fabulous fashion and beauty tips < 3

Hiiiya girls,

I am Opal and this is my blog.
It's all about fabulous fashion and beauty tips.
Every week I will be having a newsletter and it will be about
celebrity gossip, hair styles, nail polish, beauty tips,
fashion, DIY projects and so many more!

About mwa:
I make my own clothes, headbands and jewellery.
I wear a different hair style a day,and eyeshadow
and lip gloss i also wear a different nail polish a week.
I also get everything i want :D I love fashion and I love shoes
I have over 100 of them aswell as make up.

Anyways Enjoy mwa blog
Ciao for now
Opal xoxo

I want to be a fashion designer when I am older.

but basically I am a fashion designer I draw and design clothes like every day
I mainly draw my designs first then make them and here is a photo of my design Lace La Da.
I have so many collections to finish :O Well u can be a fashion designer too!
All you need is paper, eraser, grey led, pencils and decorations and u just
draw your design and colour in then decorate.

fashion magazines, the internet, nature, beaches, and flowers have many beautiful patterns,
shells, old magazines, places, clothes, jewellery, animals and many more.

Print out a template that can help u wif ya fashions
or buy a fashion book.

Work out how many pages u want I usually have 7-10 pages.
When u are happy with ya designs go to the material store
and buy all the fabrics for your fashions then make them wif
your sewing machine if u know how to sew.

It's really easy xx
My newest collection is called Dazzle like a diva.
It's full of sparkly tiara's, lacy dresses,
shimmering bangles and glitter bows, silk roses.

U can also design a story board
just cut out magazines and place on a
piece of paper then u might get inspired by what u created.

Ciao Opal xoxo

Beauty is important part of a girl

every girl has gotta love wearing make up.
I know I do I usually wear eye shadow,
eye liner, mascara, concealer, blush and lip gloss.

Here are some beauty tips:

1. Always wash off your make up because when u wake up and u didn't clean your make up off like mascara your eye lashes will tend to fall out and u will get pimples and u don't want that to happen.

2. Smoke eys are oh so hot right now so when utting on make up use a charcoal black, smoky grey and shimmery gold and then do a double winged look wif your eye liner ( black liquid liner is the best) and then use mascara and it's best on green eyes or brown eyes.

3. If u ever get a mistake while using make up wipe it off with cleansing wipes yep thats it and it just goes away onto the wipe.

4. If u want a really shiny lips use lip stick nude is my fave lip stick colour and then use a clear gloss shine for a finishing touch.

5. the last tip is too get long shiny hair use coconut oil it always works.

Ciao Opal xoxo

Thanks for looking at my blog.
share this with all your girl friends.
Love lots from Opal xoxo


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