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Hello everybody ! I am Scorpio lady of 44 years old and I always had the beleif that after life exists.
Scorpios are very interested by what happens after the life, more than the other signs.
I had the reply. But maybe what occured for me is different for other people.
In march 2000 I was in my flat in Paris, alone in my bed. It was the evening.
Suddenly I had a strong pain and then a bleeding. I was feeling weaker and weaker.
Then I saw the room changing, everything was grey around me, there were two columns
of energy and I had the sensation to be in an egyptian cript.
Then I heard a question coming from the after life, asking me If I had been
good enough in my life. I meditated and I had the certitude that the reply was yes.
Just after this, I fell in a kind of coma (I was in the dark, my eyes were closed but
I still had conscience). Several seconds after, I went out of my physical body and so
I was in my astral body. Everything was yellow aroundme. My astral body was floating
in the room and was transparent and very light. But it was very hard to move.
Then I saw a mummy.
I visualised a tunnel, it appeared but a green light was the obstacle.
So,I had the idea of moving with the power of my mind. It worked. By my mental I had
the possibility to be in my spiritual body. I could have the look I wanted, and I chose
to be an elf with a lance. I became this.
But I thought of my boyfriend and decided to return. I had the feeling it was possible.
So I moved over the head of my body and, step by step, I came back. I had no longer pain
and I had stopped to bleed.
I don't regret, because several years after, I met another man, who is made for me,
that I often see.

Many people have had an experience of the death. I think we are all judged this way, but remember that the
question asked come from the guardians of the after life. They may be the entities of karma (Saturn)
Hadès, Anubis, Lucifer, Satan or Pluto. And the stars as well. Even if some stars have disappeeard, their
soul is still in there. The forces of nature (the four elements for instance) can also play a role.
I have heard about people attracted by a blue light, or another entity of the astral world
which is a yellow light.
Every people who went in the after life felt their astral body very light, and floating, like me.
I think that we all see things according to our beleifs. But I have the feeling that the question asked
is the same for everybody. It is very strict. I ALSO THINK THAT INCONSCIENTS, HAVE A ROLE
According to astrology, the diabolic Lilith whose area has been settled in the deep of the oceans,
would decide what kind of bad luck we will have when we reincarnate. And Jupiter would decide our
recompense. I don't know if everyone will reincarnate.

Good Luck, Friends.


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