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this is venus the goddess of love and beauty she synonymous with Aphrodite so you can call her Aphrodite too.I put this god/godess up first because she is my favorite.There are two Aphrodites the one that i'm telling you about right now is the daughter of Zeus the other Aphrodite is the daughter of Uranus.Aphrodite, the daughter of Zeus was the goddess of physical love and beauty,daughter of uranus was goddess of spiritual love.

Venus is the twin sister of Earth being similar by shape and size.Venus has very high mountains.some mountains on Venus are taller than mt.Everest for example,one of the highest mountains on venus is mt. Maxwell Montes.Venus takes 225 days to orbit around the sun being second closest to where the sun is.It is impossible for any life to live on Venus because it is so hot.The planet rotates from east to west.Venus is the planet in the night sky that shines the brightest.

Mercury was the winged messenger god.Mercury is synonymous to Hermes.Hermes was named after Mercury because of how quick the planet takes to orbit arond the sun.Mercury took part in a lot of legends since he is the messenger.In mythology he had wings on his shoes.Hermes is often in most stories wearing clothes of a shepard.

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun.It only takes 88 days to make a full orbit around the sun.Mercury is extremely hot.So hot because it is so close to the sun.Mercury has a smooth surface and deep craters.

Mars is the god of the war.He was named after the planet becase it is red representing blood and battle.He was son of Zeus and Juno.Mars is synonymous to Ares.Ares was married to aphrodite they had two children Phobos(panic)and Deimos(fear).

Mars is shining reddish when you see it in the night sky.There are frozen carbon dioxide ice caps on this planet.Mars takes 687 days to orbit around the sun.

Jupiter was the ruler of all gods and goddesses.Jupiter is synonymous to Zeus.Zeus was named after jupiter for it's size.Zeus also carries a lightning bolt bolt called "Zeus's bolt.

Jupiter is the biggest planet.this planet is 2nd brightest planet in the night sky after Venus.Jupiter is basically made up of liquid and gases.Jupiter takes 4,333 earth days to orbit around the sun(that's close to 12 Earth years.)

Saturn is the god of farming and agriculture.In mythology he was the one who brought up agriculture to civilization.

Saturn is another one of the gas giants with rings.saturn has the biggest moon in the solar system called titan.

Neptune is the god of the sea.Neptune is synonymous to posiden.Posieden was named after Neptune because of the planet's beutiful color blue representing the sea.

Neptune is a gas giant.Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun because Pluto is now an unofficial planet.

Pluto is the god of the underworld.Pluto is synonymous to Hades.

Poor pluto was discovered to be an unofficial planet in 2006.Pluto has a moon called Charon.

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