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The 5 things i want to do before im 50 is.....
-Have a Family
-Hopefully have grandkids
-Go to Rome
-Jump out of a plane
-Live my life to its fullest potental

If were a superhero I would have special powers that would make me invisable. I could also read peoples minds. I wouls be able to listen to people telling secrets. It would be really cool to be a superhero but a wizard would be better.

heyy! i'm pink pig and i love to dance, i do tap and jazz! my favorite color is pink and i love pigs!! when i grow up i want to be whatever God wants me to be. the qualities i look for in a friend is nice, caring, fun, and who also shares my sense of humor. an unforgettable day in my life is when i got my dog murphy he was the BEST dog ever!!!!!!!! i will never forgett him.:) Byeeee!!!!!!

25 years from now I plan on becaming a Lawyer. I want to be a Lawyer because i like to fight, for people's rights. I think becoming a lawyer would be very cool. I also want to be rasing a family. I love children and I want lots of them.

Here are some ways you can handle bullies
-Ask for help
-ask them to stop
-Try to be there friend
-Ignore them

If i was a shoe i would be a pretty boot. Maybe,like an ugg. I would love to have everyone comment on me saying how pretty i was. I would want to be a ugg with a pretty design, or a nice color. I would be really sad when my owner would not want me anymore or couldent fit into me.

If I had no electronics I would propbably not be able to live. Imagine not having acess to internet or having to cook over an open fire without a stove? I couldent live without electricity. We need electricity for everything! It would be hard.

I feel that all schools should have uniforms. If all children where uniforms then there will not be competition on who wheres the coolest clothes. Some people can't wear hollister, abercrombie, american eagle, and aeropostale. And they feel left out. Uniforms don't have to be ugly, they can be really cute!!!

The qualities I look for in a friend are friendly, nice, and caring.But, they also have to share my sense of humor.I look for these in people because if we have the same sense of humor we can laugh more and have more fun. But we don't have anything in commin it is hard to have something to talk about. I love my Friends!

One of intrest is Dancing. I love to Dance I have been dancing for 6 years. I have done Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop. This year i'm doing Tap and Jazz. I love to dance!

If I could meet anyone in History, I would meet Anne Frank. I think she was a very very brave girl. I would love to know some of the things that happened to her. I always wondered what it was like at the camps, or for being in hiding all that time. She is a very inspiring person. I would have loved to meet her

I'm thankful for my mom. i Love my mom. She does a lot for me and my little sister. When my dad is at work she takes us to sports and other activties. She helps me with my homework and projects. She is a great mom!

An unforgettable day in my life was when i got my dog Murphy he was a golden retriver. I got him when i was six. He was the best dog ever! I will never forget him!!! I LOVE YOU MURPHY! <3


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