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Global warming

Climate change is the biggest threat facing our planet. This is called global warming. Global warming is very harmful to us and our environment. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. Humans cause global warming but we are the only ones who can put a stop to it.

Humans cause global warming by burning too many fossil fuels. This includes cutting down our trees (deforestation) driving too much (air pollution) and making the environment dirty (littering). However when we burn too much fossil fuels the greenhouse gases are able to trap the escaping heat and light from the sun. This causes the earth to heat which is called global warming.

Global warming is not a good thing for the environment. Humans do cause it but we can help stop it by doing our part. We should all start using renewable energy, stop using aerosol cans and look after our environment. These things will help the environment stop creating greenhouse gases and we will reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn. Lets all go out and help the Earth.

Renewable energy
Here are the main renewable energy resources


Non renewable energy
Here are some of the bad energy causing global warming

Natural gas
Halogenated flucarbons
Carbon dioxide
Nitrous oxide

Renewable energy: renewable energy is energy that can never run out.
Non renewable energy: non renewable energy is energy that can run out.
Benefits of renewable energy

good for solar panels

non polluting
powers our city with farm turbines
less expensive

Water power:
powers hydroelectricity
non polluting

keeps our atmosphere clean
non polluting

good for the environment
helps us get oxygen

less expensive
stops the Earth from drying up

Bad things about non renewable energy

kills animals
makes sea dirty

creates greenhouse gases

greenhouse gases
causes global warming
traps heat and light from the sun

Causes and effects of global warming

air pollution
water pollution
carbon dioxide
nitrous oxide
water vapor
halogenated fluocarbons
natural gas
bush fires

deforestation decreases the number of trees which takes away our oxygen
bush fires cause air pollution
air pollution causes greenhouse gases
air pollution kills birds
boats cause water pollution
water pollution kills sea creatures
electricity creates greenhouse gases
methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and water vapour trap the heat from the sun
natural gases cause air pollution, deforestation and greenhouse gases
oil makes water dirty and hurts animals
coal is something we use to burn fossil fuels which isnt good

How we can help

We can simply help stop global warming by doing the five Rs: Recyle, renew, respect, reuse and reduce.
Take ink cartridges to a refill store
have a garage or yard sle
take old close to local charities
click print preview before you print
buy and use less stuff
turn off tap while brushing your teeth
take short showers
look for products with natural or organic ingredients
look for crystal deodorant rather than an aerosol
dont use mosquito repelents that are aerosols. look for cream like bushman
save the bath water or the other children
try to plug in cables for the computer using only one plug in
use laptops instead of computers
turn off lights while not using them
turn off electronic devices when not using them

refill plastic bottles
use serviettes that can be washed instead of instead of napkins
reuse old newspapers for other projects
don't throw something away if it spills and is still good. put it back in (eg. glitter)
pack your lunch in recyclable containers instead of plastic bags
reuse Popsicle sticks for projects
reuse old clothes or anything for projects
reuse plastic and paper cups

go out and pick up rubbish
replant trees if you have to get them down
if you see something that is misplacedmake sure you put it back in place
plant more plants and trees
make a garden
mow the lawn if the grass is too high

start using recycle bins
put cans in recyce bins
use double sided paper
recycle boxes for any other packaging
recycle boxes for projects (eg, solar oven)
recycle milk cartons and refill with a cow (if you live on a farm)
recycle soft drink bottles and turn them into water bottles
use party bags you get from a party and make them your own party bags

don't litter
don't hunt animals for jewellery
don't cut down trees
don't drive cars so many times
ride, walk or catch the bus if your transport is near
look after the environment
don't kill plants
don't kill animals
protect our earth
recycle, renew, reuse and reduce
Useful Websites

Useful Youtube Videos

futurama global warming
global warming pass it on quick
the greenhouse effect, global warming for kids
global warming for kids

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