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Welcome to Da Vini's inventions blog. Here you will learn all about Da Vinci and his amazing inventions. You will be amazed with all the fantastic ideas he had!

Leonardo Da Vinci
As you may know Leonardo Da Vinci was a great artist and inventor. One thing you may know about in general is the MONALISA and some of you may not know that Leonardo Da Vinci, himself painted it. It is such an assest to us that it is now roped and there is gaurds there so no one can steal it.

Leonardo Da Vinci as an Artist
As an artist, Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Monalisa and as I told you already she is now being kept where people can only see it and not touch it. Beacause he was an inventor too he used his painting and drawing skills to draw out his ideas for inventions.

Leonardo Da Vinci as a Inventor


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