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Kiwi fact of the day : a kiwi contains as much potassium as a banana.
About me :
Some of my hobbies are swimming, volleyball, and hanging out with friends.
My favorite fruit is a kiwi, and my favorite animal is a wolf.
My favorite pet are my dogs, Sierra and Charlie.
I loved reading "The Hunger Games"
And I love the music by The Ready Set!

My opinion on a school with no technology is kind of split. It would be good to be able to bond with people, but it would be fun to use technology all the time. But, if I had to choose, I would go to a school with no technology, because it always seems cold in the computer rooms!
Kiwi fact of the day : kiwi fruit can help the conditions of asthmatic children.
Kiwi Fact of the day : Eating a kiwi a day can greatly decrease your chances of a blood clot.
If I could meet anyone, I would meet my Grandfather. I never got to meet him, as he died before I was born. He died of a heart attack. He was in the WWII also. Besides being in the war, he was a police officer before it. I would talk to him about his role in the war, and how all of his work helped us.
Five ways to save water :
1. Don't drink more than needed
2. Don't boil water as much. That water is gone forever.
3. Take showers rather than baths.
4. When taking a shower, make it only 5 or 10 minutes.
5. Don't leave the water running when you're brushing your teeth.
Kiwi Fact of the day : A kiwi is very rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Folic Acid.
Kiwi fact of the day :
Kiwis grow on vines!
If I were a principal and I could change anything, I would give middle school and high school kids back their recess. Also, I would make it so that the teachers weren't quite as boring, and there would be more games to play in class to help the learning.
Tuesday Tweet :
@TheKiwiMaster The awesomest thing I did on Spring Break was go to the beach on the border of SC/GA and go shopping at an outlet mall there #uberhappy
Kiwi fact of the day : Kiwis can improve your eyesight greatly

Random kiwi fact of the day : Kiwis are originally from southeast Asia, around China.

Dear Wealthy Donor,
you should build a teen center in Gainesville because I think the weather would be perfect for one all year long. Also, there are a lot of new schools opening so that means more teens, which means more profit. If you so choose to build it here, you should build a giant mirror maze, which would be amazing. A swimming pool with a built in waterfall would be nice too! And while you're at it, I suggest building a black lighted arcade/basement.
Thanks for your consideration,
Samantha Brown
Who was at fault for the sinking of the Titanic? I think that Thomas Andrew (the guy who designed the ship) was at fault. He didn't want the walls of the watertight compartments at the bottom of the ship to go up all the way because it would limit the space if the first class passangers. Now that's just selfish.
I'm running out of kiwi facts. I'm going to start with Carrot facts now. Carrot Fact of the Day : I'm actually allergic to carrots.
Carrot fact of the day : Most carrots are grown in California.
5 ideas for Earth Day :
1. Start a group at school for it
2. Volunteer to help somewhere
3. Use less water on this day
4. Go to a beach or something, a firest maybe and clean trash around there
5. Plant a garden or a tree
Something I would like the president to change?Here's a letter to him.

Dear Obama, So people say you're doing a great job as a president. You aren't. You're slowly wrecking our country. BUT if you had to change something, keep us democratic, don't try and morph us into communists. Also, stop with all this socialist stuff. Yeah. Because all you want is 'everyone will be equal'? No. You just want people to like you swo you can get moer votes. We want to stay capitalists. If people don't wany to work, and starve just because they're lazy, then let them. For us people who work our butts off, we shouldn't have to work hard just to get the same amount of money as a homeless person. Just imagine. A doctor, who normally earns thousands of dollars, getting the same amount of money as a cashier at Starbucks. No.

Sincerely, a person who ACTUALLY cares abouty the country
Carrot fact of the day : The myth that carrots help your eyesight is false. It doesn't help your eyesight at all.
Carrot fact of the day :
Carrots were originally grown as medicine, not as a food
My perfect vacation has already happened. I went to Hawaii about 2 or 3 years ago for two weeks. I got to go dolphin watching, then if we foun some I swam with them and scuba diving. We ven went to a Luau! I got to climb a mountain, Mount Kilauea, and it was hard to breath once we got to the top. We also got to see some pretty cool volcanoes and craters! My favorite thing though, was being able to jump off of a rock on top of a waterfall and jump into the pool of water below. Another favorite thing of mine would have to be the helicopter ride over active volcanoes and waterfalls. Although, my brother vomited near the middle when we were over the volcano, it was still fun. I hope to go to Hawaii again soon.
I think that the greatest invention of the world is the lightbulb. Without it we wouldn't be able to see in dark places, or underground. With lightbulbs we can see in tunnels or basements. Or the greatest invention could be computers/internet. Without it we wouldn't be able to share news without talking to people (like the antisocial hermits we are) or over television (which people in it can't hear you, no matter how loud you scream at that stupid girl in the horror movie). I couldn't even blog for you, not that I would exactly mind.
Word of the day : crush
Word of the day : nano
I think news is very important to people. It's how they get information! Without the news everyone would be clueless!
Well it actually depends. The other person might not know that the person is in the car. Search the messages to check. The other person could be completely innocent.
word of the day - igloo

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