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Hello and welcome to my school's (Oatley Public) website!

(Of course I made it but anyway)


My school is famous around the area because of our fantastic art at sport. But we aren't famous around the world. I'm giving the chance to get everyone to know OATLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!


Did you know that Oatley Public School started in 1956? That's a long time ago!

Back then, the only band we had was a flute band.

Our houses are Hunter (blue, I'm in that one!), Murray(red), Lachlan(yellow) and Macquarie(green)

Our motto is "Work and Suceed"

We have SRC's who are students who help the school by thinking up fun activities with donations for the school

These include "Movie Night", "Fun Run-A-Thon" and many others.

We have more than 200 kids in our school!


Every Wednesday, after school, at the local church, we have Ozone, which has many fun and games and sometimes food and drink. Some people talk about God and Christianity.

If you want to go onto the website click here.

Oatley Public

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