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Hi welcome to the health blog. i will show you about everything in your body. for example, bones. this will include questions and anwsers you may have. i will show you how colds start. i hope you learn more about your body and your health.


There are 206 bones in your body. Here this digram labels a few bones you may know.

here is the hand in bone form

Index: second finger of the hand, next to the thumb.
Second finger: middle finger of the hand.
Third finger: second finger from the outside of the hand.
Fourth finger: small finger closest to the outside of the hand.
Distal phalanx: bone at the end of a finger.
Middle phalanx: small, middle bone of a finger.
Proximal phalanx: small bone of a finger, closest to the palm of the hand.
Phalanges: jointed segment of a finger.
Metacarpal bones: bones of the hand between the carpals and the phalanges.
Carpometacarpal joint (CM): joint of the carpus and metacarpus.
Carpal bones: jointed parts of the hand between the forearm and the metacarpals.
Thumb: the largest, shortest and most important of the digits of the hand.
Metacarpophalangeal joint (MP): joint between the metacarpals and the phalanges.
Interphalangeal joint (IP): joint between the first and second phalanges.
Interphalangeal joint (IP): joint between the second and third phalanges.

Your foot consists of 28 bones. These are

7 tarsal bones
medial cuneiform
intermediate cuneiform
lateral cuneiform
5 metatarsal bones
5 proximal phalanges
4 middle phalanges
5 distal phalanges
2 sesamoid bones below the 1st metacarpal head

leg casts

Muscles (anterior view): fibrous organs that produce motion by contracting.

Orbicularis oculi
Obricular oris
Serratuf magnus
External Oblique
Abdominal rectus
Tensor of fascia lata
Great adductor
Gracilis (slender)
Lateral great
Anterior tibial
Long peroneal
Medial great
Straight muscle of thigh
Gluteus medius muscle
Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle
Short palmar
Long palmar
Biceps brachi
Greator pectoral
Sternocleido mastoid

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