The most extraordinary homes


This page is to find the most expensive, beautiful, and rare houses.

The house was designed by Chinese architects, and is made ​​available to all music lovers.

This is a curious and striking home of Belgian origin, whose resemblance to a giant egg is more than reasonable. Obviously the house has a bathroom, kitchen, special lighting, a bed and some "niche" storage.

tree House

More than a rare home, this is a dream home for many: living on a tree is what we dreamed of all children!

House mirror

The outside reflects what is around it, so hide your house

House areas
Many bubbles together: this house is rather a modular construction.

deformed House

A very unique and bold style. Of course only.

House "Tetris"

The unique architectural design of this building makes a screen like Nintendo video game "Tetris"
  (Ideal for the koala)

House Trunk

The picture explains it all: a fallen log can be habitable.

House volcano crater
As the most extreme part of a volcano, this home allows you to live isolated from all that is around you

home tower:
It is a vacation home, built by the architectural firm Gluck Located in New York, United States. What they wanted to achieve with this house was to imitate the shape of a tree, to adapt perfectly to the surrounding forest.

Is located in China and was designed by a study of Mexican architecture. It is entirely geometric and is full of straight lines and figures. Its deep red color makes it even more peculiar.

The House of Swing:

designed by a Dutch study, entire facade is made of metal and serves as a mirror to reflect the entire field around it. They call the house and having one swing hanging from one end. Definitely fun house

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