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Welcome to my website!
This is a website where you cansee the original french BDs, but not all of them are set in France.

Picture from the film Persepolis.
This is a story about the life of a Iranian girl called Marjane, who lived during the time of the Shah and the Islamic Regime.

Persepolis 1
This tells the story of Marjane's life up to until she is 14. Marjane was very religious as a young girl, but later as she learns about Comunnism Karl Marx etc, she decides to be someone like Che Guavara when she grows up.

As Marjane turns into a teenager, she learns more and more about Iran. At thet time the Islamic Regime was very harsh - they were also in war with Iraq ....
What I liked about this book was that, although its a heartbreaking story, the story was sometimes, in a way, funny. I also liked the drawings. They may not be as pretty as manga, just plain black and white drawings. But they were very simple and clear. Marji looked really cute.

The end

In the end Marjane had to leave her family to go to Austria. Surely things would be better there, would they?

Note: if you don't know anything about political ideologies or other background stuff like that, you might like to do some research before you start....
Persepolis 2

Marjane arrives in Vienna. She noticed herself was very different from the people in Vienna. As her friends talks about what they're going to do for christmas Marji felt left out. Her roomate in the church boarding house, Lucia, decides to take her to Tyrol to visit her family.

After Marjane got thrown out of the church boarding house by the nuns, she went to live at Julia's. Julia was her friend. She says Marji puts her mother in a good mood. After Marji learns that she was considered a innocent, timide virgin, she decided to get a boyfriend. After one love affair that nearly killed her, she decided to return to Iran...

Back home, Marjane felt like she was a failure. Her friends were also "terribly inane". she felt really stressed. What will she do now?

Personally, I think this book was as well written as the first one. I understand Marjane's experiances as I'm also living in another country.
Fab Pics
Drawn by Marjane Satrapi.

Aya de Yopougon

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