I like swimming. I like to use my phone and play with my friends.My friends are great. I love School. Also I love starwarz!!! I also love to read.I am great at tecnology stuff. I love pizza.I have my on ipod touch and a laptop. GVMS ROCKS. I love playing sports. I love football, soccer, swimming, and basketball. Moose99 out! Team USA!!!!!!! Redskins Rock!!!!!!!

In 25 years I want to be a very sucessful orthodonist. I want in to be a family buissness.With my mom,dad,and my wife. But there will be some people I do not know. Because I want us to become a closer family, I can not wait!!!! Peace out, Moose99!

Important quailites in a friend is being loyal. They are there till the end like if you moved away they would still keep in touch with you. They will help you and they are caring. It is impotant that they have good qualities. Cause if they don't then they will be boring, dull, and they will fight with you a lot. Moose99 is out of the building. :)

An unforgetable day in my life was when I got a cell phone. My dad and I were going to the store and he said "we are just looking." But I new that I was really getting one. :) But when he was asking how much it is and stuff, then I thought maybe not. He told me to stay here and then he went outside to make a phone call......... Then he came back in and said" we will get it." Then that moment i was so happy. MOOSE99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Schools should Not have uniforms. I think Schools should Not have uniforms because then kids would feel like they are in jail. Only seeing that one uniform on a person. It makes everything go slow mo. It Is like you are dead and you are looking back at a flash back. Also kids will not want to come to school everyday. I do not think we need a stricter dress code because there is some things you can not already wear.

DO I think that there is life on other planets..... hmmmm........ YES I think that there is life on other planets. I think that because there is GOD and some other stuff, like living organismas. I do NOT Belive in aliens. I think they are fake but there is something. But we will just have to wait and see.

One of the five things I want to do before I am 50 is I want to go to Figi. I love nice water. Figi has nice water. Another thing is I want to be famous. On tv and in Hollywood. I also want to be rich. Lots of money. So you would not have to worry about anything. I also want to have a mac book and have a home in Vermont. Have fun reading.

How to handle bullies and stop and them. That is really hard. There will allways be bulling so it is hard. But to try to stop or handle is, I think teachers is the key. A teacher from a different school, which they need to be very young. They dress up as a kid and and act like a new kid and bullie the bullie. The bullie will stop but a few weeks later tell the bullie what happened.

If I could meet anyone....... I would have to say.... GEORGE WASINGTON. He was the first president of the United States. He is my favorite president. I would ask him stuff like what did you do? What do you like about the U.S.? So stuff like that.

If I could be any shoe............... K.SWISS TUBES! They are wicked awesome. They have tubes. Plus they feel great. I take my person to the gym. So the person could feel the burn with the great shoes. Plus we would go run marathons. Also we would run from Virginia to Alaska. So get K.SWISS TUBES and feel the burn.

Without electronics.......hmmm.......I would die. I would not be able to libe my life. I would see nothing without my cell phone. It would be tourture. If I do not die I would just live my life adventurious like Sarah Palin. I would do stuff like sky diving and fun things like that! So have fun reading. I hope they don't get rid of electronics.

Someone I am thankful for is......GOD!! God is wonderful! He helps you with anything. You can talk to him about anything. He has helped me with a lot of stuff. Like with school and recent stuff our family has gone through. So that is why I am thankful for him.

If I could be a super hero my super hero would be able to fly. I hate to have to sit and wait in traffic. I would also be able to read people's minds. I would want to know what people are thinking. Like if they are thinking about you, you would know. I would help people by, if they are in traffic, then i would be able to fly their car over the traffic. My name would be....... Love cares.

Now I am waiting for class to end cause I am done with everything. So tomorrow we are grading. I got this project nailed. I think I am going to get an A. At least I hope I will. Wish my luck. Also have fun reading and I hope you give me an A. If not there must be a reason. So wish me luck and I will wish you luck. Bye.

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