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Year 9 Chemistry Unit

Who Was Dalton???

John Dalton was born at Eaglesfield on the 6th of september 1766 and he died on the 27th of July 1844. He was an English chemist and physicist. He is best known for his advocacy of the atomic theory and his research into colour blindness

What Did He Think???

He thought that all matter was made up of atoms
Why Did He This This???

Who Was Thompson???

Joseph John Thomson aka JJ thomson was born in 1856 at Cheetham Hill in Manchester, England. In 1870 he studied engineering at the University of Manchester and moved on to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1876. In 1880 he obtained his BA in mathematics and MA in 1883. In 1884 he became Cavendish Professor of Physics. One of his students was Ernest Rutherford who would later succeed him in the post.

What What Did He Think???

He thought that an Atom was like a plum pudding with electrons scatted in the atom making it look like a plum pudding.

Why Did He Think This?

Who Was Rutherford???

Earnest Rutherford. Ernest was born at Spring Grove near Nelson in New Zealand. He studied at Havelock and then Nelson College and recived a scholarship to study at Canterbury College at University of New Zealand where he was president of the debating society among other things. In 1895 after gaining his BA, MA and BSc, and doing two years of research at the forefront of electrical technology Rutherford went to England for postgraduate study at the Cavendish Laboratory University of Cambridge.

What did he think???

He thought that the Atom ahd a very small nucleus surrounded by electons

Why Did He Think This???

He measured the deflection of alpha particals into a very thin sheet of gold foil papper and descoverd that a very small amount of particals deflected to angles much larger then 90 degrees. from this studdy Earnest concluded that the atom had a very small nucleus.

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