DANCE jumps, turns, and tricks!
I decided to make a website about all of the the different dance jumps, turns, styles etc.
there is also a bit of gymnastics
I will explain them and post a picture-
let me know if there is one that u would like to see.

First u have to know the postions:

straddle/centre split

tendue-slide your foot out to the side, back or front
(picture shows side tendue)
jumps / leaps

Split Leap!!!(self explanitory)

stag leap-split leap with bent legs

firebird!my favorite-jump and kick your head:)
[or stag with one extended leg]

pike jump
(toe touch!)

pirouette-turn while in passe position

al seconds:extend your leg and turn while dropping your heel every time you fnsh one 360'
gymnastics / flips

cartwheel:spread your arms and legs then turn onto your hands and pick the up when your feet are almost to the floor(like a wheel turning)
Roundoff:begin like a cartwheel, but when your feet are straigt up put them together and jump onto them

tuck-somersalt in the air
cartwheel with no hands


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