Go Go Goal!!! About the origin of football , come on!!

u know my brother like watch it On TV .BUt I hate`I hate his yelling , oh god , this time He will be very crazy , just like the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~I can`t bear it!!!

hey , this time I will let u know the origin of football ,ya , chinese CU JU!!

this is an old pic of Cu Ju .

Chinese men dressed in ancient clothes play football in the way of the ancient Chinese football - the CU JU - at China Shandong sister cities tourism expo opened in Linzi district of Zibo, east China's Shangdong province, October 22, 2005. Linzi, the site of the CU JU match, has been recognized by the world football community as the birthplace of football.

Cu" ("to kick") and "ju" (a type of leather ball filled with feathers) became popular during the Warring States Period (476-221BC). Back then, cuju was used to train military cavaliers due to the fierce nature of the sport.

There are mainly two ways to play cuju: "Zhu Qiu" and "Bai Da"

Zhu Qiu was commonly performed at court feasts celebrating the emperor's birthday or during diplomatic events. This competitive match between two teams consisted of 12-16 players on each side.

here r some pix about cu ju

Pix 2

click here to visit the fashionable china!

except football,I am interested in F1 and tennis and something about knight.

kimi raikkonen



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