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Brenda Song loverz

Welcome Brenda Song fans!! If You are a big fan you should look at this blog and if you are not a brenda song fan you'll start to like her then :)

Brenda Song was born in Carmicheal,California on March 27,1988.Her mother is thai-american and her father is hmong.Brenda and her parents and her 2 young brothers Timmy and Nathan now live in a suburb of Los Angeles.

brenda Song is the star on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.She plays as the spoiled hotel eris London Tipton she also is the owner of the tipton's daughter and she gets whatever she wants all she has to do is call"daddy".She is best friends with Maddie which is played as Ashley Tisdale and in real life they are real best friends.London also has a cute dog named Ivanna I'll show you the picture later if ivanna.

This is brenda with the cheetah girls except for Raven and Miley is also here. :)

Brenda and Ashley are wearing mickey mouse hats!! how cute?????

Brenda looks SO HOT in this dress and in this place too!!!!!

It's Brenda and it's mr.moseby played as Phill Lewis

Let me tell you who plays who in the suite life of zack and cody :)
London Tipton=Brenda Song
Zack Martin=Dylan Sprouse
Cody Martin=Cole Spouse
Carey Martin=Kim Rhodes
Mr.Moseby=Phill Lewis
Estabon=Adrian R'Mante
Arwin=Brian Stepanek
Max=Alyson Stoner
Tapeworm=Dennis Bendersky
Muriel=Estelle Harris
And thats all!!

This is Brenda Song as Wendy Wu.You may have seen her on Wendy Wu Home Coming Warrior on disney channel

Last but not least lets see if you know Brenda Song very much if you are a true fan
You can't look yet!

Here it is now just take a deep breathe and start! :)

What is Brenda's little borthers' names?
A)Timmy and Nathan B)Gary and Timothy
C)Nicholas and Micheal D)David and Jake

Where was Brenda worn in?
A)carmicheal,California B)Florida
C)China D)Korea

What is Brenda's favorite baseball team?
A)Yankees B)Mets
C)Lakers D)Red Sox

Who does Brenda think is kinda cute?
A)Ricky Ullman B)Jesse McCartney
C)Usher D)B5's Kelly

What belt is Brenda?
A)Yellow B)Black
C)Green D)Red

What age did brenda start acting?
A)10 B)5
C)9 D)15

Who is her best friend?( gave you an easy one)
A)Miley Cyrus B)Ashley Tisdale
C)Adrienne Bailon D)Sabrina Bryan

You are finally done!!!!!!

Here are the answers...........
Good Luck......................

Number 1 was A
Number 2 was A
Number 3 was C
Number 4 was A
Number 5 was B
Number 6 was B
and finally Number 7 was B too. :)

If you got 1 wrong you are a true fan
If you got 3 or 2 wrong you are a fan too
If you got five or six wrong you are starting to get to know her
If you got all of them wrong you need to practice
If you got all right you are a true brenda song fan just like me!!


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