smith rock rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please browse all funny and wierd photos!!!!!!!!!

Here are some very awesome pictures!

thats smith rock from the top of morning glory

that is one of smith rocks trails.

this is the view from camp

that is another view of the morning glory wall

this is east of the moring glory wall

They're awesome huh!? well i got plenty more pics of people actually climbing at this place! including myself!

My bffl is lead climbing a really hard route called bbq the pope

this is my friend megan bouldering

this is my BFF lead climbing a route called barbeque the pope

waking up with bed head, lol!

Smith rock is super fun and holds lots of great memorys.

This is the only time your going to see me climbing, i HATE those legging but i just had nothing else to wear...

my BFFL emma and i took this picture at just the right moment.

emma thinks i look like tinkerbell

location of smith rock

smith rock is located in Terrebone, Oregon. It is a great place for climbers, hikers, bikers, daredevils, and lizard hunters, lol. we went there to climb but it ended up being a 7 hour trip from bremerton, Washington. you can spend the night in a hotel and drive there in the morning and do it again again and again, or you can camp out in thier campsite but i should warn you that when we were there it dropped down to 14 degrees! so yes it is very cold when it wants to be. but its also very hot when it wants to be.
I never realized that that picture was soooo funny!!!
so now that you dont get lost along the way, lets continue with all the happy memorys of smith rock:) but wait, dont you wanna know what some of thier famous walls and trails are? well i guess that today is ur lucky day pal!!!!!!!!!
lets start with their famous walls and the benifits that come with em'!

Lets see, oh i know! how about i tell you about the famous monkey face wall! so obviously you know that the monkey face wall has something to do with monkeys, well as a matter of fact your right, the monkey face wall looks like the face of a monkey! cool huh?

this is the monkey face wall
another great wonder of smith rock is the morning glory wall, which also holds what is known as the kings swing, i've been on the kings swing and let me tell ya its the funnest thing ever!!!! its really too bad i cant post videos on here because i think that it would be very cool, so i think i'll just show you the morning glory wall:)

heres the morning glory wall with its glory!
ok now lets start with the trails! there is alot of trails but only one famous one... its called MISERY RIDGE! and heres why!

look very carefully and you can see the arrows pointing at the trail.
your going up it at a 80 degree angle! its super tough! and sometime when people get to the top they could just sled down! if they wanted to, but it would be super scary!
now enough of the serious stuff! lets look at some funny photots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the right emma and i are on a cliff ->

<- To the left emma and i are just waking

it late and emma and i are trying to find the tent b4 we freeze lol.

to the left we have just finished eating and to the right we are in the car with badd sunburns

another shot in the resturant and another in the car.

to the lest we r still on a cliff and to the right we r in da car.

both pics were in the car

both pics r still in the car

yep, u guessed it!

my bum hurts :(

when am i getting out of this dam car!!!

we finnally took a rest stop for my poor bum for 5 minutes, but we unfortunatly had to get back in. and yes, we did change clothes.

i eventually fell asleep!

Now that you've seen some funny photos and well just alot of photos, i think that its time to tell you about it. i will provide some awesome short facts about it and some pretty good reasons why you should take up climbing as a sport, alot more people do it than you think,lets hope i convice you:)

ok, Smith Rock State park near Redmond, Oregon is widely considered a rock climbing Mecca,hosting over 500,000 visitors annually. Thats ALOT! Hiking trails offer spectacular views of the surrounding area. You can spend 30 minutes walking along the river or a full day making a loop on trail systems that extend outside of
the park to Deschutes Land Trust, USFS and BLM land. Its amazing! The major rock faces are composed of welded
tuff (compressed volcanic ash) reaching a height of up to 550 feet. The picnic and campground areas sit on top of the rimrock, which is made up of columnar basalt. Its really a beautiful sight. you know that there are over 1800 climbing routes! thats alot of climbing! now before i started this i promised that i would try to convert you to climbing, well here it is.
1.It doesnít feel like exercise.
For a lot of people, exercise involves repetitive motion Ė be it through some sort of cardio (running, elliptical, cycling) or strength-training (weights and resistance bands). But with rock climbing youíre always trying solve a fairly simple problem: how to get from the bottom of a wall to the top as best as possible. That being saidÖ
2.Itís a great mental and physical workout.
Since every route is different, you constantly have to figure out where to best put your arms, legs, hands and feet, while gauging energy levels, distances, and your own personal skill level. At the same time youíre burning calories, toning your muscles and slowly help you get over your fear of heights. Rock climbing increases your strength, balance and flexibility while improving your risk-assessment and problem solving skills.
3.Itís incredibly social.
Everyone who rock climbs needs a belayer, which means youíre never alone. Since other people will often offer advice or encouragement, friendships are easily forged.
4.You can rock-climb year-round.
my dad loves snowboarding, but he can only do it in the winter when thereís enough snow on the ground. Meanwhile many rock climbing facilities are open year-round, including holidays, long weekends and even some early morning hours. In the spring, summer and early fall there are also plenty of spectacular places to climb outdoors, like Yosemite National Park.
5.You set your own goals.
Unless youíre competing, no one cares if you only made it halfway up a route. The important thing is you come back and try again. Maybe next time youíll make it all the way up. And the time after that, youíll find it a lot easier. Itís completely up to you.
6.Your training schedule is up to you.
Unlike team sports, you can pick whenever you want to go. Want to take a few days off for a vacation? Sure. Change to three times a week? As long as you have a belayer, why not? Thereís no set schedule to tie you down or hold you back from whatever else you want to do.
7.You get to stare at peopleís bums for safety reasons.
People-staring happens in every gym, but in climbing if you donít do it properly someone can actually get hurt. Just make sure you also pay attention to the rope itself.
8.Thereís a large variety of ages, abilities, body types, backgrounds and occupations.
There are couples at my gym who are in their 50s and wipe the floor off of people half their age. Iíve seen two below-the-knee toddlers. And at my gym, thereís almost an even split between men and women.
9.Itís relatively inexpensive.
An entry-level set of equipment (harness, shoes and chalk bag) can be as little as $150, or about the same cost as a decent pair of running shoes. Gym memberships are about $45-$50 per month.
10.Thereís a great sense of accomplishment every time you go.
In a world where so much of the work we do is through computers, thereís something incredibly satisfying about physically making your way to top and then feeling empowered enough to do it again!
So, did i convince you to take up climbing or are you still mulling it over? its your choice, but from what you can see its alot of fun!
man i just looked at my blog and it has a lot of photos! mostly of emma and i but oh well:) and wow summer is here huh? man, it still seems like winter. anyway! have any of you seen the movie the incredibles? do you remember when edna hits elastagirl with a newspaper because shes crying? that was really funny! haha. if you havent seen the incredibles than please do! its a halirious movie! ok back 2 climbing! do you want to know what the biggest wall in the world is? ok! The tallest rock climbing wall in the world is actually not in the US! OMGÖ Itís actually located in Groningen, Holland and is called the Excalibur. The wall stands over 120 feet tall and that bendy part over hangs 36 feet making it the tallest climbing wall in the world. Donít miss a foot holdÖ


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