This page is dedicated to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). I have been a fan of wrestling ever since I was 5. I always watched WCW, but when I found the WWF (now WWE) I just fell in love with it. The action, the acting, the storylines are all what makes the WWE the most famous of all Sports Entertainment.

A BIG Thank you
I would just like to say thanks to EVERYONE who views this blog, leaves comments, posts on the forum and/or takes the survey. It puts a smile on my face to know that you people enjoy my work! Sorry about the lack of updates too. I haven't watched WWE in over 2 months. So if someone would like to keep me informed, just send me and Email!

A Message From Dan:
If you are going to leave a comment for the guest book, please make it about the blog, WWE, me, you, whatever! Just don't send spam. You're making it hard for me to read through those things and deleting them. If you send them, I won't publish them, so don't waste your time! Also, for some reason, people wanna know how old I am. Well, I'm 19. Happy?

Wrestling in the News
I stumbled upon a funny article in the March 17, 2008 edition of The National Enquirer of how wrestling affects America's children and teens. Now, this is pretty ridiculous, but hey, at least wrestling made a magazine...So without further ado, he is the article entitled "TV Wrestling Stranglehold..."

TV Wrestling Stranglehold
*Grapple with this: Teens who watch professional wrestling on TV are up to 6 times more likely to engage in high-risk activities including fighting and unprotected sex. That's the disquieting finding of Wake Forest University researchers who questioned 2,300 people between the ages of 16 and 20. Those who said they tried to hurt someone with a weapon watched 67% more wrestling then those who had not attacked anyone. Those who engaged in sex without birth control watched 42% more frequently then those who used birth control. The Conclusion: Reduce kids' exposure to violence disguised as entertainment.

Calling It Quits
I am way too busy to keep this blog updated. So I am throwing in the towel. Thanks for making this blog #1 in the Sports category! I appreciate it and never thought for 1 second it would become this popular. Anyhow, if you want to take control of this blog, send me an Email. I'll just hand you the keys and send you on your way. Thank you everybody!

My Favorite Wrestler

A little Crusier Weight Action!!!

This Can't End Well...

Meet The 7ft 500 Pound Giant

Hi! My name is...Who?...My name is...What?...My name is...Slim Shady!

The matches can get pretty bloody...

When a steel cage just isn't enough to settle a long-standing rivalry, the Hell in a Cell is usually brought in. In a Hell in a Cell Match the ring is surrounded by a steel cage, but unlike a normal cage, it does not rest on the ring. Instead, it goes all the way down to the floor, leaving about six feet of space in between the cage and the ring. There is also a roof on the cage, so there is virtually no way out. A winner is determined by pinfall or submission. There are no disqualifications or count-outs.

The Inferno Match is possibly the sickest of all WWE matches. Huge flames surround the ring, and the only way to win this match is to set your opponnent on fire.

The object of a First Blood Match is to make your opponent bleed. The first Superstar to spare a drop of blood is declared the loser. All weapons in this match are legal, as there are no disqualifications or count outs.

The Ambulance Match is one of the rarest in World Wrestling Entertainment history. Very few times have two Superstars competed in such a competition. The rules are simple, as there is only one -- the winner is the first Superstar to place his opponent into a ringside ambulance and close the door. Everything else is legal. As a result of this, Ambulance Matches often find themselves flowing outside of the ring. In addition, the ambulance is very often used as a weapon and/or launching pad.

In a Strap Match, the competitors are connected to each other by a long, leather strap. The strap can be used as a weapon, but to win, a Superstar must touch all four turnbuckles uninterrupted and in succession. This match can also take place using a chain, bull rope, or other similar apparatus

There are no pinfalls, submissions or countouts in a Tables Match. The only way to win such a match is to put your opponent through a table. This brutal match oftentimes results in internal injuries, especially to the ribs.

One wrestler who always impressed me was Eddie Guerrero. The way he lied, cheated, and stole. Eddie was a very cool wrestler and one of my favorites. Sadly he passed away in 2005-2006. He may be gone, but he will live forever in all of the WWE Fans hearts. It is said he died from steroid overdosage and it did something to his heart. A big thank you to all the people who e-mailed me and told me how he died. RIP EDDIE!!!

The Rated R Superstar! I don't really like him now that he's with Lita, but hey, that's my buisiness.

Thanx for viewing my WWE tribute blog! Feel free to email me and comment me or just plain curse me out. Either way, thank you in advance! Also, a big thank you to the survey takers for their comments and suggestions! But more importantly, thank you to all who commented that this blog rules! If you want to, check me out on Myspace at:, but you need a profile because mine is set to private. I'm a shady person... Thank you again!


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