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My 5 Favorite December Vacation Activites: Playing video games, opening presents, playing outside, visiting relatives, watching tv.

Why GVMS to be a School of Excellence: Students work really hard. It has a clean environment. Students behave. It has good classes. It's really fun.

My favorite hobby to do in my free time is playing video games. It is very fun to do. For the very fun games, I play nonstop from when i get home from school untill sometime at night. I also like to play on the computer. I have a facebook and it is very fun to play. There are games on there. I chat with friends. I go on youtube. I listen to music videos and cartoons like The Annoying Orange.

Scariest Experience: It was being chased by a dog. I'v been chased by dogs lots of times. They chase me for no reason. I always end up ouut running them. Everytime they see me they start chasing me.

Worst Problem Facing Teens: Teens has the worst problem with alcohol. They always drink and get killed. They get other people killed. They always get their bodies messed up. They have to go soomewhere to get the alcohol taken out. They always drink and drive and get other people killed.

I don't want to have a twin. I don't want a person that looks exactly like me. I don't want them to act or dress like me. That's why it bothers me. That's wahy i don't want a twin.

What I'd Be Doing In 25 Years: I'd be a WWE wrestler. My hometown would still be Gainesville. I'd live in a 3 story house. I'd travel the world to my fans because that's what WWE wrestlers do. They still spend time with family.I want to be a WWE wrestler because they earn lots of money. It's millions of dollars. They get to fight. They get to beat people up. They get to make friends and enemies. They have fun wrestling. I would like to have a family of 3 kids. I want a cat.

Cartoon Character: I would be Johnny Test. He is cool and awesome. He tests lab experiments. That's the great cartoon character I want to be.

Headline: Bristow man wins $1M with 'Skins lottery ticket.
Summary: His name is Jim Spillane. He played a scratcher game and won. It was in 2003. It was at the In and Out Mart. He wanted to win money. He scratched the shapes on the scratcher thing.

What I would find in an attic: I want to find a magic portal. It will lead me to places I want to go. Magic portals are fun. I would go to 6 Flags, the skating rink, Wilder's World, and Chuck E. Cheeses. I hope someone would invent one.

Movie Character:I would be Greg Heffley. He is in a Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. He's normal. He may be weak but he is my favorite. That's who I want to be.

Time Capsule: I would put a $20 bill in it, a video game, and a Nintendo DS. They are good prized possesions. That's what you're supposed to put in it. In 100 yrs., people are going to see what our life was like. They would hope to build a time machine to see our lives.

USA Today:
1. There are over 400 editors.
2.They sell over 2,000,000 copies a day.
3. Arlington, VA is the home of USA Today.
4. There are 4 sections in the newspaper.
5. Newsrooms are very busy places.
6.They try to make their computers something special.
7. There is a lot of work.
8. Editors are in charge of what stories go into the paper.
9. Reporters ask the 5 W's and 1 H.
10. A snapshot is a picture with a graph that goes on the cover.

$1M: I would support the homeless people cause. It would give money to people on the streets. I would start a charity with the money. It's important because I like helping people. That's what I would do.

5 Things I couldn't live without: Video Games, Family, Friends, TV, Computer

5 Fave. Candy: Juicy Drop Pop, Extinguishers, Warheads Sour Spray, Push Pop, Airheads

How I would spend a snow day: I would play lots of video games. I would also be on the computer. It would be fun. I would play in the snow.

New Class: I would add pizza class. I would learn how to make pizza everyday. An assignment that would be required is to cook a pizza at home. In class we would eat the pizza after we cooked it. It would be fun.

Lots of Superstitions: I believe in some superstitions. They sound convincing. I believe in Friday the 13th. It's when Jason comes and kills people. It is bad luck. He wears a hockey mask and has a chainsaw. I also believe a 4-leaf clover is good luck.


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