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Lyceum ''Solaris'

We are students of 7th grade.Our class consist of 17 girls and 12 boys.
All we study in the lyceum “Solaris” and live in Saratov.
In our school we neither study, nor do different after school activities:
studying foreign languages, swimming, singing, doing sports,playing theatres etc.
We like our school because it gives us opportunity to gain new knowledge and develop our skills.

Our city is located on the right bank of the Volga,
the biggest river in Europe.
The bridge across the Volga unites two cities -
Saratov and Engels
In our school every student must wear a school uniform.
* Boys wear blue trousers, light shirt and a vest.
* Girls wear blue skirts, blue blouses and a vest or jacket when it's cold.

This is the logo of our school))))

Our motto is "Future is already here"

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