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Hey Students of the world. I have found some new math. The math is build upon one of the most important numbers of science, the number 'e'. The math is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
On the following pages I will show the math. Its alot, but you don't have to worry about the results, I have doubled checked them, but off course there can be an error or two.

The math is build upon Eulers number 'e' which is defined in the following way.

'e' can also be written as a + b as shown above. These 3 numbers is all what it is about

And so can I go on. I can draw 1000 figures if I would like too, or even 1.000.000, or even more, but I will stop here. So if anyone are interested they are welcome to examine the math in more depht.
The speciel thing about this math is not only the figures, but also that everything can be written as series. You just take the integral of the foregoing figure, and then you have a new figure.

The area of the figures can also be written in series. I think this is very special.
If you would like to know the area of figure 12, you just use the following serie.

So don't you think that's special.

"I believe this math is created by something at least more intelligent
than human being. I believe it's God."

"We all made of atoms, we all part of the same system. I believe in
life after death."

"The atom is the 4. dimension. We have Einstein's equation E = M*c^2.
The speed of light in second, is the 4. dimension"

"Gravity exist because the atom is a social creature."

"On an atomic level, a stone is full of life."

"s is what you c."

"I believe its human mission to spread love in the universe,
but first we must learn to live in harmony with each other
and the nature, it will not be possible before."

"I believe God has created the atom, the Sun, the Earth, all life, and the whole universe"

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