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Mars Quest

It is the year 2025 and we are writing a travel guide to Mars. This will inform you about our settlement. We are writing this travel guide to educate you more about Mars. The team is Lauren, Theresa, Jacob, and Darwin.
Meteorologists: Jacob and Darwin

Surface temperature can be about 63 degrees fahrenheit and about as low as -89 degrees fahrenheit. The ice on Mars is frozen carbon dioxide.
Geologist: Theresa

The surface of Mars is very rough, there are craters and mountains. The soil is rich in sulfur, iron and magnesium. The rocks are rich in silicon. It is suspected that there is water.
Mission Specialist: Jacob

Past NASA Martion missions are:

Pheonix- 2007- Mars scout lander
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter- 2005- orbitor
Mars Exploration Rovers- 2003- Two mars rovers
Mars Express- 2003- orbitor and lander mission
2001 Mars Odyssey- 2001- orbitor
Mars Polar Lander- 1999- attemped lander to Mars
Deep Space 2- 1999- attemped penetrator to Mars
Mars Climate Orbiter- 1998- attemped orbitor to Mars
Mars Global Surveyor- 1996- orbitor mission to Mars
Mars Pathfinder- 1996- lander and rover mission to Mars
Mars Observer- 1992- attemped mission to Mars
Viking- 1975- set of orbitors and landers to Mars
Mariner 9- 1971- Mars orbitors
Mariner 7- 1969- Mars flyby
Mariner 6- 1969- Mars flyby
Mariner 4- 1964- Mars flyby
Journalist: Lauren

You can locate the latest news here:
"Today's News At NASA"

Some news you would be interested in are the characteristics of Mars, the landforms and lifeforms there too. You could find out what spacecrafts have been launched there. You could also get the lastest news on Mars by going on websites and getting information.
Historian: Darwin

The greeks thought Mars as the god of war. The greeks named it for a roman god. People think a lifeform can live there. Percival Lowell thinks that martians had built channels for water to get from icy parts to drier parts. It is possible that lifeforms havebeen landing on our planet for billions of years. The lifeforms could build a monument and launch an attack on Earth. Some people say there is a face on it built by martians.
Designers: Theresa and Lauren

project done by: Jake, Darwin, Lauren, and Theresa. All from NY 7th graders. Please don't e-mail us.

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