OK Hi my name is Michaela and i love to dance!! Only if you love dancing then you should be in here if you dont then why are you even in here? Well i just want to tell you that dancing is not only for girls, boys and guys can do it to, infact my whole family does it, that includes my mom, dad, little brother, big brother, little sister, and me! We all love dancing so if you are interested in dancing then go for it. E-mail me if you wanna talk about dancing at Well i'm glad your in here!!

I really love to dance i have been dancing since i was 2 years old dancing is my whole entire life that is all i do everyday after school even on the weekends i dont have any real friends except my best friend who is in my dance class, well i dont have any realy\ friends because i never have anytime off only at 9:00 and then i get up at 6:00 and go back to dance and on weekends i stay there from 6:00 to 8:30. And on weekdays i get up at 6:00 stay there till 7:45 and get ready to go to school. So i hope you all love to dance as much as i do:):)

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DANCERS HERE!!! LETS TALK!!!! I < 3 DANCING (Sport)    -    Author : Michaela - USA

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