goes to talk to Carey about it. When Maddie says that she's going to drop out of the contest, Cody intervenes and gives her a "pilot your own life" talk that inspires her with determination to win the contest, and she goes to work on her new look.
London grows concerned that the magazine has not called her yet. Maddie tries to break the news that she too has entered the contest but backs off the subject when London says that she regards competition as a chance to crush people. At that point the magazine woman returns to tell the two girls that they are both finalists, and that she will return the next week to photograph both of them and determine which of them has created the better look. London is shocked, and she and Maddie get into an argument, each vowing to beat the other in the contest.
Maddie is working on her new look when Muriel, the cleaning lady, comes in to "clean", quickly revealing that she is actually there because London paid her 10 dollars to spy on Maddie. Maddie is furious and has Zack spy on London with her camera phone. London is creating her outfit (and having Esteban wear it) when Zack comes in; London quickly figures out what he is doing and tells Zack that if he really loves Maddie, he'll make sure she loses the contestotherwise she'll become successful and travel far away, and Zack will never see her again. Zack therefore lies to Maddie, attempting to discourage her from the contest, but quickly changes his mind and says he can't lie to her and explains his worry that she will be successful and leave. Maddie reassures him that she won't be going anywhere.
Inspired by Cody, Estaban takes a night English class and Carey goes to work on her demo tape, both of them taking time off work to do so and frustrating Mr. Moseby. Maddie has stayed up three days and nights working on her outfit and is irritable from lack of sleep. When she and London encounter each other, each in their respective outfits, Maddie accuses London of copying her look, while London says that she made the look better. They begin tearing off pieces of each other's outfits and soon are in an all-out physical fight in the lobby, ripping each other's clothing to shreds. Moseby tries to break up the fight but they drag him in too, and his suit is also destroyed. At this point the magazine woman arrives to see the looks the two girls have created. They pose eagerly although their outfits are now in tatters. The woman says she's not sure whose look is better and will get back to them about it. As soon as the magazine woman leaves, the girls begin arguing again. They reveal their different viewpoints: Maddie is angry that London is rich and "has everything" but still tries to keep Maddie from winning the contest, while London says that her money is really her father's and fashion is the only thing that's truly hers, which Maddie is now trying to take away from her.
After they leave, Cody tells Moseby not to be angry at the girls, because he was the one encouraging them to pilot their own lives. At this point Esteban enters, very unhappy; he is now speaking with a strong Texas accent because his instructor is from Texas. Carey then enters the lobby as well and says that she was advised by a record producer to pursue becoming a lounge singer at the Tiptonthe job she already has. Cody says that he will at least get a better grade for community service than Zack, but it turns out that Zack has in fact excelled in community service over Cody, because he is going to receive an award for helping the homeless.
Eventually, Maddie and London make up and learn that the teen fashion magazine has put both girls on their cover in their ripped clothing calling it 'urban decay.'

Motivational speaker Troy Robbins is a parody of Tony Robbins.
In this episode, we learn Maddie's full name is Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick.
We also learn Maddie's father's name is Irving and that it is his tie that she wears loosely over her uniform.
Esteban reveals his dream to eventually become the manager of the Tipton.
Zack wins a community service award from the mayor for bringing leftover food to a local shelter.
13th appearance of Esteban
12th and last regular appearance of Muriel


A classmate pesters Zack and Cody. London's and Maddie's dogs fall in love.

Season 1
Episode 24
Guest star(s): Adrian R'Mante, Allie Grant, Rolando Rodriquez, Emma Stone, Patrick Bristow, Gabriel Sunday
Original airdate: January 13, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Pilot Your Own Life" "Commercial Breaks"

"Crushed" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

An annoying and creepy girl at Zack and Cody's school named Agnes has a crush on Cody. Cody explains that she is not his friend, and that she only likes him because he was the only person that was nice to her at school. Zack goes on a date with her and pretends to be Cody, trying to disgust her, hoping that she will run away and not like either of them. Agnes discovers that he is missing the mole on his face, which would not make him Cody. Agnes thinks that Zack likes her more then Cody and she falls for Zack. At school, she has pictures of Zack in her locker, and has even discovered what their baby would look like. The boys pretend to fight over Agnes' affections but, Cody reveals to her the truth that she comes on much too strong. Maddie's dog, Scamp, and London's dog, Ivana, fall in love with each other. London doesn't want them dating, but love triumphs over all.

Agnes' line, "Don't speak!" is in another Zack & Cody episode "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet".
14th appearance of Esteban
3rd appearance of Patrick
1st appearance of Agnes
Later Allie Grant and Alyson Stonner would be on Thats So Raven together

Commercial Breaks
A commercial is scheduled at the Tipton.

Episode no. Season 1
Episode 25
Guest star(s) Patrick Bristow, Adrian R'Mante, Christina Grace, Steve Hytner, Joel Schmidt, Brian Stepanek

Original airdate January 20, 2006

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Boston Holiday"

"Commercial Breaks" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Moseby announces that there will be a commercial for the Tipton shot at the hotel, and everyone must audition. He feels this to be a burden, but everyone else wants to star in the commercial. They all line up for the auditions, but during the auditions the director rejects everyone's performances. Carey realizes that the director is her ex-boyfriend; she tries to audition anyway, concealing her face, but the director recognizes her and rejects her. Eventually, London, the airhead heiress, gets the role, but only because her father signs the director's checks.
As they attempt to film the commercial, London's singing and dancing abilities turn out to be disastrous. Moseby is irritated and tells her that it's easy; she challenges him to do it if it's so easy, and he does, surprising everyone with a remarkable performance that the director exclaims is brilliant. London is fired and Moseby takes her place; she insists to the director that she can't be fired because of her father, but her father (who is watching everything through a camera from his private jet) calls her up and also tells her she's fired. Unfortunately, Moseby's initial performance wasn't filmed; on the next take, he trips over Dudley, Esteban's pet chicken, and sprains his ankle. The director is furious. Esteban says that it is not Dudley's fault that Moseby tripped over him, as Dudley's hat was too tight. Esteban then adjusts it. The next morning, Carey (whose role in the commercial had previously been that of a dancing suitcase), Zack, and Cody (along with a little force from Mr. Tipton) convince the director to put a family angle on the commercial. The boys and Carey star in the commercial and everything works out great.
Last episode produced for Season 1.
According to the commercial, the Tipton chain has locations also in Paris, New York, and Bombay.
A fictional phone number for the hotel is shown during the commercial: (800) 654-2192.
This number was used on a business card for the CIA on the final episode of Alias, also owned by Disney
Zack reveals that the twins are "pushing 13" years old in this episode.
When Zack, Cody, and Carey got out of the elevator and wait in the line, you can see that Esteban and Maddie are way before them since they went to the back of the line later. However, during the audition, Maddie was just behind them.
15th appearance of Esteban
4th appearance of Patrick
8th appearance of Arwin
In the episode "Bowling", Arwin stated that he vowed never to pick up a bowling ball since the tournament; however, in this episode, he attempts to juggle with a bowling ball.
The 1st time Mr.Moseby is seen performing the commercial, London is sitting on a coffee table pouting. In the next shot she is gone.
While mopping up Patrick, Arwin mouthes "Hi, Mom!"
In the episode Big Hair and Baseball, Mr. Moseby says he suffered an injury and couldn't dance anymore, but he dances in the commercial.
When Zack and Cody are in there "adult costume" Zack is not really on Cody's shoulders he is actually on someone elses shoulders.
After this was High School Musical.
While Zack and Cody come down the ramp in the commercial, they are wearing skates, but in the next scene, the twins are doing their handshake and dancing, they are not wearing shoes, and in their next scene they have black shoes on.
When Zack and Cody fall from their "adult costume",Cody's hair is messed up.In the next scene his hair is combed. In the scene after that, it is messed up again.

Boston Holiday

A prince of an Asian country stays at the Tipton.

Season 1
Episode 26
Guest star(s): Danny Woodburn, Art Kimbro, Angela Shelton, Mark Povinelli, Parvesh Cheena, Neil Joshi
Original airdate: January 27, 2006

Episode chronology
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"Commercial Breaks" "Odd Couples"

"Boston Holiday" is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

The Prince of Ishkebar, Sanjay, visits the Tipton. He is fed up with royalty so he enlists Cody to pretend to be him during a press conference with the mayor of Boston. Sanjay goes with Zack to the mall where he is arrested for shoplifting clothing. Zack calls Mr. Moseby who is at the press conference and is forced to tell him the truth. He comes down with Carey and Sanjay's assistant to bail them out. Sanjay demands more time to be a kid and his assistant finally agrees.
Meanwhile, London thinks that she saw a UFO outside her window so she enlists Maddie to wait for the aliens to return. London has a dream that aliens visited her and threatened to blow up Earth. Maddie points out the UFO is a balloon from London's birthday party that she was invited to.

The episode title is a reference to the movie Roman Holiday.
US season one finale.
Ishkebar is a fictional country.

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