We pitch very wild. we wind up and realease at the hip and it can go flying.

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Hello my name is Nicole and softball is more than a sport to me. Its my life.
I know what your saying im a big jock. but im not. Anyways I am 11 years old and i have played softball all my life. Its just my favorite sport.
if ur a boy and u play baseball and u think Softball is a girly sport, Well i think ur wrong. Girls can be really competive. Ive gotten hurt a couple times. i mean all it is is girls Baseball except its used with a bigger ball and we pitch differentally.
Alot of boys play Softball also. SO if ur saying what is she crazy give softball a try. u never know until u try it. i know i know i sound like ur mother but just do it. get off the couch put the viedo games down and go out and try it. u can play just about anywhere. thats whats so cool about it. u can even add some new twists like play it on the skateboards or on skates. u can even play it on ur hands. GO out play and try it. Get some friends and some grownups to supervise and have a good time. Also if every kid would go out and play it would stop diabetes and it would help u not give into peer preasure. Softball is the best sport there is. SO what have u learned. E-mail me and tell me. and if want i will even tell u how to play.

Softball is played by two teams alternating turns at bat and defense. The aim of the game is to advance a runner around all bases to home plate and score the most runs in seven innings. Each team’s half of the inning ends when three of its batters have been ruled out. If the score is tied after seven innings (the duration of the game) teams continue to play until one of them scores; the tiebreaker rule is put into effect at the eighth inning.
A batter’s objective is to hit the ball and advance to the first base or advance to as many bases as possible. A run is scored when a runner advances through all bases and reaches home plate without being ruled out. Only the team on offence, which is the team that is “up to bat” is in a position to score. The defending team’s (team on the field) objective is to defend its bases by getting three outs and not allowing the offense to score. Every time three outs are called, the defending team goes to bat and vice versa.

Thank u
Nicole Sullivan
Charleston,South Carolina

i love

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